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Chemistry OYO

Module 1 - OYO

1.1 A student measures the mass of a book as 12,321 g. What is the book's mass in kg? 12.321 kg
1.2 If a glass contains 0.121 L of milk, what is the volume of milk in mL? 121 mL
1.3 On a professional basketball court, the distance from the three-point line to the basket is 640.08 cm. What is this distance in meters? 6.4008 m
1.4 How many slugs are there in 123.5 kg? 8.46 slugs
1.5 If an object occupies 3.2 gallons of space, how many liters of space does it occupy? 12.096 L
1.6 A balloon is blown up so that its volume is 1,500 mL. What is its volume in kL? 0.0015 kL
1.7 If the length of a race car track is 2.0 km, how many cm is that? 200,000 cm
1.8 How many Mg are there in 10,000,000 mg? 0.01 Mg
1.9 A braggart tells you that he walks 100,000 cm each day. He expects you to be impressed with such a big number. Should you be impressed? Convert the distance measurement to miles in order to determine whether or not to be impressed. 0.621371 mi.
1.10 How many cm³ are in 0.0045 kL? 4500 cm³
1.11 The area of a room is 16 m². What is the area of the room in mm²? 16,000,000 mm²
1.12 How many significant figures are in the measurements on page 21? a. Five. c. Two. c. Six. d. Five.
1.13 Convert the numbers on page 25 into scientific notation. (a) 2.6789 x 10⁷ (b) 1.23 x 10² (c) 9.87 x 10⁻⁵ (d) 9.8 x 10⁻¹
1.14 Convert the numbers on page 25 from scientific notation to decimal form. (a) 345,600,000,000,000 (b) 1234.1 (c) 0.0000345 (d) 0.31
1.15 The density of silver is 10.5 grams per cm³. If a jeweler makes a silver bracelet out of 0.081 kg of silver, what is the bracelet's volume in mL? 7.7 mL
1.16 A gold miner tries to sell some gold that he found in a nearby river. The person who is thinking about purchasing the gold measures the mass and volume of one nugget. The mass is 0.319 kg and the volume is 0.065 liters.
1.16(continued) Is this nugget really made out of gold? No, because the density of the nugget is 4.91 grams per mL.
Created by: LiseBrinkley