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CST Exam review 2

CST Exam review 2 of 2

What method of hemostasis are ligatures? internal
Absorbable collagen should not be used in the presence of ___? infection
what hemostatic agent must be applied dry and only handled with dry gloves and instruments? Avitene
what hemostatic agent should not be used on bone? oxidized cellulose
is Adaptic an adherent or nonadherent dressing? nonadherent
Whistle, Braasch, and Blasucci are all what type of catheters? ureteral
A nasogastric tube used for insertion in the small intestine is ___? Miller-Abbott
Malecot, mushroom, and sump are all types of ___? surgical drains
what type od sponge is a tightly rolled cotton tape used by surgeons for blunt dissection? Kittner
what can be utilzed for wounds, particularly abdominal surgical wounds, that will require frequent dressing changes and prevent damage to the skin? Montgomery straps
most absorbable sutures are packaged in an alcohol-water solution to maintain their ___? pliability
the substance that weakly holds wound edges together during the first 5 days of first intention healing is ___? fibroblasts
the least inert of all the synthetic meshes is ___? polyester fiber mesh
is absorbable or non-absorbable suture generally preferred in suturing periosteum? absorbable
a microfibrillar collagen that is either supplied in a compacted nonwoven webform or in loose fibrous form is known as ___? Avitene
A suture used in tendon repair is ___? polydiaxanone
What type of suture is Ethibond Excel? polyester fiber
what is the most widely used nonabsorbable suture? nylon
what is the least inert of all synthetic suture materials? polypropylene
In how many days is plain gut absorbed? 70
an excellent substitute that provides strength and nonreactivity in tissues where stainless steel cannot be used is ___? polypropylene
when breaking down the setup, the scrub person should place the instruments in what? a basin of water for transport to decontamination
a hernia that occurs within Hesselbach's triangle and does not have a sac is called ___? a direct hernia
the defect in an inguinal hernia occurs in the ___ muscle. transversalis
the incision commonly used for an appendectomy is ___? McBurney
a Sengstaken-Blakemore tube is used when treating ___? esophageal varices
omental flaps, falciform ligament, or Gerota's fascia flaps may be used to ___? control liver hemorrhage
the procedure performed for decompression of the cecum due to colonic obstruction is ___? cecostomy
pancreaticojejunostomy is performed for ___? pancreatic psuedocysts
a Silverman biopsy needle is used to biopsy what? liver
choledochotomy is performed to do what? drain the common bile duct
what incision is used for a resection of the sigmoid colon? paramedian
a type of deep retractor commonly used in an open chole is a ___? Harrington
the procedure performed to correct pyloric stenosis in the newborn is ___? Fredet-Ramstedt
the Heller procedure is performed to correct ___? esophageal obstruction
the procedure to correct intrahepatic obstruction is ___? portacaval shunt
a forceps commonly used to remove gallstones from the common bile duct during an open chole is ___? Randall
the instrument used to grasp the appendix during an open appendectomy is ___? Babcock
a herniation of the Douglas' cul-de-sac containing a loop of bowel is called a/an ___? enterocele
a HUMI cannula would be used in what procedure? tuboplasty
a colposcopy may be performed for suspected ___? carcinoma in situ
a diagnostic procedure for suspected ectopic pregnancy is ___? culdocentesis
how many sponge, sharp, and instrument counts does a cesarean section require? four
if a tumor of an oveary is suspected to be malignant, what other organs will be excised? both fallopian tubes, both ovaries, and uterus,
excision of the tunica vaginalis of the testis is called ___? hydrocelectomy
female urethral dilation may be accomplished with ___? McCarthy dilators
Satinsky, Herrick, and Mayo clamps can be used on the ___? kidney pedicle
the anesthesia of choice for extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy is ___? epidural
a diagnostic procedure performed for patients with possible prostatic cancer is ___? needle biopsy
what non electrolytic and isosmotic solution is used during a TURP? Glycine
why is it important for a patient to void prior to the beginning of a cystoscopy? to rule out residual urine in the bladder
what instrument is used by the surgeon to intermittently remove prostatic tissue fragments during a TURP? Ellik evacuator
the procedure in which the attenuated anterior capsule of the shoulder is reattached to the rim of the glenoid fossa with sutures is called a/an ___? Bankart
Colles' fracture is often treated by ___? closed reduction
fine hooks available in varying angles are essential dissecting tools to perform a ___? stapendectomy
what instrument would be used to remove the septal cartilage during a rhinoplasty? Jansen-Middleton forceps
Freer elevator, Bayonnet forceps, Potts forceps, or Cottle speculum; which is NOT found on a nasal setup? Potts forceps
removal of an entire eyeball is called ___? enucleation
a type of cataract extraction in which the lens and its capsule are removed is ___? intracapsular
