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10th grade Geometry

point specific location
line goes on forever in both directions and has at least 2 points
plane 2 dimensions
collinear points points on the same line
coplanar points points on the same plane
line segment part of a line with 2 endpoints
endpoints points at the end of a segment or start of a ray
ray goes on forever in 1 direction
opposite rays 2 rays that share the same endpoint and go in opposite directions
intersection the place where 2 things meet
postulate/axium a rule that is accepted without proof
theorem a rule that can be proved
midpoint a point in the middle of a segment
segment bisector a line/ray that divides a segment into 2 congruent parts
angle 2 rays with a common endpoint
vertex a common endpoint in an angle
acute angle an angle that measures less than 90 degrees
right angle an angle that measures exactly 90 degrees
obtuse angle an angle that measures between 90 and 180 degrees
straight angle an angle that measures exactly 180 degrees
angle bisector a ray that divides an angle into 2 congruent angles
complementary angles 2 angles that add to 90 degrees
supplementary angles 2 angles that add to 180 degrees
adjacent angles 2 angles that share a common side
linear pair 2 adjacent angles that add to 180 degrees
vertical angles angles opposite from each other that are congruent
polygon a closed plane figure with 3 or more side and separate vertices
convex does not cave in
concave caves in
equilateral polygon a polygon with a congruent sides
equilangular polygon a polygon with all interior angles congruent
regular polygon both equilateral and equilangular
conjecture something unproven based on observations
inductive reasoning conjectures based on patterns and observations
counter example proves a conjecture wrong
conditional statement an if, then statement
hypothesis the "if" part of a conditional statement
conclusion the "then" part of a conditional statement
negation the opposite of the original statement
inverse if not p then not q
deductive reasoning conjectures based on facts, definitions, properties, and laws of logic
law of sylogism if p, then q. If q, then r. If p, then r.
parallel lines 2 coplanar lines that never intersect
perpendicular 2 lines that cross at 90 degree angle
transversal a line that intersects 2 or more lines at different points
consecutive interior inside the 2 lines on the same side
converse switches the hypothesis and conclusion: if q then p
biconditional uses the phrase "if and only if"
contrapositive if not q then not p
law of detachment gives you a true statement and an additional statement to form a conclusion
skew lines 2 non-coplanar lines that never intersect
corresponding angles in the same position on different lines. The angles are congruent.
alternate interior inside the 2 lines on opposite sides
alternate exterior outside the 2 lines on opposite sides
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