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The largest soruce of NaCl in our diet is from ________ Processed foods
The amount of Iodide in the avg person's diet int he US has fallen since the early 1980s due to ______________ less use of iodized salt in commercial food preparation
What percent of the US's total energy comes from fossil fuels? 86%
Which energy source is projected to have the smallest increase globally between now and 2050? Hydroelectricity
Who has the highest primary energy use per person? China
US has the largest reserves of the energy source of ____________ oil
Having sufficient iodide in the diet seems most important for whom? Pregnant women, infants, small children
Prevention of osteoperosis is bet accomplished by? Consuming calcium and Vit. D together.
Natural gas owered generating lants are generally operated at a low capacity factor due to the fact that.. The cost of electricity from gas powered lants is too high.
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