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phron random 2


decarchy government by ten individuals
preconcert to settle beforehand
athwart across; in opposition to; sideways; transversely
homonym words having the same sound but different meanings—
kelt coarse fabric made of black and white wool
mignon small and dainty
hornbook rudimentary treatise—
strapontin folding seat in a theatre
coupe four
picaroon person who lives by his or her wits; rogue or scoundrel
jalouse to suspect; to be jealous of
bibliology study of books
flagitious grossly wicked; guilty of heinous crimes
catarrhine of, like or pertaining to Old World Monkeys
cloture means of ending legislative debate
subsidiarity state of being subsidiary; secondary importance
kidlet a very little kid
kleptocracy government by thieves
gemmiferous bearing gems
alectryomachy cock
hemeralopia day
rideau ridge or mound of earth used for defense
latitat writ based on supposition that person is in hiding
prognathic having a jaw that projects forward
organdie fine translucent cotton
tabernacular of, like or pertaining to a tabernacle
personalism doctrine that humans possess spiritual freedom
mnesic of, like or pertaining to memory
atmology the science of aqueous vapour
perficient effectual; actually achieving a result
octactinal having eight rays or points
septemfluous in seven streams
gerontophilia sexual attraction towards the elderly
sarment long weak twig
merycism rumination
omniparity general equality
mnemonist one from whose memory nothing is erased
thrioboly divination using pebbles
jackstay iron or wooden bar running along yard of ship to which sails fastened
lavaliere jeweled pendant worn round the neck; pendant microphone
mazopathia any disease of the placenta
lienal of, like or pertaining to the spleen
accidence grammar book; science of inflections in grammar
gyrose having a folded surface; marked with wavy lines
lientery discharge of partially digested food
chrysoaristocracy government by the wealthy; plutocracy
plousiocracy government by the wealthy; plutocracy
flagstaff flag pole at stern of a ship
chiliahedron one
pronasale tip of the nose
ursine of, like or pertaining to bears
spelaeothem depositional features found in caves
pule to pipe; to whimper or whine
jubate maned; having or possessing a mane
stelliferous having many stars
wallfish snail
phocine of, like or pertaining to seals
solidary marked by solidarity; joint and several
brockfaced having a white mark on the face or snout
xerography photocopying
culiciform like or resembling a mosquito
lagena flask
yoicks expression of surprise or excitement
procuratory authorization to act for another
spiraculate having air
bandelet small flat moulding around a column
apian of, like or pertaining to bees
piteous arousing or deserving pity
akinesia loss of ability to move
coeval of the same length of time; having the same duration
calodemon good or beneficial spirit
teichoscopy observation from the perspective of a wall
maculomancy divination using spots
catacoustics science of echoes or reflected sounds
redivivus resuscitated; come to life again
fagottist bassoon player
picamar bitter oily liquid obtained from tar
limosis abnormally ravenous appetite
melliferous producing or forming honey
drill durable twilled cotton
compeer one who is equal in rank; a companion
quartinvariant an invariant of the fourth degree
rhypophagy eating filth
inquirendo authority to inquire into something—
saturnine of a gloomy or surly disposition; sardonic
reticule small woven lady’s handbag
speos ancient Egyptian cave temple
sarcoline flesh
sussultatory characterized by large up
botryoidal like a bunch of grapes
ballistophobia fear of missiles
absquatulate to decamp; to leave quickly; to flee
perlocution effect produced when a particular word is uttered
gravimeter instrument for measuring variations in gravitational fields
debel to conquer in war
girasol fire
keraunograph instrument for recording distant thunderstorms
molinology study of mills and milling
troilism sexual activity between three people
obvert to turn; to alter
corbiculate like a small basket
urbarial founded on a register of landed property
preaudience right to be heard before another
dactylioglyph engraver of rings or of gems
mechanolatry worship of machines
quaeritur the question is asked
cordage ropes in the rigging of a ship
salse mud volcano
concresce to grow together; coalesce
loreal located in the area between the eyes and the nose or snout
lustrate to purify by sacrifice
heterothermal taking the temperature of the surroundings—
cariogenic causing dental cavities
palter to trifle in talk; to use trickery; to equivocate
unisonous in unison or agreement
caboched heraldic animal shown in full face with no neck or body
