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Emma's Stack

The absorption of useful radiation by a grid is termed... Grid cut-off. (Lange Q&A p.194 #6)
Which portion of a CR cassette records the radiologic image? Photostimulable phosphor (Lange Q&A p.196 #15)
The process of "leveling and windowing' of digital images determines the images' Contrast (Lange Q&A p.234 #22)
Materials that emit light when stimulated by x-ray photons are called... Phosphors (Lange Q&A p.199 #34)
The relationship between the intensity of light striking a film and the intensity of light transmitted through the film is an expression of ... Radiographic Density (Lange Q&A p.203 #55)
The line focus principle expresses the relationship between... Actual and effective focal spot (Lange Q&A p. 203 353)
Which developing agent has the biggest impact on the shoulder of the characteristic curve? Hydroquinone (Lange Q&A p.204 #60)
Focal-spot size, screen speed and OID are all related to ... Recorded detail (lange Q&A p.206 #70)
True/ False Effects of scattered radiation on a radiographic image produce fog True (lange Q&A p. 209 3 102)
Heat from an anode is MOST LIKELY to be disspiated by... Radiation (Bushong p.133)
What is the Heat Unit equation for a three phase/ high frequency generator? HU= 1.4 x kvp x mA x s (Bushong p.135 box #2)
Electrons that bounce off the focal spot and land on areas of the target causing x-rays to be produced from outside of the focal spot is termed... Off-focus radiation (Bushong p.131 para. 5&6)
A fluoroscopic examination is performed with a single-phase imaging system at 76 kvp and 1.5 mA for 3.5 mins. How many heat units are generated? (HU= kvp x mA xs) Hint: first convert mins to seconds HU= 76 x 1.5 x 210= 23,940 HU (Bushong p.135 #2)
Six sequential skull films are exposed with a three phase generator operated at 82 kvp, 120mAs. What is the total heat generated/ HU= 1.4 x kvp x mAs HU= 1.4 x 82 x 120= 13,776 HU 13,776 x 6 films = 82,656 HU (Bushong p.135 box 2)
What type of x-rays are produced when a projectile electron is slowed by the electric field of a target atom nucleus? Bremsstrahlung (Bushong p.142 box)
Added filtration more effectively absorbs low energy x-rays than high energy x-rays. give another name for added filtration Hardening (Bushong p.147 para.4)
Name the three effects that take place when electrons are accelerated from the cathode to the target of the anode 1)the production of heat 2)formation of characteristic x-ray 3)formation of Bremsstrahlung x-ray (Bushong p.149 summary)
What increases the quality of an x-ray beam? Increasing KVP (Bushong p.157 penguin box)
Diagnostic x-rays undergo ionizing interactions with inner shell electrons. The x-ray is totally absorbed. Name this process. The photoelectric effect (Bushong p.165 para.10)
What provides enough illumination in the darkroom while ensuring the film remains unexposed? Safelights. (Bushong p.188 para.1)
Give the equation for the Reciprocity Law Exposure= Intensity x Time [= constant optical density] (Bushong p.187 box)
Which stage of processing sees the latent image converted into a manifest image? Developing (Processing the Latent Image ppt)
Name the device that measures the quantity of radiation that reaches the image receptor and automatically terminates exposure when IR has recieved required radiation intensity. AEC Automatic Exposure Control (Bushong p.108 para.11)
What is responsible for increasing the out put voltage from the autotransformer to kVP necessary for x-ray production? High voltage generator (Bushong p.109 para.5)
Within the X-ray Circuit, the electronic device that allows current to flow in one direction is called... Rectifier (Bushong p.110 para.3)
What is a diode? A vacuum tube with two electrodes [[cathode and anode] (Bushong p.635)
If your thumb is the thrust, your index finger the field and your second finger the current, what rule are you following? The left Hand Rule (
The total number of x-ray photons produced at the target is contingent on... 1) tube current 2)target material 3)square of the kilovoltage ( QID16718)
What is the primary function of an x-ray imaging system? To convert electric energy into electromagnetic energy. (Bushong p.73 para.5)
Patient dose in fluoroscopy is affected by the ... 1)tissue density, 2)amount of magnification, 3)distance between the patient and the input phosphur ( QID#16629)
Name the study of stationary electric charges Electrostatics (Bushong p.73 penguin box#2)
Three characteristics of an x-ray tube 1)Useful beam emerges from port window. 2)cathode assembly recieves both high and low voltages, 3) target material should have both high atomic # and high melting point. Radrevieweasy QID 16649
What are the principle parts of an induction motor? Rotors and stators (Bushong p.93 figure 5.38)
What is the definition of the half value layer The HVL of an xray beam is the thickness of the absorbing material necessary to reduce the xray intensity to half its original value. (Bushong p.155 penguin box 4)
Differential absorption and attenuation of the xray beam depend on... 1) Z# of atoms in the tissue 2) Mass density of atoms in the tissue 3) The xray energy (Bushong p.176 para.2)
Which term describes the amount of electric charge flowing per second? Current. QID16678
If a high-voltage transformer has 100 primary turns and 35,000 secondary turns, and is supplied by 220 V and 75 A, what are the secondary voltage and current? secondary voltage- Vs/Vp=Ns/Np secondary amps(I)- Ns/Np=Ip/Is Answer is 200 mA and 77kvp
What is the primary controller of density? mAs. (image Production & Evaluation Handout)
Which phenomenom dramatically affects recorded detail when high speed screens are used with extremely low mAs? Quantum mottle (Image Production&Eval. handout p.9)
Name the fixing agent in the "Fixing Cycle" Ammonium Thiosulfate (Process latent image ppt)
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