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Stack #470470

Tammara Crawn -Davis

The fundamental particles of an atom are? electron, proton and neutron. Busong, p 40
True or False, roentgen (GYa) is the unit of radiation exposure or intensity, rad(GYt) is the unit of radiation abosorbed dose, rem (Sv) if the unit of occupational radiation exposure? True, Buhsong p. 34,35
True or False, Patients who require assistance during a radiography should be held by radiography personnel? Fals. When necessary a member of the patients family should provide assistance. Bushong p.12
Always practice _______ to keep radiaton exposure low ALARA , As Low As Reasonably Achievable bushong p.12
In fluorography the x-ray tube is located where? Under the examination table . Bushong p8
Ionizaton is the removal of an ______________ from an atom? electron Bushong p. 5
True or False, Energy is the ability to do work? True. Bushong p. 4
The maximum number of electrons that can occupy the out shell is? 8. Bushong p.43
Tungsten has an atomic z number? 74. Bushong p46
Velocity, wavelength and frequency are , proportional or inversely proportional? inversely proportional. bushong p. 59
for a given technique the x-ray intensity at 1m is 450 mR. What is the intensity at a distance of 3 m? 50 mR . Bushong p 67
Electric potential is measured in _______ and Electric resistance is measured in _________. Volts (V) , ohms . Bushong p. 79
A ____________ is any substance through which electrons flow easily and a ___________ is any material that does not allow elctrons to flow? conductor, insulator. Bushong p.78
Current that oscillate back and forth is called________________ and current that flows in one direction is called____________. Alternating AC, Direct Current (DC). Bushong p. 81
X-ray imaging system has three principle parts what are they? x-ray tube, operating console, high-voltage generator. Bushong p 103
True or False, the autotransformer supplies precise voltage to the filament circuit. True, bushong p.104
KVp or maS determines the quality of the x-ray beam? KVp. bushong p.106
An x-ray tube requires direct current (DC), what device is required to convert AC to DC? a Rectifier. Bushong p. 110
What is the most common cause of tube failure? From deposits cause from tungesten vaporizatio on the inside of the glass enclosure of the x-ray tube. Bushong p.122
The cathode has two primary parts, what are they? A filament and focusing cup. p. 122
General purpose x-ray tubes use which type of anode; rotating or stationary? rotating, . ( higher tube currents and shorter exposure times are possible with rotating anode. bushong p. 125
True or False, appoximatley 99% of projectile electron kinetic energy is used for the production of x-ray. False. 99% of the kenetic enery of projectile electron is converted to heat. Approximatley 1% is used for x-ray. Bushong p.140
In diagnostic range most x-rays are; brems or characteristic radiation? Brems. bushong p.143
Does added filtration increase or decrease x-ray quantity? decrease quantity. p.147
what are the three types of filtration? Inherent, Added, compensating filter. Bushong p.157
what are the 5 x-rays interaction with matter? Coherent scattering, compton effect, photoelectric effect , pair production, photodisintegration. p. 163
true or false, compton scattering reduces image contrast? true. p. 165
Is abpsorption or attentuation an all or none conditon of x-ray interaction? absorption. attentuation is the product of absorption and scattering. Bushong p 175
Cones are used for daylight vision and are called ________________, and rods are used for night vision and are called________________. Photopic vision, scotopic vision. p.348
The ability of the image intensifier to increase the illumination level of the image is called? brightness gain. p.351
A reduction in brightness of the periphery of an image is called? vignetting. p.352