raisonneur person in a play or book embodying author’s viewpoint
apparitor officer in court who attends to execute orders; harbinger
bodement prediction or prophecy
maquis guerrilla resistance force
stibial of, like or pertaining to antimony
philology study of ancient texts; historical linguistics
klangfarbe tone
rhonchisonant making a snorting or snoring noise
cassideous helmet
guéridon small ornate table or stand
cryometer instrument for measuring low temperatures
telenergy application of spirit energy at a distance
buttery storeroom for provisions and liquors
doramania obsession with owning furs
pythonism possession by an oracular spirit
thumomancy divination by means of one’s own soul
magnetograph instrument for recording measurements of magnetic fields
drosometer instrument for measuring dew
plerophory full conviction
wakerife wakeful; indisposed to sleep
planetolatry worship of the planets
taurine bull
maquette small model of something to be made on a larger scale
strepitant loud; noisy; clamorous
austromancy divination using wind
biotope region of uniform environment and types of organisms
topaz dark yellow
ombrology study of rain
impennate featherless; wingless—
conspecies different species that are part of the same genus
pantograph apparatus connecting streetcar to overhead wires
yarmulke skullcap worn by Orthodox Jewish men
agminate grouped
rhinocerial very heavy; of or like a rhinoceros
taupe brownish
asceticism doctrine that self
spargefication act of sprinkling or scattering
anemocracy government by the wind or by whim
ovicide killing insect eggs
soothly in truth; truly
misprision mistake; overlooking of a crime of another
prurient stemming from the indulgence of lewd ideas; lascivious
putid decayed; fetid
decadist author who writes works in ten parts
agalloch eaglewood
obolary extremely poor
coram in the presence of; before
feracious fruitful; fecund
pseudophonia suicide disguised as murder
quomodocunquize to make money in any way possible
tergal of, like or pertaining to the back
folkloristics study of folklore and fables
trucidation slaughter
serology study of serums
maltster one who makes or deals in malt
allision intentional collision of two ships
aprique sunny
logophile a lover of words
rheme speech element that expresses an idea
anthropophaginian cannibal
ophism snake
quark soft cheese made from skim milk
imprimatur licence to print a book—
inopinate not thought of; unexpected—
pelitic composed of fine sediment
arachnivorous feeding on spiders
shaugh thicket
polyaemia plethora
zuppa fish soup
précieuse woman affecting a fastidious over
hatchment coat of arms of a deceased person—
adumbrate indicate faintly; foreshadow
lepadoid resembling a barnacle
glumiferous bearing glumes
thanatousia funeral rites
crepon heavy crepe fabric with lengthwise crinkles
hirundine of, like or pertaining to swallows—
homoousia identicality in substance—
siblicide killing or killer of a sibling
novity innovation; newness
decanal located on south side of the choir in a church
kamelaukion tall cylindrical hat worn by Orthodox priests
seel to sew up the eyelids of; to blindfold
handfast a firm grip; a contract—
chrysochlorous greenish
nigrine black
nidus place where something originates or develops; nest
anthrophobia fear of humans
rubicund ruddy
monitory letter containing a warning
cteniform comb
quidsworth able to be bought for one pound
theriomorph animal form in art
retromancy divination by looking over one’s shoulder
gorgonize to turn into stone; to paralyze with one’s gaze
acoemeti ancient monastic order who maintained eternal choir service
seismoscope instrument for detecting earthquakes
limicolous living in mud
caenogenesis process of growth in individual not common in its species
soothfast truthful; honest; faithful
misotheism hatred of God or deities
topsail ship’s sail above the lowermost sail
provenance source; origin
pelviform basin
desuetude state of disuse
silvics study of tree’s life
limoniad meadow nymph
bdellotomy act of cutting a leech to increase its suction
frigolabile susceptible to the cold
hydragogue removing water or serum—
maculose spotted
unicity uniqueness; oneness
whittle a woollen shawl or blanket
diaskeuast reviser; interpolator
holocryptic inscrutable; undecipherable—
rasophore lowest rank of Greek Orthodox monk
autothaumaturgist person pretending to be mystical or mysterious
straticulate composed of parallel strata
trucage faking of works of art
cathetometer instrument for measuring short vertical distances
postulator official who presents case for canonization or beatification
itis bodily condition or disease—
quarrenden variety of apple
klaxon loud mechanical horn
zoetrope slotted rotating cylinder producing primitive animation
