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Physics 40S

Unit 1 - Waves

Wave Disturbance that carries energy through matter and space without moving matter
Transverse Waves Mechanical wave that vibrates purpendicular to direction of waves motion
Trough Low piont of a wave
Crest Highest piont of wave
Longitudinal Wave Mechanical wave which distubence is in the same direction or parrell to waves motion
Frequency Number of complete oscillations that a wave makes per SECOND
Time Period The time it takes to complete of complete cycle
Wavelength The mesurement of a complete wave. Starting at any piont. Trough to Trough, Crest to Crest. so on...
Amplitude The highest or lowest piont of a wave.
Wave Velocity The speed of one full cycle of a wave.
Refraction Change in direction when faces with two different mediums.
More energy results as Louder Volume
Interference Two waves Meet
Constructive interference Wave displacement in opposite direction
Destructive interference Wave displacement in same direction. Equal but different wave lengths.
Standing Waves Wave that appears to be standing still. Caused by two interfering waves moving in opposite direction.
Nodes Stationary piont in a standing wave: Have a displacement of 0
antinodes Largest piont of a standing wave. Where the two waves meet.
Super Crest/Trough Where to waves meet and there crest/trough is doubled
Ultra/Infra sound The Hz that the human ear can;t ear. Ultra 20000Hz and Infra 20Hz
Ultra Violet Wavelength that is shorter then visable light
Infra Red Thermal waves
Simple Harmonic Motion No medium to stop wave
Damped Harmonic Motion Medium slows down wave
Resonane Where everything has its our frequency. and REsonane is when two things vibrate at the same frequency.
Characteristics of any medium that determines waves speed Elasticity & Density
Two Inferfere waves destructive interference (Out of phase)
Constructive interference In phase
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