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Chapter 25 science

chapterr 25 study guide

The repating back-and-forth motion where everything is equal; a WIGGLE in TIME vibration
True or False: a vibration can happen longer than a few seconds false, it can only happen in one instnace
What are 2 examples of forms of energy that move through space as waves? Light and Sound
What does a pendulum depend on? the length of the pendulum and the acceleraton of gravity
Pendulum Weight(bob) attached to a string that is free to swing; swings back and forth
one complete back and for swing is a ... cycle
A period does NOT depend o the ___________ or sixe of ______________ weight;swing
The longer the period the ____________ the period longer(and more frequently)
True or False: Two pendulums of the same length have the sme period regardless of the mass TRUE
What is the source of all waves Something that vibrates
Simple harmonic motion- the back and forth vibrating motion (oscillation)
The pictorial representation of a wave formed by swinging pedulum or bouncing spring is a ...? SPINE CURVE
high point of a wave crest
low point of a wave trough
AMPLITUDE is the ____________ from the _________ to the crest (or trough) of the wave distance; midpoint
Higher the wave the _______ energy the wave has MORE
The lower the wave the ________ engergy the wave has LESS
What is the symbol for wavelength called? lambda
What is hte distance from the top on one crest ot the top of the next one wavelength
What is the unit for frequency HERTZ
what is the number of cycles FREQUENCY
How many vibrations are there for frequency? one cycle PER one second
what is the source of all waves a vibration
the frequency of the vibrating source is the frequency of the ________________ waves
period is _____ per ____________ seconds per cycle
what is the symbol for period T (capital T)
what are the equations for period T=1/f AND/ OR f=1/T
what is a medium something the wav goes through; AIR = MEDIUM
TRUE or FALSE: the medium moves along with the wave. FALSE! the medium moves up and down while the disturbance moves the energy forward
how can u calculat the speed of a wave? by multiplying the wavelength by the frequency
long waves have ____________ frequency low
shot waves have _______________ frequency high
what are transverse waves? the motion of the medium(air or water) is at RIGHT ANGLES to the direction of the wave motion. UP AND DOWN! example: radio waves and light waves
what are longitudinal waves? the medium moves BACK AND FORTH in the same direction in whihc the wave travels example: a sound wave and a spring
what is a longitudinal wave also called? compression wave- because part of the wave compreses
what is the amplitude of a compression wave? how far spread out the trough is
when do interference patterns occur? when waves from different sources arrive at the same point at the same time
wht is interference caused by? overlapping waves
what is called when a crest overlaps another crest from a different wave CONSTRUCTIVE INTERFERENCE (the reinforcement)
what is tcalled when a crest of one wave overlaps a trough of another DESTRUcTiVE intERFERENCE (cancellation) (the wave cancels out or a decreased amplitude)
what is destructive interference called? OUT OF PHASE
a standing wave looks like the _________________________________________ medium isnt moving at all
when does a standing wave form? only if half a wavelength or a multiple of half a wavelength fits ecatly into the length of the vibrating medium
A standing wave happens when... the original wave is relected back after reaching a rigid surface
a standing wave is the result of an interference
NODE a destructive interference
ANTINODE a constructive interference
different ______________ cause standing wave patterns frequencies
where can standing waves be found? in strings of musical instruments, organ pipes
what is the doppler effect a change in frequency due to the motion of the waves
the closer the sound from an object is to you the ______________ pitched it is HIGHER
what clor dectects hgiher frequency BLUE
what color detects lower frequency RED
when a source movs toward you do you measure an increase or decrease in wave speed NEIthER! it si the frequency of a wave the changes. WAVE SPEEN DOESNT CHANGE.
when does a bow wave occur? when a wave source moves faster than the waves it produces.
what is called when a plane goes fater than sound SUPERSONIC
what are bow waves overlapping edges of wave crests procduced when the souce is moving faster than the wave it makes
The faster the source moves the ______________ the _______________ shape NARROWER the V shape
when does a shock wave occur when an obect moves FASTER than the SPEED OF SOUND
what is a shock wave overplapping edges of spherical wave crests produced when a souce is moving faster tha nthe wave
what shape does a shock wave form a 3D cone shape
what is a sonic boom concial shell of compressed air that sweeps behind a supersonic object reachers the listeners ears
Created by: tagne1
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