haplology omission of a doubled or similar sound or syllable in a word—
incondite not well put together; poorly constructed—
porism geometrical expression of possibility of multiple solutions
seminiferous seed
allogamy cross
spatialism doctrine that matter has only spatial, temporal and causal properties
hypobulic weak
bitts posts mounted on a ship for fastening ropes
opuscule little work or composition
wrongous unjust; wrongful
thirdborough petty constable of a township
collocation the placing of things together
pneumatics study of mechanics of gases
cledonism circumlocution used to avoid speaking unlucky words
lugubrious mournful; dismal
agowilt sudden sickening and unnecessary fear
robinet ancient light cannon
thelematic of, like or pertaining to will or volition; voluntary
tablature mental image or picture; plate
mutagenesis origin or induction of mutation
siphonic of, like or pertaining to a siphon
minatory threatening
raschel light loosely kitted cloth
disorbed deprived of authority or sovereignty
schorl tourmaline
farinose resembling or yielding flour
nebulize to reduce to spray
ubication condition of being in a certain location
regardant in profile and looking to the rear
astrut protrudingly; distendedly
peritectic in the state between solid and liquid; melting
poophyte meadow plant
spirometer instrument measuring lung capacity
minauderie display of affectation
secodont having cutting teeth
crewel fine worsted yarn used in tapestry
overrack to overstrain
sudation sweating
prodrome initial symptom of a disease; introductory treatise
fugacious inclined to run away or flee
pelmatogram footprint
rebec medieval musical instrument like a mandolin or viol
phagophobia fear of eating
wainscot to line with boards or panels; fine oak panelling
cusec unit of liquid flow equal to one cubic foot per second
assart to reclaim for agriculture by clearing away trees
panchreston panacea
jesserant splinted armour
immission insertion; infusion—
orchesis act of dancing or rhythmical moving of the body
squab fat; clumsy; unfledged; newly hatched
holism belief that fundamental universal principle is creation of wholes—
cornuto cuckolder
phototonus sensitivity to light
canaliculate grooved or channelled lengthwise
karrozzin Maltese horse
catastrophism belief in rapid geological and biological change
frisson shiver; shudder; thrill
rogatory asking for the intervention of a foreign court in examining a witness
beadsman monk or almoner who prays for benefactor
animastic spiritual; animate
slavocracy government by slave
anthropopathy ascription of human feelings to inanimate object
sinistration moving to the left
contrail condensation trail
cacolet military mule litter
topmast ship’s mast above the lower mast
hora circle dance—
maximalism uncompromising adherence to extreme demands
couloir gully
islandic of or pertaining to an island—
inly inwardly; thoroughly—
foraminated perforated or pierced with small holes
pharos lighthouse or beacon
soleiform slipper
iniquity wickedness; gross injustice—
cavatina short operatic air
ratite of, like or pertaining to flightless birds
disimmure to liberate; to release from walls
spodomancy divination by means of ashes
rampant heraldic animal portrayed on its hind legs
asyndeton rhetorical device of omitting conjunctions
zymic of, like or pertaining to fermentation
kantar Turkish unit of weight equal to approximately 100 pounds
pottle unit of liquid measurement of two quarts, or one
tachymetry measurement of speed
stercorate to shit
laminary of, like or pertaining to thin plates or layer
sedimentology study of sediment
natricine of, like or pertaining to water
ostreoid oyster
phthongometer instrument measuring intensity of vowel sounds
ponderation weighing or weighing up
adnomination punning
rundle rung of a ladder
anaphia loss of sense of touch
repository side altar in Catholic church
aerobe organism requiring oxygen to survive
orthogenesis directional evolution of organisms
runcinate having irregular saw
tuberous having tubers; knobbed
mystagogical of, like or pertaining to religious ritual initiation
spinney copse or small clump of trees
potter to busy oneself with trifling tasks
joist beam supporting boards of a floor or laths of a ceiling
slickenside smooth; polished rock surface produced by friction
abyssopelagic of, like or pertaining to the depths of the ocean
peristeronic of, like or pertaining to pigeons
theorbo double
mythoclast destroyer of myths
cacotopia a state in which everything is as bad as it can be
thalassic marine; of seas; of inland seas
perorate to speak grandiosely or grandiloquently
pettifogger a lawyer given to underhanded tactics
revendicate to make formal claim to; to try to retrieve lost goods
byssine silky; soft; having many threads
