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In Europe pretzels were popular for many __________ of years. hundreds
When hard pretzels were invented, people liked them better than the soft ones because they could be kept _______ for a longer time. fresh
The bakery helped the people of Lititz because it brought money and big ______ to the town. business
The first commercial pretzel ______ was opened in 1861. bakery
Now, over 580 __________pounds of pretzels and pretzel products are produced each year in the United States million
When Europeans came here, they brought the ____ of making pretzels with them. art
There are about _____ different types of pretzels. nine
Pretzels come in a ________ variety of shapes and sizes. wide
Soft pretzels could be kept for a ________ period of time. short
The monks folded the dough to look like ________arms folded in prayer. children's
Created by: cjbmorrison