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WFTW Unit 1

means to have complete knowledge Omniscient
means to be infinite in power or almighty Omnipotent
means "all" Omni
means "in favor of" Pro
means well-known or to stand out Prominent
means of deep meaning Profound
means to provoke or stimulate Provocative (adj.)
synonyms: obvious, tangible Palpable
synonyms: slow, sluggish Indolent
synonyms: friendliness, cordial affable
synonyms: conscience, morals scrupples
synonyms: enhancements, comforts amenities
synonyms: passionate, enthusiastic ardent
synonyms: complete collapse, failure debacle
synonym: unsuspecting, lack of experience naive
means to lack discretion (irresponsible) imprudent
means to be concerned, regarded, or mindful solicitous
means to do something in a funny or amusing way droll
this is someone who has the power to settle matters arbiter
this means to sink to a lower level or decline subside
this means to provoke or encourage instigate (v.)
synonym: widespread, common prevalent
means to desire something wrongfully coveted
Created by: talbot