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SOC 365 definitions

terms for midterm

statistical term in which a number can be taken to represent the center of a distribution Central Tendency
an estimate of a population value in which a range of values is specified Confidence Interval
an alternative way to express alpha. The probability that a confidence will contain the population value (90%, 95%,99%) Confidence level
summarizing many scores with a few statistics Data reduction
using multiple measurements from a sample to try and make a close conclusion about some application value estimation
making some generalization about a population from a sample Inference
mathematical characteristics of a variable as determined by the measurement process a major criterion for selecting statistical technology level of measurement
characteristic of a population parameter
equal probability of selection method; a technique for selecting samples in which every element or case in the population has an equal probability of being selected for the sample (EPSEM) Random Sampling (EPSEM)
measure of variation in a set of scores (highest to lowest) Range
the distribution of all possible sample outcomes of a given statistic (left skewed/right skewed/normal) Sampling distribution of a Statistic
a linear measure of dispersion from the mean Standard Deviation
The way scores are expressed after they have been standardized to the theoretical normal curve Standard (A) Scores
a measurement or number that is used to organize and/or analyze data Statistic
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