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GRE Vocab Review

My personal set

Abeyance Temporary inactivity, suspension, or cessation
Abnegate To refuse or deny oneself, to relinquish or give up
Abrogate To abolish by formal or official means, to put an end to something
Abstemious Sparing or moderate in drinking or eating.
Abstruse Hard to understand, esoteric
Accosting Confronting boldly
Accouter To equip or outfit (with equipment and gear)
Adroit Expert or nimble in the use of hands or body; skillful, resourceful or ingenious
Affectations Artificiality in appearance; the pretense of possession.
Alacrity Liveliness; briskness; cheerfulness
Anecdote A short account of an event that is, in particular, interesting.
Antediluvian Very old-fashioned
Antipathy A natural or basic repugnance, aversion etc.
Apocryphal Of doubtful authorship or authenticity
Apocryphal Of doubtful authorship or authenticity
Approbation Approval or commendation
Appropriate To take possession of for oneself
Artifice A clever trick or stratagem; trickery, guile, craftiness
Attrition Wearing down of resistance (through acts of harassment) ; reduction in numbers or strength.
Avouch Affirm a statement
Axiomatic Self-evident, obvious
Ballad A song that has a story to it.
Becloud To make confused; darken or obscure
Belfry A bell tower
Bellicose Inclined or eager to fight, just like pugnacious
Bestir To stir up or to rouse to action.
Bucolic Of, or pertaining to, a rural life style.
Capitulate Surrender unconditionally, give up resistance
Caprice A tendency to change one's mind, without apparent or adequate motive
Celerity Swiftness and speed
Chaff Husk of grains that are removed; outer layer
Choleric Extremely irritable or easily angered, irascible
Circumlocutory A roundabout or indirect way of speaking
Clement Favorable weather
Coddle To treat gently, nurse carefully, pamper
Colonnade A series of regularly spaced columns
Complaisant Willing to please others; obliging; agreeable
Concision Concise quality; brevity; terseness
Consternation Dismay, a sudden or alarming feeling of dread resulting in confusion
Contrition The state of feeling remorseful and penitent
Contumacious Stubbornly perverse or rebellious; willfully and obstinately disobedient
Corporeal Of nature to the physical body
Corral An enclosure for horses; a circular enclosure by wagons to protect against attacks
Countenance Approve or favor, to permit or tolerate
Countermand Revoke (and order)
Craven Cowardly; contemptibly timid; pusillanimous
Cursory Going rapidly over something, without noticing details
Dappled Having spots in a different shade, tone or color from the background.
Deaden To make less active, energetic, forcible
Decadence Deterioration or decay
Deferential Showing respect
Desuetude No longer used or practiced.
Diffident Shy, lacking confidence in one's ability
Disabuse To free a person from deception or error
Discomfit Make someone uncomfortable
Dispatch Sending off; dispose of speedily
Dissonance Inharmonious sound
Divert Distract; draw off onto a different course
Edifice A building, esp. of large size or importance; any large system, complex or organization
Egregious Extraordinary in some bad way, flagrant, glaring
Ellipsis Error in which something is missed out.
Engender To produce, give rise to, beget something
Ennoble To elevate in standing, to exalt.
Ephemeral Lasting a very short time, short-lived, transitory
Epigram Witticism, ingenious, or pointed saying tersely expressed
Equanimity Mental or emotional stability, especially under stress or strain
Erudite Characterized by great knowledge, scholarly
Esoteric Belonging to only a select few; private, secret, confidential.
Evanescent Vanishing, fleeting, fading away
Evince To show clearly, to make evident
Eviscerate To deprive of vital or essential parts.
Execrate To curse, denounce and damn.
Exhaustive Comprehensive, or to drain
Exhume Dig out (something buried, esp. a corpse) from the ground)
Expiation The means by which atonement or reparation is made
Extenuated To represent as, or make to look, less serious than something actually is
Extenuation Something that serves as a partial excuse.
Facetious Not meant to be taken seriously, in jest, amusing and humorous, lacking serious intent.
Faddish Short-lived, fleeting
Fatuous Foolish or inane, esp. in an unconscious or complacent manner.
Fatuous Foolish or inane, in an unconscious and complacent manner.
Felicitous Well suited for the occasion, aptly expressed
Felicity A state of being happy or in bliss
Ferment To cause agitation or excitement in someone.
Ferret To drive out, to worry or torment.
Fervid Heated or vehement in spirit, enthusiasm etc.
Fester To infect, form pus, rot or ulceration
Festoon To adorn with festival-like decorations
Fetid Having an offensive odor, stinking
Fitful Reappearing in spurts and spells, not continuous
Flippant Frivolously disrespectful, shallow, or lacking in seriousness
Floret A small flower
Foibles A minor weakness of character, slight flaw or defect.
