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BJ Chem Ch 3 Measure

BJ Chapter 3 Measuring and Calculatin

The act of comparing an unknown quantity to a standard unit. measurement
A property such as length, mass, volume, time and electrical charge. dimension
One of something unit
Dimensional units are lined up on it to provide a means of measuring. scale
Act of accurately subdividing into measurement units. calibrate
An articial device made for the purpose of refining, extending, or substituting for the human senses. instrument
From the French Système international standard system of metric measurement SI
Seven things each of which measures a foundational dimension in the SI system base unit
22 things approved for use in the SI brought about by a combination of the base units. derived unit
Multiplying the measurement by a conversion factor. unit conversion
A fraction that contains both the original unit and its equivalent value in a new unit. conversion factor
how close the measured value is to the actual or accepted value of the dimension measured. accuracy
Compares the magnitude of the measurement error with the size of the measurement. percent error
how repeatable a measurement is. precision
An instrument that displays the answer against a scale. analog instrument
An instrument that displays just the answer without comparison to a scale. digital instrument
Plural of datum- measurement gathered from instruments or recorded observations data
Digits known for certain plus one more. significant digit (SD)
The relationship of mass to volume. density
A system in which different-sized units are related to each other by multiples of 10. metric
length l-meter
mass m-kiilogram
time t-second
temperature (absolute) T-Kelvin
number of particles n-mole
electrical current l-amphere
mega M-million
kilo k-thousand
deci d-tenth
centi c-hundredth
milli m-thousandth
micro u-millionth
nano n-billionth
Stringing together conversion factors to avoid errors. bridge notation
(T or F)All nonzero digits are significant. T
(T or F) If a decimal point is not present, no trailing zeros are significant. T
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