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German adj 1

German Adverbs and Adjectives

angestellt employed
arbeitslos unemployed
aufgeregt upset, agitated, excited
ruhig calm, quiet
böse naught; angry, mad, evil
brav well-behaved
fleißig industrious, hard-working
faul lazy
freundlich friendly
unfreundlich unfriendly
froh happy
traurig sad, sorrowful
gesund healthy
krank ill, sick
glücklich happy
unglücklich unhappy
groß big, large; tall
klein small; short
gut good
schlecht bad
interessant interesting
langweilig boring
jung young
alt old
lang long; tall
kurz short
lustig fun(ny)
ernst serious
neugierig curious
uninteressiert uninterested
romantisch romantic
unromantisch unromanic
laut loud, noisy
scheu shy
unbefangen out-going
schön pretty, beautiful, nice
hässlich ugly
scheußlich horrible, awful
sympathisch nice, friendly, congenial, likeable, kind
nett nice, friendly, congenial, likeable, kind
unsympatisch not nice, unlikeable, unfriendly, unpleasant
billig cheap, inexpensive
blöd dumb, stupid
echt gut really good; really well
einfach simple, easy; simply, easily
leicht light; easy, easily
neu new
schwer heavy; difficult, hard
super great
teuer expensive
ziemlich rather, quite, somewhat
allein alone
eigen (one's) own
möbliert furnished (apartment)
monatlich monthly
oft often
sauber clean, neat
schmutzig dirty, soiled
selten seldom, rarely
zentral centrally located
zusammen together
frisch fresh
heiß hot
kalt cold
heiter clear (skies)
wolkig cloudy (skies)
heute today
neblig foggy / misty (weather)
warm warm (weather)
kühl cool (temperature)
windig windy
gefährlich dangerous
nah near, close by
preiswert economical , inexpensive, good value
weit weg far away
gestern yesterday
links to the left
rechts to the right
endlich finally, in the end
gerecht fair
ungerecht unfair
klasse! really great; also (echt klasse!)
möglich possible
unmöglich impossible
schließlich finally, after all
unverschämt shameless, unconscionable, unashamed
wirklich real; really
jährig year old
unbedingt necessarily, absolutely
ungefähr about, approximately
vielleicht perhaps, maybe
also so, therefore
auf einmal all of a sudden, instantly
bald soon
dann then
plötzlich sudden(ly)
verwandelt transformed, changed
verwünscht enchanted, cursed
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