zoophyte plant
timoneer helmsman
krummhorn ancient double
fumarole hole emitting gases in a volcanic region
alb long white robe worn by priests
stillatim drop by drop
dendrology study of trees
pantosophy universal knowledge; pansophy
phialiform saucer
gilliver wallflower
misogallic hating France or the French
noesis intellectual activity; purely intellectual perception
hysteresis lagging of an effect behind its cause—
plenilune full moon
rabic of, like or pertaining to rabies
fractionalism the state of consisting of discrete units
penniform feather
dation act of giving, conferring or donating
preciation evaluation of the value or price of a thing
ultion revenge; vengeance
gentilitian belonging to a race or clan
coprolalia pathological use of obscene language
acopic curing or relieving fatigue
gar mild oath
piliferous bearing or growing hair
psychotaxis alteration of mental outlook to satisfy the personality
hippophagy feeding on horses—
lapifidication petrifaction
panification conversion into bread
arval of, like or pertaining to ploughed land
similative indicating similarity to
nepheloid cloudy
haptometer instrument measuring sensitivity to touch—
nuncupative oral; designative
murage tax for the upkeep of walls
capnomancy divination by means of smoke
anhidrosis absence of perspiration
labret lip ornament
cynoid dog
phlebotomy blood
sprauncy smart; dapper
tournure contour; characteristic turn of line; grace or poise
logomania pathological loquacity
addle putrid; barren; muddled
potentiometer instrument for measuring electromotive forces
tiro recruit; novice; beginner
conspue to despise; to abhor; to loathe
paramnesia abnormality of memory; inability to remember meaning of word
oustiti lock
micronometer instrument for measuring short periods of time
monachism monasticism
homophile one who prefers the company of the same sex; a homosexual—
quaviver fish otherwise known as the sea
monopode one
phototaxis growth or movement determined by light
circuity motion in a roundabout course
tumular consisting of a mound or tumulus
galilee porch in front of church
coryphaeus spokesman; leader of a chorus
numenism belief in local deities or spirits
sulcate with grooves or furrows
baroscope weather
synoecism uniting of several towns under a single capital city
confelicitous taking pleasure in others’ happiness
typhomania delirious state resulting from typhus fever
rupellary rocky
pathomania moral insanity
caparison ornamented covering for a horse
polydemic native to several countries
aphagia inability to eat or swallow
fatuous silly; purposeless
ravelin detached work with two embankments
cascabel part behind the base
potentiate to use drugs in combination to increase their power
synoecy association of species with benefit to one species only
pralltriller rapid musical trill
boult to sift through cloth; to examine by sifting
crepitus fart
juvenilia works of one’s youth; early works of an artist or author
capilotade stewed meat dish
pluvial floor
diffugient dispersing; diffusing
agnosic unable to recognize familiar objects due to brain damage
bathypelagic found in the depths of the sea
paraenesis exhortation
subserve to be useful to; to promote
grough deep gully in peat moor area
infrangible not able to be broken or violated—
psittacine of, like or pertaining to macaws, parakeets or parrots
convicinity neighbourhood
waygone exhausted from long travels
ulmaceous of or like elms
disgeneric being of a different genus
sciapodous having large feet
nidor strong smell or fume of animal cooking
pleurotropous laterally flattened
tranation act of swimming over or across
ludibund playful
gullery place where gulls breed
paedotrophy art of rearing children
blackguard to vituperate; to portray as a scoundrel
antitypy resistance to being penetrated
ampelography scientific description of the vine
retrorse turned back or downward
forfaiting export finance where debts on goods are transacted
quadriga two
algefacient cooling
calcine to burn so as to drive out water and carbon dioxide
toile plain or simple twilled fabric
mensuration measuring to find the dimensions of things
sylviculture forestry
gastrology good eating; cookery
septiform shaped like a partition
ichnite fossilized footprint—
metabiosis reliance of an organism on another for environment
svedberg unit of time used to measure sedimentation velocity
gulosity gluttony; greed
hippocrepiform shaped like a horseshoe—
sulky light two
hylarchic ruling over matter—
stearin hard fat
agrizoiatry medicine specializing in wild animals
monopsony case of only one buyer for products of several sellers
somnolence sleepiness; drowsiness
lupicide killing of a wolf
necrographer obituary writer
paginal of, like or pertaining to pages or pagination
