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1000 Spanish Words

First 1000 Spanish Words

a a, to
abajo down, below, downstairs
abandonar to abandon
abrir to open, unlock
absoluto/a absolute
acabar to finish
acaso perhaps, maybe
acción\ciones action
aceptar to accept
acompañar to accompany
acordar to decide
actitud attitude
actividad activity
acto act
actual present
actuar to act
acudir to go, come
acuerdo agreement
adelante ahead
además in addition, besides, furthermore
adquirir to acquire
afectar to affect
afirmar to affirm
agua water
ahí there
ahora now
aire air
alcanzar to reach
alejar to move away, remove
alemán/mana german
algo something
alguien somebody
alguno/a some, any
allá there
allí there
alma soul
alto/a tall, high, stop
altura height
amar to love
ambos/bas both
americano/a american
amigo/a friend
amor love
amplio/plia ample
análisis analysis
andar to walk
animal animal
ante before
anterior previous
ante before, in front of
antiguo/gua ancient, old
anunciar to announce
añadir to add
aparecer to appear
aplicar to apply
apoyar to support, lean
aprender to learn
aprovechar to take advantage of
aquel that
aquello/a that
aquí here
arriba up
arte art
asegurar to assure
aspecto aspect
asunto matter, bussiness
así like this
atención\ciones attention
atreverse to dare
atrás back, behind
aumentar to increase, raise
aun even
aunque though, although
autor/a author
autoridad authority
auténtico/a authentic
avanzar to advance
ayer yesterday
ayudar to help
azul blue
año year
aún still
árbol tree
bajar to bring down, lower, go down
bajo/a low, short, faint
barrio neighborhood
beber to drink
bien well, good
blanco/a white
boca mouth
brazo arm
buscar to look for, to seek
caballo horse
cabeza head
cadena chain
caer to fall
calle street
cama bed
cambiar to change
caminar to walk
camino road
campaña countryside
campo field
cantar to sing
cantidad quantity
capacidad capacity
capaz\paces able
capital capital
cara face
carne meat
carrera running
carta letter
carácter/racteres character
casa house
casar to marry
casi almost
celebrar to celebrate
central central
cerebro brain
cerrar to close
chico/a boy, girl
cielo sky, heaven
célula cell
ciencia science
científico/a scientific
ciento one hundred
cierto/a TRUE
cinco five
cine cinema, movies
circunstancia circumstance
ciudad city
ciudadano/a citizen
civil civil
claro/a clearly, clear
clase class
coche car, automobile, coach, carriage
coger to take
color color
comenzar to begin, start
comer to eat
como as, since, like
cómo how
compañero/a partner, companion
compañía company
comprar to buy, purchase
comprender to comprehend, to understand
comprobar to check
común\munes common
comunicación\ciones communication
concepto concept
conciencia conscience
condición\siones condition
conducir to drive
conjunto joint, outfit, band
conocer to know, meet
consecuencia consequence
conseguir to obtain
conservar to conserve
considerar to consider
consistir to consist
constituir to constitute
construir to construct, build
contar to count
contemplar to contemplate
contener to contain
contestar to answer, reply
continuar to continue
contra against
controlar to control
convencer to convince
convertir to turn into, convert
corazón heart
correr to run, race
corresponder to correspond, belong
corriente current
cortar to cut
cosa thing
costumbre custom, habit
crear to create
crecer to grow, increase
creer to believe
crisis crisis
cruzar to cross
cuadro picture, square, painting
cual as, like
cuál which, what
cuando when
cuánto how much
cuarto/a quarter
cuatro four
cubrir to cover
cuenta count
cuerpo body
cuestión\tiones matter, affair
cumplir to accomplish, carry out
cuyo/a whose, of whom
dar to give
dato data
de of, from
deber to owe
decidir to decide
decir to say, tell
decisión decision
declarar to declare
dedicar to dedicate
defender to defend
definir to define
dejar to leave
demás rest of the
demasiado too much
democracia democracy
demostrar to demonstrate
depender to depend
derecha right
derecho straight, rigth
desaparecer to disappear
desarrollar to develop
desarrollo development
descubrir to discover
desde from, since
desear to wish
deseo desire
despertar to wake up
después afterwards, then
detener to stop
determinar to determine
día day
diario/ria newspaper
diez ten
diferencia difference
difícil difficult
dinero money
dios/diosa god, goddes
dirección address, direction
director/tora director, manager
dirigir to direct
disponer to arrange
doctor/tora doctor
don gift, talent