Fortitude Mental and emotional strength in facing adversity or difficulty
Furnish To provide or supply
Garrulous Excessively talkative in a round-about manner.
Gaucherie Tactlessness
Genial Warmly and pleasantly courteous; cordial; characterized by GENIUS
Glaucous Light bluish-green or greenish-blue
Glower To look or stare with sullen discontent, dislike or anger
Grandiloquent Speaking or expressed in a lofty, often bombastic style.
Gustatory Pertaining to taste or tasting
Hapless Unlucky, luckless, or unfortunate.
Headlong Without delay or deliberation
Hedge Limit or qualify (something) by conditions or exceptions; protect against loss by making balancing or compensating contracts or transactions
Hidebound A narrow or rigid opinion, inflexible, extremely conservative
Hidebound Narrow, rigid in opinion, inflexible
Hoary Gray or white with age; ancient, stale or tedious with age
Husbandry Careful or thrifty management; frugality
Hypothetical Conjectural or conditional
Impel Drive, force, or urge (someone) to do something
Imperiousness Domineering in a haughty manner
Impresario Manager, a person who organizes public entertainment
Improvidence Neglecting to provide for future needs; incautious, unwary, lacking foresight
Impugn To challenge as false
Inclement Severe, rough or harsh weather.
Indemnity Security or protection against a loss or other financial burden
Indigence Seriously impoverished condition; poverty
Indolent Lazy, slothful, not willing to exert
Indubitable Something that cannot be doubted
Ineluctable Inescapable, cannot be avoided
Ingenuous Candid or sincere, naive or innocent
Inimical Unfavorable towards or hostile towards something
Innocuous Not harmful or injurious, harmless
Insalubrious Unfavorable to health, unwholesome
Insidious Something intended to entrap or beguile; operating seemingly inconspicuously but with grave effect.
Insipid Without distinctive, interesting or stimulating qualities
Insuperable Incapable of being surmounted
Interdict To forbid or prohibit
Intricacy Characterized by obscurity, complexity and being puzzling
Inundation To flood, cover with, or overwhelm with something.
Inured Accustomed to hardship, difficulty or pain
Jejune Juvenile, immature and childish; lacking knowledge or experience
Jingoist Bellicose chauvinism
Jocular Given to, characterized by, intended for, or suited to joking or jesting; waggish; facetious
Kernel Core, center part.
Labored Done with great difficulty and effort.
Laconic Using few words; concise.
Limerick A humorous, short poem
Limpid Clear, pellucid and calm.
List Tilt to one side
Macerate To waste away, grow thin
Malady Undesirable or disordered condition.
Mellifluous Sweetly or smoothly flowing, sweet-sounding
Mendacious Telling lies; habitually dishonest, or false and untrue
Mensuration The act of measuring, the branch of geometry that deals with area, length and volume
Mettlesome Spirited and courageous
Mince To walk or move with short, affectedly dainty steps
Mire A tract or area of wet, swampy ground
Mirth Jollity, esp. when accompanied by laughter
Misfeasance A wrongful and injurious exercise of lawful authority.
Mores Folkways of central importance to a group of people, particularly concerning morals, that are not questioned.
Morganatic Marriage of a high-ranking individual to a lower-ranking one
Moribund In a dying state or near death
Moribund In a dying state
Nascent Beginning to exist or develop
Nostrum A panacea (often fake)
Nugatory Of no real value, trifling, worthless
Obstreperous Resisting control; noisy, clamorous or boisterous
Opprobrium The disgrace or reproach incurred by shameful behavior
Ostensible Outwardly appearing as such.
Paean Any song of praise, joy or triumph
Pallid Pale or faint or deficient in color
Panache Grand or flamboyant manner
Panegyric Formal or elaborate praise
Pantomime Gesture without speech; can be an art form
Peccadillo A very minor or slight offense; a trifling fault
Pedantic Overly concerned with minute details and formalisms.
Penitent Feeling or showing sorrow and regret for having done wrong; repentant
Peremptory Leaving no opportunity for denial or refusal, dictatorial
Perfidious Deliberately faithless; treacherous; deceitful
Perfidy Deliberate breach of faith or trust
Perfunctory Performed merely as duty, hasty and superficial
Peripatetic Walking or travelling about
Pernicious Having a harmful effect, esp. in a gradual or subtle way.
Persnickety Over-particular and fussy; arrogant and aloof, snottish
Perspicatioius Mentally sharp
Phlegmatic Not so easily excited to action or display of emotion
Picaresque Of, pertaining to, or resembling rogues
Picayune Of little value; petty, carping or prejudiced
Pinion A shaft or spindle cut with teeth engaging with a gear
Pinioned Shackled or bound [to something]
Placid Pleasantly calm or peaceful, unruffled, tranquil
Planetary Wandering or erratic
Plenitude A state of being full or complete
Pneumatic Of or pertaining to air, gases or wind
Polemic A controversial argument, or an individual who engages in controversial argumentation
Portentous Ominously significant or indicative; momentous
Precis A concise summary
Predilection A strong inclination towards somethign.