is vitrectomy a treatment for glaucoma? no
which laser is best used during a vitrectomy? argon
what instrument is used during a dacryocystorhinostomy? ocillating saw
the pathology characterized by contraction of the the palmar fascia is ___? Dupuytren's disease
after debridement of the stump and severed digit during replantation surgery, the next step is ___? bone to bone attachment
the four agents mixed together for injecting during a tumescent liposuction are local anesthetic, epinephrine, saline, and ___? Wydase
a procedure performed in pts with empyema is called ___? pulmonary decortication
what type of retractor is a Bailey? rib retractor
during a bronchoscopy, which solution is preferred for bronchial washing specimens? sterile saline
what size of trocar is commonly used during a thoracoscopy? 10 mm
which synthetic material used for grafts requires preclotting? Dacron knit polyester
the commonly used size of suture for peripheral vasculare anastomosis of the popliteal artery is ___? 5-0
the most common cause of intracerebral hemmorrhage is ___? hypertension
Meniere's disease is associated with which cranial nerve? VIII
the procedure that involves freeing up a nerve from adhesions for restoration of function is called ___? neurolysis
the surgical resection of the dorsal root of a spinal nerve is called a ___? rhizotomy
a procedure to remove intractable pain due to terminal cancer is ___? cordotomy
are burr holes created for dysraphism? no
what kind of neurological retractor is a Leyla-Yasargil? self-retaining
Thrombin does not control bleeding in the skin and ___? glia
the procedure to treat trigeminal neuralgia is ___? decompression
to obtain hemostasis in neurosurgery, is monopolar electrosurgery or bipolar electrosurgery used? bipolar
the self-retaining retractor used during a lumbar laminectomy is ___? Beckman
is a burr used during a laminectomy or a craniotomy? craniotomy
the dura mater is closed with what suture? 4-0 silk
during a craniotomy, the instrument commonly used to separate the dura from the cranium is a ___? penfield dissector
where is the catheter placed when performing the procedure to treat hydrocephalus? lateral ventricle
how long must a wrapped instrument set be steam sterilized for at 250 degrees? 30 minutes
Items that are mechanically cleaned and chemically disinfected, but not sterile are said to be ___? surgically clean
as part of OR decontamination after a procedure, the suction canister containing blood and body fluids should be placed where? biohazard bag
is hydrogen peroxide or ethylene oxide used to create gas plasma for sterilization purposes? hydrogen peroxide
how long should the EtO biological indicator be incubated before the reading is recorded? 48 hours
what test is used to check for air entrapment in the prevacuum sterilizer? Bowie-Dick test
where should the biological test pack be placed on the steam sterilizing cart? bottom front
for EtO sterilized items, how long must they remain in an aerator being operated at 140? 8 hours
what term describes voltage that is strong enough to compromise the sterile glove, an insulator, causing a hole and possibly burning the individual? dielectric breakdown
what determines if a laser is solid state, gas, liquid, or semiconductor? gain medium
what type of laser has the most power output? solid state
generally, where on the OR table is the robotic arm positioned for surgeries of the lower abdomen? by pts head
what term refers to the robot's ability to differentiate between two objects? resolution
when performing a lap chole, approximately where should the robotic arm be positioned on the OR table? pt's right side, mid thigh
when setting the lower limit of the robotic arm, what is the rule of thumb for distance from the pt's skin surface? 1 cm or less
when performing a lap chole on an obese pt, what can be done to create additional space between the elbow of the robotic arm and the pt? tilt mechanism
during a lap Nissen with access ports along the pt's midline, how should the leg be positioned on the side where the robotic arm is positioned? extended laterally with leg supported
during a lap Nissen with access ports along the pt's midline, how is the table positioned after the trocars and manipulator have been placed? reverse t-burg
when a surgeon is using surface based registration in order to perform a difficilt resection of a benign brain tumor, what is used to create the initial images of the brain? MRI
when a surgeon is using surface based registration in order to perform a difficilt resection of a benign brain tumor, what piece of equipment is necessary to obtain 3-D coordinates in order to superimpose the scan based images on the head of the pt? laser
when a surgeon is using surface based registration in order to perform a difficilt resection of a benign brain tumor,what term is used to describe the attainment of a 3-D simulation of the pt's tissues for practice prior to the procedure? deformable modeling
which robotic device requires sterilization, the collar or the optics device? collar
when performing a lap chole with a robotic arm, what anatomical landmark is used to line up th endoscope? umbilicus
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