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Chemistry OYO

Module 4 - OYO

4.1 Classify the following as elements, compounds, homogeneous mixtures, or heterogeneous mixtures: a. copper b. carbon dioxide c. cake icing d. tomato e. sugar water f. sodium g. fruitcake h. sodium fluoride i. tap water a. Element b. Compound c. Homogeneous d. Heterogeneous e. Homogeneous f. Element g. Heterogeneous h. Compound i. Homogeneous
4.2 Classify the following changes as physical or chemical: a. Stream condenses into water. b. Gasoline burns in an automobile engine. c. A barber cuts your hair. d. Milk sours. e. Sugar dissolved in water. f. Milk poured on cereal. g. An iron nail rusts. a. Physical b. Chemical c. Physical d. Chemical f. Physical g. Chemical
4.3 Cubes of frozen alcohol are put into liquid alcohol. Will the cubes float or sink? Sink.
4.4 Natural gas companies store most of their natural gas in liquid form rather than in its gas phase, even though they must deliver it to their customers as a gas. Why do they do this? The liquid form does not take as much space as the gas form.
4.5 If a substance is cooled down 10 degrees, will its molecules be moving faster or slower? Will the molecules be closer together or farther apart? Slower. Closer together.
4.6 Determine whether the first non-example equation on page 122 is balanced. It is balanced.
4.7 Determine whether the second non-example equation on page 122 is balanced. It is not balanced.
4.8 Hydrogen and oxygen can react together violently to make water. Write a balanced chemical equation for this reaction. 2H₂ + O₂ → 2H₂O
4.9 Solid calcium carbonate (CaCO₃) is made when solid calcium reacts with gaseous oxygen and solid carbon. What is the balanced chemical equation for this reaction? 2Ca + 2C + 3O₂ → 2CaCO₃
4.10 Balance the non-example equation on page 125. C₅H₁₂(l) + 8O₂(g) → 5CO₂(g) + 6H₂O(g)
Created by: LiseBrinkley