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Egyptian arabic .8

EA 8 vocab

garsoon (جرسون) waiter
rayyis (ريس) boss
afandim (افندم؟) yes?/sir?
law samaHt (لو سمحت) please
haat! (هات) bring!
mit'assif, mit'assifiin (متأسف، متأسفين) sorry
HaaDir (حاضر) OK
beeh (بيه) respectful form of address; "sir/maam" or "exalted/respected one"
xidma (خدمة) service
mitshakkir, mitshakkiriin (متشكر، متشكرين) thanks (s., pl.)
Hisaab (حساب) bill
zayyi ba/Du (زي بعضه) no big deal
mish mushkila (مش مشكلة) no problem
maT/am, maTaa/im (مطعم، مطاعم) restaurant, restaurants
ba'shiish (بقشيش) tip
taHt amrak (تحت امرك) at your service
fiTir, yifTar (فطر، يفطر) he ate breakfast, he is eating breakfast
/irif, yi/raf (عرف، يعرف) he knew, he knows
fihim, yifham (فهم، يفهم) he understood, he understands
daras, yidris (درس، يدرس) he studied, he studies
libis, yilbis (لبس، يلبس) he put on/wore, he puts on/wears
fataH, yiftaH (فتح، يفتح) he opened, he opens
'afal, yi'fil (قفل، يقفل) he closed, he closes
'ara, yi'ra (قرا، يقرا) he read, he reads
Habb, yiHibb (حب، يحب) he loved/liked, he loves/likes
kal, yaakul (كل، ياكل) he ate, he eats
shirib, yishrab (شرب، يشرب) he drank, he drinks
idda, yiddi (ادى، يدى) he gave, he gives
nisi, yinsa (نسي، ينسى) he forgot, he forgets
ga/aan, ga/aniin (جعان، جعانين) hungry (s., pl.)
akl (اكل) food
kabaab (كباب) kabab
firaax (فراخ) chicken
sandwitsh, sandwitshaat (سندويتش، سندويتشات) sandwich, sandiches
rozbiif (روزبيف) roast beef
muxx (مخ) brain
kibda (كبدة) liver
gibna (جبنة) cheese
/aSiir (عصر) juice
manga (منجة) mango
burtu'aan (برتقان) orange
beeD (بيض) eggs
/iish (عيش) bread
baTaaTis (عيش) potato
laHma (لحمة) meat
'ahwa (قهوة) coffee
shaay (شاي) tea
mayya (مية) water
laban (لبن) milk
'ird (قرد) monkey
Hawaali (حوالي) approximately
abyaD, beeDa biiD (ابيض، ابيضا، بيض) white (m., f., pl)
iswid, sooda, suud (اسود، سودا، سود) black (m., f., pl.)
fi ilHa'ii'a (في الحقيقة) in fact
taani (تاني) second, again, other
li (ل) to
ya/ni (يعني) filler word; somewhat like "like" in english
ilga/aan yiHlim bisuu' il/iish (الجعان يحلم بسوق العيش) the hungry man dreams of the bread market (our ambitions are determined by our life situation)
kalt muxxu (كات مخه) i ate his brain (i took him in, i fooled him)
kalt ma/aah /iish wimilH (كلت معاه عيش وملح) i ate bread and salt with him (we are really close)
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