Predilections A tendency to think favorably about something.
Preponderant Superior in weight, importance, influence, numbers
Prescient Having or showing knowledge of events before they take place
Probity Integrity and uprightness; honesty
Profundity The state of being profound, deep.
Pronate To turn into a prone position
Propinquity Nearness in place or proximity; close
Propitiate To make favorably inclined.
Proscribe To denounce or condemn a thing as harmful, to outlaw.
Prosody The study of poetic meters and versification
Providence The provision of divine care; also means prudence and foresight
Puerile Childishly silly and trivial
Pugnacious Inclined to fight or quarrel readily, belligerent and quarrelsome
Pulchritude Physical beauty, comeliness
Purulent Full of, containing, forming or discharging pus
Purvey To provide, furnish or supply, usually as a business
Pusillanimous Lacking courage or resolution; faint-hearted and timid
Quandary A state of perplexity or uncertainty; dilemma
Querulous Full of complaints
Raconteur A person skilled in relating anecdotes and stories interestingly
Rail To utter discontentment or vehement denunciation
Raiment Clothing, apparel or attire.
Rancid Having a rank, unpleasant stale smell or taste, as through decomposition
Rarefy To make rarer, less dense; to make more refined, spiritual or exalted
Rasp To scrape or grate with a rough instrument
Reactionary Conservative, preferring not to think before responding
Rectitude Rightness of moral principle or conduct, moral virtue
Redolent Having a pleasant odor or fragrance; suggestive or reminiscent (of) something
Refractory Hard or impossible to manage; stubbornly disobedient; resisting ordinary methods of treatment
Regale Entertain lavishly
Remit To transmit (money); to forgive or relax
Rend To tear apart or split.
Replete Abundantly supplied or provided
Respite A period of temporary rest
Ruddy Of or having a fresh, healthy red color
Ruses Tricks, stratagems or artifices
Salacious Obscene and grossly indecent
Salubrious Favorable to health, wholesome
Sanguine Cheerfully optimistic
Sartorial Of or pertaining to tailors or their trade
Scanty Little in amount or quantity, not sufficient
Scurrilous Grossly or obscenely abusive; coarsely jocular or derisive
Sententious Given to excessive moralizing; self-righteous
Sibilant Characterized by a hissing sound
Signal Unusual, notable or outstanding
Simper To smile in a silly, self-conscious way
Solecism Non-standard usage, impropriety, breach of good manners
Solipsism Egoistic self-absorption
Soporific Causing or tending to cause sleep
Spate A sudden increase in something
Specious Apparently good or right but lacking real merit; pleasing to the eye but deceptive.
Spuriousness Not genuine, authentic or true
Squelch To strike down with overwhelming force; to suppress or put down
Staidness Of settled and/or sedate character, not capricious or flighty
Stanch To stop the flow of a liquid
Stand A group of trees
Steamy Passionate or erotic; or hot and humid
Stomach Desire, inclination or liking; also can mean endure
Stridency A harsh shound
Stupefy To stun, or to overwhelm with amazement
Supercilious Haughtily disdainful or contemptuous, as a person or as a facial expression
Superfluity An unnecessarily or excessively large amount or number of something
Surfeit An excess of something.
Swath The space covered by the stroke of a scythe or the cut of a mowing machine
Sybarite Person devoted to luxury and pleasure
Sybaritic Characterized by loving luxury or sensuous pleasure
Taciturn Inclined to silence, unwilling to join in speech, reserved
Temerity Excessive confidence or boldness; audacity
Tendentious Having or showing a tendency, purpose or bias
Torpor Lethargic indifference or apathy
Torpor Sluggish activity or inertia, lethargic indifference, apathy, dormancy (stupor)
Tractable Easily managed or controlled, docile, yielding.
Treacle Contrived or unrestrained sentimentality
Truculence Fierce, cruel and savagely brutal
Turpitude Vile, shameful or base character, depravity
Tyro Beginner, novice
Unobtrusive Inconspicuous, unassertive or reticent
Unqualified Absolute, complete, or without reservation
Unstudied Not possessing knowledge in something, or natural and unaffected
Untrammeled Not deprived of freedom of action or expression; not restricted or hampered
Upshot Outcome of something
Vapidity Lacking or having lost life, sharpness or flavor, insipid or flat
Venial Able to be forgiven or pardoned; excusable
Vernacular Any mode of expression that reflects popular or local culture of a group of people.
Vivacity Liveliness, animation or sprightliness
Volpine Resembling a fox, cunning or crafty
Voluble Fluent, characterized by a continuous flow of words
Wan Pallid and lacking color, in ill health, or lacking in forcefulness
Created by: 21010046
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