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Gr. 5 Unit 3 Vocab.

Words to Learn

deserve to have a right to; be worthy of
display a planned showing of a thing; to show
especially particularly; more than others
financial having to do with money matters
fortune a great deal of wealth; success; luck
information knowledge given or received; news
investigate to search into; examine
observation the act or power of seeing; fact of being seen; a comment based on something observed
opportunity a good chance; favorable time
position a post of employment; job; office; the place where a thing or person is; rank; to put something or someone in a certain place
private not for the public; secret; an enlisted person in either of the two lowest ranks in the U.S. Army
profit to make a financial gain; to benefit; what is gained
solution the solving of a problem; explanation
struggle to work hard against difficulties; to contend or fight violently; to make great efforts; a great effort; fight; conflict
temptation something that is exceptionally appealing; tempt
Created by: ddoglio