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CJ Midterm

When was the term criminal justice first used? After the findings of the American Bar Foundation Project
Most police officer jobs are found at what level? Local
The CJ system is vast, employing more than 2.4 billion ppl and costing federal, state, and local governments: about $200 billion per year
What are the three main components into which the contemporary CJ system is generally divided? Law Enforcement, the courts, and the correctional system.
this branch of government is responsible for the day-to-day operation of justice agencies executive
Which crime is not included on the list of Part I or index crimes that is documented in the Uniform Crime Reports? Simple Assault
Which theory considers crime a product of transitional neighborhoods that manifest value conflict? Social Disorganization
Criminal law is structured to reflect the preferences of those who hold social power, according to which view of crime? the Interactionist view
Index crimes are a key unit of analysis in which crime data source? Uniform Crime Reports
Which crime theory focuses on a person's bonds to society as a factor in preventing crime? Social Control
The term terror was first associated with unrest in *blank* in 1917. Russia
In what year did Congress pass legislation authorizing the creation of the Department of Homeland Security? 2002
What is an advantage of a legal system based on the principle of stare decisis? The system promotes stability and certainty in legal decisions
What is NOT a source of criminal law? The New Testament
A *blank* is the term for an irregular military band located in rural areas that attack military, police, and government targets. Guerilla
What was the name of the organized private police that patrolled 18th century England? Thief Takers
What term is used to describe organized groups of detectives who decieve criminals into openly committing illegal acts or conspiring to engage in criminal activity? Sting Operations
English police officers are known as bobbies because: Sir Robert (Bobbie) Peel was responsible for their creation
What federal program supported innovative research on police work and advanced training for police officers during the 1970's? Law enforcement Assistance Administration
Community-orientated policing links police effectiveness to: Productive interaction with the community being served
As of 2003, approx. what percent of local law enforcement officers were members of African American, Hispanic, or other non-white ethnic groups? 25 percent
The Kansas City Gun Experiment was an example of: A police crackdown targeting a specific type of crime problem
What describes the experience of black officers who must deal with the expectation that they will give member of their own race a break, while at the same times experiencing overt racism from their police colleagues? Double marginality
The term "blue curtain" describes: The secrecy and insulation from others in society that is a consequence of the police subculture
What is not one of the six core beliefs at the heart of the belief culture? Patrol work is the best assignment, since it gives officers the chance to be heroes in the eyes of the public
Crime and violence have been common since the nation was first formed. True
Most Criminal cases are processes through the entire formal justice system. False
The justice perspective advocates judges consider extra-legal factors in sentencing False
During the past decade the crime control and justice perspectives have dominated in criminal justice. True
It is estimated that there are 75,000 gang members in the US. False
Self-report data findings show that people commit far fewer crimes than those projected by official statistics. True
Laws created and retroactively enforced are ex post facto laws. True
The nature and definition of due process remains unchanging across historical time periods True
The Department of Homeland Security is responsible for securing our nation's borders and transportation systems. True
One criticism of private policing is that it could eventually replace government. True
The detective bureau is considered the backbone of policing. False
Large urban police departments made no noticeable gains in the recruitment of minority police officers during the 1990's. False
More than 50% of citizens who experience force at the hands of the police report an injury False
In the landmark case Tennessee v. Garner, the U.S. Supreme Court outlawed deadly use of force by police. False
The number of police officers killed in the line of duty trended downward during the 1990s. True
The (BLANK) is the term used to describe the process through which large numbers of cases are systematically filtered out of the formal criminal justice process. Criminal Justice Funnel
Millions of misdemanors, such as disorderly conduct, shoplifting, public drunkeness, and minor assult comprise level (BLANK) of the CJ wedding cake. four (IV)
(BLANK) is another name for the eight index crimes from the Uniform Crime Reports. Part I crimes
(BLANK) mandate like in prision without the possibility of parole after a third felony conviction Three Strikes Law
The M'Naughten Rule established standards for the (BLANK) defense, and is used in the majority of the states. Insanity
The (BLANK) amendment has been used in the past to argue that the death penalty is cruel and unusual Eighth
The (BLANK) is the highest ranking office in the justice department U.S. Attorney General
A (BLANK) is an operation designed to encourage and observe criminal behaviors so the officers can make an arrest Sting
The (BLANK)rule is the oldest standard relating to the use of deadly force, dating back to English Common Law. Fleeing Felon
One perspective on the causes of police corruption holds that it is a product of society's moral (BLANK) towards the vice-related behavior that police are sworn to control. Ambivalence
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