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HP Feurkelch Vocab

Deutscher Wortschatz für Harry Potter; Englisch und Deutsch Kapital Eins

etw. mit Brettern zunageln to board sth. up
etw. vernageln to nail up sth.
löchrig  holey; perforated; pitted; porous
der Efeu ivy
sich um jmdn./etw. ranken to entwine around so./sth.
ungezügelt rampant; unbridled; uninhibited; unreined; untamed
das Anwesen estate; property
der Abstand clearance; desistance; displacement; distance; gap; interspace; interval; offset; pitch; separation distance; space; spacing; span; technological gap; time-lag
großzügig ample; bounteous; bountiful; broad; broad-minded; freehanded; generous; lavish; liberal; noble; tolerant; ungrudging; unstinting
beeindruckend awe-spiring; formidable; impressive
feucht clammy; damp; dank; dewily; humid; moist; rheumy; soggy; watery; wet
Das ist nicht ganz geheuer. That's a bit fishy.
merkwürdig curious; odd; off-key; remarkable; strangely; weird
entsetzlich abominable; abysmal; appalling; awful; bloodcurling; direful; excruciating; ghastly; horrendous; horrible; horrid; horrific; shocking; terrible; tremendously; unholy
geschehen to come about; to come to pass; to go on; to happen; to occur; to pass
man munkelt, dass ... rumor has it; word has it that; the word is that
pflegen to administer
jmdn./etw. pflegen to care for so./sth.
die Kutsche carriage; coach
tratschen to gossip; to tattle
Created by: jkgeorge