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Mats & performance

21st Century additional applied Science Materials and Performance

Definition: A material through which electricity can pass easily Electrical conductor
What do you call a strip of two metals joined together which have different thermal expansivities? Bimetal strip
Which type of lens is a camera lens? Convex or converging lens
What is special about elastic materials? They spring back to their original shape after the force deforming them is removed
What symbol do the British Standards Institution (BSI) use to show that products match their standards? Kitemark
What does compressive strength mean? The maximum load that a material of standard shape and size can withstand before crumbling
What is a composite? A material made up of 2 or more materials combined, which combines the properties of the constituent materials
What do acoustically hard materials do to sound? Reflect it
What do acoustically soft materials do to sound? Absorb it
What group of materials do brick, tiles and crockery all belong to? Ceramics
Which property defines materials that will snap cleanly and sharply in an impact? Brittle
Which formula can be used to predict the extension of an elastic material? force constant k = force / extension
What does the area under a force-extension graph tell you? How much energy is stored in the stretched material
Definition: A metallic material which is a solid solution of one metal in another, or of a non-metal in a metal Alloy
What is the corrosion resistance of a material? The ability of a material not to take part in corrosion reactions
Which formula can be used to calculate momentum? Mass x Velocity
Which formula can be used to calculate change in momentum? Force x Collision time
Which piece of equipment in the car is designed to slow down the forward motion of the driver's head in a crash? Airbag
How does a cycle helmet reduce forces acting on the head? By spreading the impact over a larger area
What happens to the glass and aluminium of a greenhouse in winter? They shrink
Which piece of equipment is used to measure the current in a circuit? Ammeter
Which piece of equipment is used to measure the potential difference in a circuit? Voltmeter
Which type of circuit has the components following one after each other, with just one path for the current to follow? Series
Which type of circuit has more than one path for the current to travel down? Parallel
Which formula can be used to calculate electrical conductance? Current / potential difference
What is the unit for electrical conductance? Siemens
What are most metal fillings made out of? Amalgam
Which type of material scatters light as it passes through, meaning that clear images cannot be seen? Translucent
What is the name of the point to which parallel rays of light converge having passed through a lens? Focus
Which formula can be used to calculate the power of a lens? 1 / focal length
Definition: A measure of how much a material changes the direction of light rays at its surface. Refractive index
What is the name of the long and very thin fibres made of pure glass and used to transmit pulses of laser light over many kilometres? Optical fibres
Definition: A specification standard beyond the minimum necessary to prevent an accident. Safety margin
What type of lens do luminaires (stage lights) use? Fresnel lens
How is sound caused? Vibrations
What is the intensity of sound measured in? Decibels
What happens to the loudness of a sound as its intensity increases by 10dB? It doubles
What is frequency measured in? Hertz
What is the name of the condition where ringing in the ear doesn't go away? Tinnitus
What are the structures used on bridges and buildings to absorb vibrations? Fluid-filled dampers
What property is described by the stretching force needed to break a material? Tensile strength
Which formula can be used to calculate density? mass / volume
Definition: The distance between the lens and its focal point. Focal length
What is the name of the opening that lets light into a camera when the shutter is open? Aperture
What unit is used to measure the power of a lens? Dioptre
What is the name of an image that cannot be formed on a screen? Virtual image
Created by: rhields