donde where
dónde where
dormir to sleep
dos two
duda doubt
durante during
duro hard
echar to throw, cast
edad age
ejemplo example
ejército army
el/a the
él he, him
elección election
elegir to choose, select
elemento element
elevar to elevate, raise
empezar to begin, start
empresa company
en in, into, inside, on
encender to light, switch on, set fire to
encima on top
encontrar to find
encuentro encounter, meeting
energía energy
enorme enormous
enseñar to teach
entender to understand
enterar to find out, inform
entonces then
entrada entrance, entry
entrar to enter
entre between, among
entregar to deliver, give
enviar to send
época epoch, period
equipo equipment, team
error error, mistake
escapar to escape, run away
escribir to write
escritor/tora writer
escuchar to listen, heard
ese/a that
eso that
espalda back
español/ñola spanish
especial special
especie species
esperar to hope, wait
espíritu spirit
establecer to establish
estado state
estar to be, stay
este/a this
este this
éste/a this one
esto this
estrella star
estructura structure
estudiar to study
etapa stage
europeo/pea european
evitar to avoid
exacto/a exact
exigir to demand
existir to exist
éxito success
experiencia experience
explicar to explain
extender to extend
exterior outside, exterior
extranjero/a foreigner, foreign
fácil easy
falta lack
familia family
fenómeno phenomenon
fiesta celebration, party
figura to figure
fin end
final end, final
flor flower
fondo bottom, rear
formar to form
francés/cesa french
francés french
frase phrase
frecuencia frequency
frente in front
frío/a cold, cool
fuego fire
fuente source
fuerte hard, strong
fuerza force, strength
función function
funcionar to work, run, function
ganar to win
general general
gente people
gesto gesture
golpe blow
gracia grace
grande big, great
gritar to shout, scream
grupo group
guardar to keep
guerra war
gustar to taste, like
haber to have, has
hablar to speak, talk
hacer to do, make
hacia towards
hallar to find, discover
hasta until, even
hecho/cha fact
hermano/a brother
hermoso/a beautiful
hijo/a son, daughter
historia history
hombre man
hombro shoulder
hora hour
hoy today
humano/a human
idea idea
iglesia church
igual equal
imagen\imágenes image
imaginar to imagine
impedir to prevent
imponer to impose, command
importancia importance
imposible impossible
incluir to include
indicar to indicate
información\ciones information
informar to inform
inglés/glesa english
iniciar to initiate
inmediato/a immediate
insistir to insist
intentar to try
interés\reses interest
interior interior, inner
internacional international
ir to go
izquierda left
jamás never
jefe/a chief, leader, boss
joven young person
juego game, playing
jugar to play, gambler
juicio judgment, sense
justo just, fair
labio lip
lado side
lanzar to throw
lector/tora reader
leer to read
lengua language, tongue
lenguaje language
levantar to lift, raise
ley law
libertad freedom
libre free
libro book
limitar to limit
línea line
literatura literature
llamar to call, phone
llegar to arrive, come
llenar to fill
llevar to take, carry
llorar to cry, weep
loco/a crazy, insane
lograr to obtain, achieve, get
luego then, later
lugar place
luz light, lighting
madre mother
mal badly, poorly, incorrectly
malo/a bad
mandar to command
manera way, manner
manifestar to declare
mano hand
mantener to maintain
mañana tomorrow
máquina machine
mar sea
marcar to mark
marchar to march
mas but
más more
matar to kill
materia matter
máximo maximum
mayor greater
mayoría majority
mediante by means of
médico/a doctor
medida measurement
medio/dia means
mejor better
memoria memory
menor minor
menos less
mercado market
merecer to deserve
mes month
mesa it pulls
meter to put
método method
metro meter
mi\mis my, not me
me, not my
miedo fear
mientras while
mil thousand
militar military man
mínimo/a minimum
ministro/tra minister
minuto minute
mío/a mine
mirar to watch
mismo same
mitad half
moderno/a modern
modo way, manner, mode
momento moment
moral moral
morir to die
mostrar to show
motivo reason
mover to move, stir
movimiento movement, motion
muchacho/cha boy
mucho much
muerte death
mujer/jeres woman, women
mundo world
música music
muy very, highly
nacer to be born
nada nothing
nadie nobody, no-one
natural natural
naturaleza nature
necesario/ria necessary
necesidad necessity,need
negar to deny
negro/gra black
ni nor, neither
ninguno/a no, none, nobody, no one
niño/a boy, girl
nivel level
no no
noche night
norteamericano/a North American
noticia the news
novela novel