uraster starfish
supralunar beyond the moon; very lofty
sepia fine brown
saburration application of hot sand as medical treatment
martingale strap between horse’s forelegs to keep its head down
faille shiny closely woven silk, cotton or rayon fabric
keratogenic causing growth of horn, skin or hair
salify to impregnate with salt
rhizoid root
aioli garlic
antimnemonic damaging the memory; eliminating memories
bracteate thin beaten plate of gold or silver
abiogenesis spontaneous generation of living matter
sororicide killing of one’s own sister
geratology study of decadence and decay
kurtosis relative degree of sharpness of peak of distribution curve
salubrious favourable to or promoting well
obloquy censure; calumny; slander; disgrace
calamus quill or reed used as a pen
squaliform shaped like a shark
synanthy growing together of two flowers
kemb to comb
miniver ermine in winter coat; ermine or squirrel fur
interlucation thinning of a forest to let some light in—
plutarchy government by the wealthy; plutocracy
cacaesthesia morbid sensation
boustrophedon writing alternating left
frazil ground
maturescent becoming mature
ivi Tahitian chestnut tree—
palification the act of strengthening with stakes
nutarian person who believes that nuts are the best kind of food
rota roster
titulus inscription on or over something
speciocide destruction of an entire species
oligopsony market situation of few buyers of a service
sederunt sitting of a court; gathering; long discussion
stereobate substructure; foundation; basement
gamophagia destruction of one gamete by another
ololygmancy fortune
morphology study of forms and the development of structures
handsel inaugural gift; first installment or payment—
sciatheric of, like or pertaining to measurement of time by shadows
alembicated over
privatism attitude of avoiding involvement in outside interests
zampone stuffed pigs’ trotter sausage
writhled wrinkled; shriveled
pinion wing; last joint of a wing; outermost flight feather
heterarchy government by a foreign ruler—
tergiversation equivocation
zenana system of segregating women away from men in harems
dilatometer instrument for measuring expansion
quaedam disparaging term for a woman
boutade sudden outburst
geomancy divination by casting earth onto a surface
joss luck, fate
discophoran of, like or pertaining to jellyfishes
bibliolatry worship of the Bible or other books
patation act of drinking
turquoise blue
quadratura wall or ceiling painted with arches and columns in strong perspective
metanoia repentance; fundamental change in character
hygrology study of humidity—
sagittal shaped like an arrow
zebu ox with hump and dewlap
morgen unit of land area slightly more than two acres
bromidrosis strong
terrazzo flooring of chips of marble
munting vertical framing piece between door panels
roriferous producing or bearing dew
pyknic characterized by short squat stature
cantabank strolling singer; second
yird to bury
isness the fact of being; essence—
ablator thermal protection on outside of spacecraft
kantikoy to dance as an act of worship
oakum old ropes untwisted for caulking the seams of ships
dubitate to doubt; to hesitate
stomatology study of the mouth
saponify to convert into soap
micaceous consisting of or made of mica
quoddamodotative existing in a certain manner
thymoleptic psychologically energizing
subindicate to hind
jobbernowl a blockish or stupid head
alviducous purgative
legist person knowledgeable about the law
laver large vessel for washing, especially for ritual purification
oppilate to block up; to stop up
reprography reproduction of graphic or typeset material
karst rough limestone country with underground drainage
pulvinated cushion
zoomimetic imitating an animal or part of an animal
dreikanter three
beldam an old woman; a hag; an ancestress
ceriferous producing wax
osteoclasis surgical breaking of a bone
circumpose to place around
gatefold oversized page in a book
phellem cork
ademption revocation of donation by donor
albedo whiteness, as of a celestial object
gyniolatry deep respect or devotion for women
polliniferous bearing pollen
spheristerion place for exercise in ball
matriotism love for country or other institution when regarded as a mother
imbrute to degrade to the state of a brute—
rhodopsin visual purple
solander box in the form of a book
pteronophobia fear of being tickled by feathers
polydipsia abnormal thirst
quire twenty
soteriology study of theological salvation
consilient having common inferences drawn from different premises
scrobiculus small depression or pit
autodidact self
pomology study of fruit
pelotherapy treatment by mud baths
intaglio a figure engraved into a gem or another substance—
mucid mouldy; musty
pogonophile one who loves beards
yeuk to itch
