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Andy Shaw Stack

Physics I and II Flash Cards

What is the smallest particle of an element that has the characteristic properties of that element? Atom - p. 38
What is the primary difference between a simple and a complex substance? A simple substance can not be broken down into simpler substances. - p.38
What does an x-ray tube filament emit when heated? Electrons - p.122
Given the formula 2(n squared) where n is the number of an atom's outer shell, what is the maximum number of electrons that the "K" shell can hold? 2 - K is the first shell of an atom so; 1 squared = 1 and 2 * 1 = 2. - p.43
What does an atom's atomic number (or "Z" number) indicate? The number of protons in it's nucleus. - p.41
An ionic bond is the _____ of electrons whereas a covalent bond is the _____ of electrons. Transfer, Sharing - p.48
What is another term for "Body Section Radiography"? Tomography - Ppt. from Physics I
In tomography, what is section thickness determined by? Tomography angle - p.268
_____ _____ invented the fluoroscope in ____. Thomas Edison, 1898 - p.8
Are rods or cones responsible for photopic vision? Cones - p.348
What is the term for the emission of electrons due to stimulation from light? Photoemission - p.350
The output phosphor of a fluoroscopic image-intensifier tube produces approximately how much more light than the input phosphor? 50 times more - p.351
What are the 3 causes of attenuation? 1.) Absorption (characteristic radiation). 2.) Scatter (Compton, Coherent) 3.) Inverse Square Law - p.175
True or False, with Compton scattering, the photon that is given off is equal in energy to the incident photon. True - p.163
What is the term for "the smallest quantity of any type of electromagnetic energy?" Photon - p.57
What controls the number of electrons that are released during thermionic emission? mA - p.106
What controls the velocity at which electrons move from cathode to anode? kVp - p.106
What is the purpose of the focusing cup of an x-ray tube? The focusing cup confines the negatively charged electron beam so that it hits a small area of the anode. - p.123
When considering the "Heel Effect" which side of the tube should the part of more thickness be on, the cathode side or the anode side? Cathode - pp.129-131
What turns the anode inside the x-ray tube? An electromagnetic induction motor - p.127
Any charged particle in motion creates a _____ Magnetic field - p.83
In the right hand rule of electromagnetism, what does the thumb indicate? The direction that the current is flowing.
What is Faraday's law (AKA The first law of electromagnetics)? An electric current is induced in a circuit if some part of that circuit is in a changing magnetic field. - p.91
True or False, a transformer changes the intensity of alternating voltage and current. True - p.93
A coil of wire is called a what ____? Solenoid - p.90
Varying magnetic field intensity induces what ____? An electric current - p.91
How many windings does an autotransformer contain? One - p.105
What control panel setting controls the quality of the x-ray beam? kVp - p.106
Primary voltage is lower than secondary voltage in which type of transformer? Step-up transformer - p.95
Created by: FHCRAD
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