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Sign of the Beaver

chapter 1-5

a language or dialect that sounds strange to one lingo
a feeling of fear and wonder awe
sorrowfully (sadly); unhappily ruefully
soft and wet, like in a marsh or swamp boggy
to hold up under suffering; to put up with or to stand endure
a metal made of tin and brass or copper pewter
strongly built; firm or strong; fat or large stout
having done without something deprived
to cover with plaster, clay, mud, or other sticky material daub
suddenly twisted wrenched
save from wreckage salvage
owners of land or business proprietors
to dislike very, very much; to really hate detest
unwillingly grudgingly
showing a feeling that a person, act, or thing is worthless or inferior contemptuous
feeling you get when you are being treated unfairly; bitterness resentment
the act of standing up to or disobeying authority defiance
Created by: bauean