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Liz Thomason

Energy is the ability to do _____. work Bushhong,p.4 Ch.1
Rectification is the process of? converting AC to DC Bushong,p.110 Ch.6
What type of anode would be used in a high volume hospital? Rotating Bushong, p.125 Ch.7 (Stationary anode would be used in somewhere like a dentist office)
The x-rays emitted through the window of the x-ray tube are called_____. Useful beam Bushong,p. 121 Ch.7
X-ray current is controlled by ______. filament circuit Bushong,p.106 Ch.6
The filament is located on what side of the tube? cathode Bushong,p. 122 Ch.7
The anode has what type of charge? Positive (want the electrons to attract) Bushong, p.125 Ch. 7
What are the 3 principal parts of the x-ray imaging system? 1. Control Console 2. High Voltage Section 3. x-ray tube Bushong, p. 117 Ch.6
What is the melting point for tungsten? 3,410 degree celsius Bushong,p.112
Using the Heel Effect, _____ thickness should be placed on the anode side. Less thickness (75% intensity) Bushong, p.129 Ch. 7
What are the five kinds of interactions of x-rays and matter? 1. Photoelectric Effect 2. Compton Scattering 3. Classical Scattering 4. Pair Production 5. Photodisintegration Bushong, Ch.10
Iron, Nickel & Colbalt are examples of what type of magnet? Ferromagnetic (Ferromagnetic AKA: Alnico; this material can be strongly magnetized) Bushong, p.85 Ch.5
A coil of wire is called a _______. Solenoid Bushong, p.90 Ch.5
Using the Right Hand Rule the thumb represents _______. Current (thumb=current, fingers= direction of the magnetic field) Bushong, p.90 Ch.5
Rubber & glass are examples of materials that would be used for? a. conductor b. semiconductor c. insulator c. insulator (insulators do not permit electron flow) Bushong, p.79 Ch.5
Electric potential is measured in ____. Volts (V) (Electric resistance is measured in Ohms) Bushong, p.79 Ch.5
True/False: Photons have no mass True (Photons have electric & magnetic fields that are continuously changing in a sinusoidal fashion) Bushong, p.57 Ch.4
______ is one half the range from crest to valley. Amplitude Bushong, p. 58 Ch.4
True/False Diagnostic Ultrasound is part of the Electromagnetic spectrum? False (Ultrasound is not produced in photon form & does not have a constant velocity) Bushong, pg.61
The energy of a photon is directly proportional to its _______. Frequency Bushong, p.62 Ch.4
When talking about Radiographic film, heat can do what to the film? increase the fog, which then reduces contrast. (Ideally radiographic film should be kept in refrigerated storage) Bushong, p.190 Ch.11
Invisible image is known as ______. Latent image (with chemical process, latent image becomes visible image) Bushong, p.183 Ch.11
The emulsion in radiographic film consist of a homogenous mixture of _____&______. Gelatin & Silver Halide Crystals Bushong, p. 182 Ch.11
Laser printers would be used in what modality? CT & MRI (Laser printers provide exceptional image quality for multiple film size & multiple image formats per film) Bushong, p.188 Ch.11
In the transport system, the _____ is located at the bottom of the transport rack assembly. Turnaround assembly Bushong, p.201 Ch.12
The developer temperature is ___. 35 degree celsius or 95 degrees Fahrenheit (developer temperature is the most critical. The wash water is maintained at 3 degrees celsius or 5 degrees fahrenheit lower than the developer) Bushong, p.202 Ch. 12
The principal components of an automatic processor are: ________ Transport, Temperature, Circulation, Replenishment & Dryer Bushong, p.200 Ch.12
____ are incandescent lamps with a color filter. Safelights (Safelights provide enough light to illuminate the darkroom while ensuring that the film remains exposed) Bushong, p.188 Ch.11
What modality uses single-emulsion? Mammography Film (Single emulsion is design to be exposed with a single radiographic intensifying screen) Bushong, p.188 Ch.11
Created by: FHCRAD
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