obelize to condemn as spurious, doubtful, or corrupt
morganise to secretly do away with
sponson platform jutting from ship’s deck for gun or wheel
ostium mouth
demesne feudal manor
meleagrine of, like or pertaining to turkeys
gallionic uncaring; indifferent
ultroneous spontaneous; voluntary
yordim emigrants who leave Israel
muscoid of, like or pertaining to mosses; moss
madarosis loss of eyelashes or eyebrows
chondroid like or resembling cartilage
quicquidlibet whatever one pleases; anything whatsoever
becket large hook or bracket used to hold tackle or spars
laciniate cut into narrow lobes; slashed; fringed
clysmian of, like or pertaining to or caused by flood
scarious thin and tough
gigot leg of mutton
allemain enormous pudding out of which acrobats leap
loxophthalmus squint
thanatism belief that the soul dies with the body
photomania pathological desire for light
ignavia laziness; laxity—
micropyle microscopic orifice
withe partition between chimney flues
aseity self
ancoral of, shaped like or resembling an anchor
ducdame meaningless refrain
sternway movement of a ship backwards
samite rich and heavy silk, sometimes interwoven with gold or silver
ramellose having small branches
generalate the office of a general
typhlograph instrument to help the blind write clearly
chordee painful, downward
calcariform spur
theolepsy seizure or possession by a god
nucule a nutlet
datary papal officer who registers and dates bulls and edicts
succentor bass soloist in a choir
serpigo ringworm
wormil lump in the skin of an animal’s back
foreshots first liquid to come out of a still
zoopathology study of animal diseases
hystricine of, like or pertaining to porcupines—
jeton stamped metal token used in card
cubation act of lying down or reclining
stirps branch of a family; pedigree
supercargo ship’s official in charge of business affairs
heliograph instrument for measuring intensity of sunlight—
concipient conceiving
liturgiology study of liturgical forms and church rituals
atrament blacking; ink; black dye
foveiform shaped like a depression or pit
trisulcate having three ridges or forks
cardiognost one who knows the workings of the heart
portmanteau word formed by blending two existing words
analemma sundial
suberous of, like or having the appearance of cork; pertaining to cork
bowsprit spar that extends at bows of a ship
paillette a spangle
odontology study of teeth
coprostatis constipation
arthrology study of joints
acaricide killer of mites and ticks
foinery fencing; swordplay
chine the intersection of the middle and sides of a boat
concomitant accompanying
soupçon hardly perceptible quantity; dash
carpal of, like or pertaining to the wrist
ilicic of, like or pertaining to holly—
pickthank sycophant; flatterer
clough ravine; trench; gully
parousia second coming of Christ
quadrifid split into four
nitrometer instrument for measuring nitrogen and its compounds
hypsiloid shaped like the Greek letter upsilon—
pullet young hen
maculation the act of spotting or staining
synoeciosis rhetorical figure of coupling opposites
canque Chinese cotton fabric
haycock conical pile of hay in a field—
hemiplegic paralyzed on one side only—
insolate to treat by exposure to the sun’s rays—
rhinotillexomania compulsive nose picking
promachos champion or defender; tutelary god
castellan governor of castle or fortification
sesquiplicate of or as the square roots of cubes
geogeny science of the formation of the earth’s crust
rubedinous ruddy
quartic a curve or equation of the fourth degree
caprifoliaceous of, like or pertaining to the honeysuckle plant
ingeminate to reiterate; to redouble—
duroy coarse woollen
dendrolatry worship of trees
buccula double chin
bosket thicket; plantation
haemophilia hereditary disease causing excessive bleeding—
hypnosophy knowledge of phenomena relating to sleep—
sermuncle short sermon
quadrigeminal in four similar or equal parts
periegesis description in the manner of a tour; journey through
stemmatology study of relationships between texts
tetralemma quandary with four alternatives
muliebrity womanhood
monocarpic producing fruit only once
infra below; later in a text—
solfatara volcanic vent emitting only gases
caliginous misty; dark; dim; obscure
plimsoll rubber
brachypterous short
ripple toothed tool for removing seeds from flax or hemp
bot larva of a botfly that infests horses
singspiel semi
setline fishing line suspended between buoys
humect to moisten; to cause to become moist—
meteorism abdominal cramps and swelling due to flatulence
blepharal of, like or pertaining to eyelids
grimoire magician’s book for summoning spirits
differentia property which distinguishes one from another
kincob embroidered silk with gold and silver threads
abluent cleanser or cleansing product
