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Mi Propio Auto ch2&3

quedo I stay
dieron they gave
conmigo with me
contigo with you
ultimo last
secundaria secondary
decirme to tell me
lugares places
mismo same
tamaño size
logico logical
llueve it rains
montañas mountains
turisticos tourist
navegar to navegate
acerca about
murieron they died
cayeron they fell
construidas built
de todas maneras anyway
divertirse to have fun; to have a good time
aterriza lands
mayoria majority
castaños brown hair,brown eyes
agencia agency
tenerte to have you
construye builds
hermoso beautiful
hubo there was
quedarte to remain, to stay
edificios buildings
iglesias churches
enteros entire
murieron they died
señal signal
acampando camping
recoger to collect
maletas suitcases
sube gets in, climbs
extraño strange, foreign
joven young person
pintado painted
comienza starts
viejo old
rubio blond
mujer woman
platanos bananas
baratos cheap
igual same
dolarizado dollarized
moneda coin
raro strange
verdaderamente truly
incomodo uncomfortable
parece seems
tiene ganas feels like
carreteras highways
situada located
maravilloso marvelous
platanos bananas
autopistas highways (toll roads)
discos compactos CDs
aunque even though
arriba above
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