nuestro/tra ours
nuevo/a new
nunca never
o or
objeto object
obligar to force, oblige
obra work
observar to observe
obtener to obtain, get
ocasión\siones occasion
ocho eight
ocupar to occupy
ocurrir to happen
oficial official
ofrecer to offer
oír to hear
ojo eye
olvidar to forget
origen/rígenes origin
oro gold
oscuro/a dark, obscure
otro/tra another, other
padre father
pagar to pay
página page
país country, nation
palabra word
papel paper
par pair, couple
para for, towars, stop
parar to stop, stand
parecer to seem
pared wall
parte part
participar to participate
particular particular, private
partir to start off, depart, slipt, divide
pasar to happen, pass
paso step
paz peace
pecho chest
pedir to request, ask for
película film, movie
peligro danger
pelo hair
pena pain, penalty
pensar to think
peor worse
pequeño/a small
periódico/a newspaper
permanecer to remain
permitir to allow
pero but
perro/rra dog, bitch
persona person
pertenecer to belong to
pesar to weigh
peso weight
pie foot
piedra stone
piel skin
piso floor
placer to please
plan plan
plantear to expound, raise
plaza seat, square
población\ciones population
pobre poor
poco/a little, few
poder to be able to, can, might, may
policía police
política politics
poner to put
por by, for, per
porque because, why
poseer to posses, own
posibilidad possibility
posición\ciones position
precio price, cost
preciso/a precise
preferir to prefer
pregunta a question
preguntar to ask
prensa press
preocupar to worry
preparar to prepare
presencia presence
presentar to present
presente present
presidente president
pretender to try, court
primero/a first
principal principal
principio beginning, principle
privar deprive
probable probable
problema problem
proceso process
producir to produce
producto product
profesional professional
profesor/sora professor, teacher
profundo/a deep
programa program
pronto/a soon, quick, prompt
propio/pia own
proponer to propose, nominate
provocar to cause
próximo/a next
proyecto project
prueba test, proof, evidence
publicar to publish
público/a public
pueblo town
puerta door
pues then, since, because
puesto position, place
punto point
puro/a pure
que that
qué what
quedar to stay
querer to want
quien who
quién who
quitar to remove, take away
quizá perhaps, maybe
rápido/a rapid, quick
rato short while
razón\zones reason
real royal, real
realidad reality
realizar to make, realize
recibir to receive
reciente recent
recoger to gather, pick up
reconocer to recognize
recordar to remember, remind
recorrer to cross, travel through
recuerdo memory, remembrance
recuperar to recover
reducir to reduce
referir to refer
régimen regime
regresar to return, come back
reír to laugh
relación\ciones relation
religioso/a religious
repetir to repeat
representar to represent
resolver to solve
responder to answer
responsable responsible
respuesta answer
resto rest
reunir to unite, join
reunión\niones meeting
revista magazine
rey king
rico/a rich
riesgo risk
río river
rojo/a red
romper to break
ropa clothes
rostro face
saber to know
sacar to remove, take out
sala room, living room
salir to leave, go out
sangre blood
secreto/a secret
sector sector
seguir to follow
según according to
segundo second
seguro/a safe
seguridad security
seis six
semana week
sensación\ciones sensation, feeling
sentar to seat, sit
sentido/a heartfelt,sense
sentimiento feeling
sentir to feel
señor/ñora sir/madam
separar to separate
ser to be
serie/ria series
servicio service
servir to serve
sexo sex
sexual sexual
si if, yes
siempre always
siete seven
siglo century
significar to mean
siguiente following, next
silencio silence
simple simple
sin without
sino but, rather
sistema system
sitio place, site
situar to locate
situación\ciones situation
sobre envelope, on
social social
socialista socialist
sociedad society
sol sun
solo/a alone
sólo only
solución\ciones solution
sombra shadow
someter to subjugate
sonar to sound
sonreír to smile
sonrisa smile
sorprender to surprise
sostener to maintain, support, hold
su his
subir to raise
suceder to happen/ occur
sueño dream
suerte luck
suficiente enough
sufrir to suffer
superar to surpass
superior superior
suponer to suppose
surgir to arise
suyo/a his/her/its
tal so
también also, too
tampoco neither
tan so
tanto/a so much
tarde late
tarea homewrok
técnica technique
técnico/a technician
televisión\siones television
tema theme
temer to fear
tender to strech out
tener to have
teoría theory
terminar to finish
término term
texto text
tiempo time
tierra earth
