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Heather Haffner

Heather's Physics Flashcards

What is the name given to a small bundle of energy? quantum (Bushong, p. 57)
What is the rate of the rise and fall of a sine wave? frequency (Bushong, p. 58)
What 3 wave parameters are needed to describe electromagnetic energy? velocity, frequecy, wavelength (Bushong, p. 59)
What does the wave-particle duality phenomenon suggest about photons? Photons exibit behavior similar to both waves and particles (Bushong, p. 63)
What is the study of stationary electric charges? electrostatics (Bushong, p. 73)
What are three ways electrification can be created? contact, friction, or induction ((Bushong, p.73)
According to Coulomb's law, the electrostatic force is directly proportional to what? the product of the electrostatic charges (Bushong, p. 76)
What is the unit of electrical potential? Volt (Bushong, p. 77)
The ratio of the number of secondary windings to the number of primary windings in a high-voltage transformer is called the __________. Turns ratio (Bushong, p. 109)
What kind of current do automatic transformers operate on? alternating current (Bushong, p. 109)
The process of converting AC to DC is called ___________. Rectification (Bushong, p. 110)
The cloud of electrons that forms around the filament is referred to as ______________ the space charge (Bushong, p. 124)
The primary purpose of adding filtration to the x-ray beam is to: remove low-energy x-rays (Bushong, p. 157)
What is the term used to describe the reduction in x-ray intensity that results from absorption and scatter? attenuation (Bushong, p. 155)
The energy of the Compton-scattered x-ray is equal to the difference between the energy of what two things? the energy of the incident x-ray and the energy of the ejected electron (Bushong, p. 164)
How does Compton scatter affect image contrast? It reduces contrast (Bushong, p. 165)
When an x-ray interacts with inner-shell electrons and is completely absorbed, it has undergone which interaction? photoelectric (Bushong, p. 165)
What is the maximum number of electrons that can occupy the N shell? 32 (Bushong,p. 43)
The cones are concentrated in what part of the eye? In the center of the retina, an area called the fovea centralis (Bushong,p. 348)
Which receptor in the eye is responsible for night vision, or scotopic vision? the rods (Bushong,p. 348)
Name the electronic device that receives the image-forming x-ray beam and converts it into a visible-light image of high intensity. Image intensifier (Bushong, p. 349)
The ratio of the number of light photons at the output phosphor to the number of x-rays at the input phosphor is called _______ _______. Flux gain (Bushong, p. 351)
The ratio of the square of the diameter of the input phosphor to the square of the diameter of the output phosphor is the _________ ______. Minification gain (Bushong, p. 351)
The ability of an image intensifier to incrase the illumination level of the image is called its _________ _____. Brightness gain (Bushong,p. 351_
Atoms that have the same number of protons but a different number of neutrons are called ____________. Isotopes (Bushong, p. 41)
The component of the x-ray tube that is negatively charged and confines the electron beam to a small area of the anode is called the: focusing cup (Bushong, p. 123)
What material is the target of the anode primarily composed of? Tungsten (Bushong,p. 126)
True or False: The actual x-ray source is the focal spot. True (Bushong,p. 128)
When considering the anode-heel effect, a radiograph of the chest should have the cathode side of the tube positioned on the a. inferior or b. superior thorax? a. inferior (the thicker anatomy) (Bushong, p. 131)
Created by: FHCRAD
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