tío/tía uncle / aunt
tipo/a guy
tirar to throw
título title
tocar to touch
todavía still
todo/a everything
tomar to take, to drink
total total
trabajar to work
traer to bring
tras after
tratar to try
tres three
tu your, you
último/a last
un/una a, an
único/a only
unidad unit
unir to unite
uno/una one
usar to use
usted you
utilizar to use
vacío/cía empty
valer to be worth
valor value
vecino/a neighbor
veinte twenty
velocidad speed
vender to sell
venir to come
ventana window
ver to see
verano summer
verdad truth
verdadero/a TRUE
verde green
vestir to dress
vez\veces time
viaje travel
vida life
viejo/a old
viento wind
violencia violence
vista vision
vivir to live
vivo/a alive
voluntad will
volver to return
voz\voces voice
vuelta return
y and
ya already
yo I
zona zone
del of, from
lo the for it
con with
al to, to the
e and
cultura culture
cada each
sido been
cuanto how much, as
caso case
existencia existence
forma shape
conocimiento knowlogde
pensamiento though
trabajo job
primer first
europa europe
españa spain
nacional national
países countries
posible posible
cultural cultural
gran big
ésta is
futuro future
efecto efect
pasado past
cualquier any
cambio change
buen good, well
algún some, any
perder to lose, miss
único only, unique
político political
para que so that
incluso even, in fact
resultar to turn out, work out, succeed
después de after
gobierno government
millón million
partido party, game
nombre name
largo long
paso step
importante important
pueblo town
antes de before
número number
distinto different
necesitar to need
por ejemplo for example
ahí there
estudio study, studio
resultado result, outcome
alguien somebody, someone
económico economic, economical
apenas hardly,scarcely
mirada watched
ya que since
ningún none
señalar to indicate, point out
centro center, downtown
personal personal
bastante fairly, rather
hasta que until, even
acercar to approach
diferente different
dentro de within, in
faltar to lack
enfermedad illness, disease, sickness
espacio space
extraño strange, foreign
ni siquiera not even
suelo ground, floor
lleno full
marido husband
junto a next to
a través de through, across
es decir that is to say
sino que but that
tercer third
físico physical, physicist
completo complete, full
miembro member
española Spanish, spaniard
hija daughter
opinión opinion
directo direct, straight
tal vez perhaps
personaje person
definitivo definitive
grave grave, deep
niña girl, child
esfuerzo effort, endeavor, exertion
objetivo objective
instante moment, instant
barcelona barcelona
operación operation
comentar to comment, discuss, mention
causa cause, reason
colocar to place, put
diverso diverse
interesar to interest
serio serious
con que so long as
dedo finger, toe
bastar to be enough, suffice
normal normal
varias several
dolor pain
habitación room, bedroom
enfermo ill, sick
modelo model
pleno full, complete
importar to matter, be important
así como as well as, such, like that
material material
advertir to notice, warn
paciente patient
histórico historical
fijar to faten, affix
jugador player, gambler
expresión expression
figura figure, shape
rodear to surround, encircle
práctico practical
base base, basis
chica small, girl,litlle
marcha march
caber to fit, go into
defensa defense
uso use
familiar familial, family
contrario opposite
pierna leg
ayuda aid, help
conversación conversation
lucha fight, struggle
concreto concrete, specific
arma weapon
pareja even, couple, pair
cabo end, stub
extremo extreme
fundamental fundamental
estados unidos united States
notar to notice
salida exit, departure
periodista journalist
desconocer to not know, fail to recognize
sentimiento feeling
distancia distance
esperanza hope, prospect
mientras que whereas, while
control control, check
mundial worldwide
gusto taste, pleasure, liking
masa mass
evidente evident
semejante similar
abuelo grandfathers, grandpa
dificultad difficulty
habitual habitual, usual
francia france
tono tone
perfecto perfect
ejército army
destino destiny, destination
individuo individual
además de in addition to, besides, furthermore
lento slow
famoso famous
hermana sister
fútbol soccer, football
introducir to introduce, insert
doble double
a partir de from, as of
varios several
tía aunt
fuera de outside of, beyond
contacto contact
radio radio
desde que since
informar to inform
menudo small, insignificant
constante constant
catalán catalan
junto together, joined, close
negocio business
así que so, therefore
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