saxicavous rock
imprecate to call down by prayer; to curse; to invoke evil on—
prebend stipend or salary paid to clergyman
tourbillon swirl; vortex; whirlwind
theophilanthropism love of both God and humanity
dilatory slow; given to delay or procrastination
osteomancy divination using bones
melichrous having a honey
scurriour scout
anadiplosis repeating last word of clause at beginning of next clause
synecology study of ecological communities
holm island in a river—
danism lending money on usury
diplomatics science of deciphering ancient writings and texts
tumid inflated; falsely sublime; bombastic
amphimixis interbreeding; intermixing of two individuals’ genetic matter
tiltmeter instrument for measuring tilting of earth’s surface
liturgist leader in public worship
tatterdemalion tattered; ragged; scarecrow
killcrop greedy insatiable baby; a changeling
porlocking irksome intrusion or interruption
zamarra sheepskin jacket
commatic divided into short lines; divided with commas
criminogenic causing crime
partim in part
petaurist flying phalanger
theatrocracy goverment by gathered assemblies of citizens
cornific producing or forming horns
gallize to bring wine to standard proportions
lactoscope instrument for measuring purity or richness of milk
zootoxin poison derived from animal
sacculiform shaped like a small sac
pteridomania passion for ferns
amphibiolith fossilized amphibian
ornithoid bird
liquifaction the act of liquefying something
suretyship responsibility assumed by one person on another’s behalf
ligger horizontal timber of a scaffolding
torpefy to make numb or torpid; to paralyze
galvanoscope instrument for detecting presence and direction of electric current
duenna governess; chaperone
pharmacopolist drug
washland area periodically flooded by river
propinquity closeness
aceldama site or scene of violence or bloodshed
myasthenia muscular weakness or debility
olio miscellany; potpourri
affranchise to free from slavery or similar obligation
melic to be sung; lyric
tye inclined trough for washing ore
circumforentor surveyor’s instrument used to measure angles
mil unit of 1/1000 inch used for measuring thickness of wire
byrnie coat of mail or breastplate
zoophysiology study of physiology of animals
pam card game in which jack of club has highest value
oxyacanthous having sharp thorns
phillumeny collecting of matchbox labels
sphygmoscope instrument for making arterial pulsations visible
onychomancy divination by the fingernails
sinopia preparatory drawing for a fresco; reddish
zooscopy hallucination that one is seeing animals
chatoyant with a changing lustre; iridescent
planimeter instrument for measuring area of plane figures
fungiform shaped like a fungus
irrision the act of laughing at another—
desquamate to scale or flake off
bricole harness for humans to pull heavy loads
semon sub
burgrave commander of a German town or castle
securigerous bearing an axe
tinchel circle of men who encircle a deer
temperative having a moderating influence
sanbenito yellow or black sackcloth garment worn by heretics prior to execution
molybdosis lead poisoning
gutturotetany spasm in the throat causing stutter
cannel bevel on the edge of a chisel
succiferous bearing or producing sap
chaetiferous bearing bristles; bristly
oryctognosy mineralogy
scupper hole allowing water to drain from ship’s deck
gromatic of, like or pertaining to surveys or surveying
zelotypia jealousy; excessive zeal in carrying out a project
bouleversement overturning; reversal; ruin
carbasus lint or gauze
squill sea
immanentism belief in an immanent or permanent god—
nares the nostrils
icterine of, like or pertaining to orioles and related birds—
blague humbug; pretentious nonsense
apsidal shaped like an apse
fodient of, like or pertaining to digging
incommode to cause trouble or inconvenience to—
monaxial having only one axis
halibiotic of, like or pertaining to the entirety of life under the sea—
drepanoid like a sickle
roorback defamatory falsehood published for political effect
acclinate sloping upwards
merocracy government by a part of the citizenry
polemomania mania for war
scatology study of excrement or obscene literature
ziggurat Mesopotamian step pyramid
timwhisky light carriage for one or two people, pulled by one or two horses
brabble to squabble or quarrel
subungual beneath a nail or hoof
gadzookery the use of archaisms in literature
magnetometer instrument for measuring intensity of magnetic fields
uranography descriptive astronomy and mapping
obnixely earnestly; strenuously
capric having a goatlike smell; of, like or pertaining to goats
photaesthesia sense of vision
obtruncate to cut or lop off the head of
corbeil basket filled with earth used as a missile
carnassial specially adapted for eating flesh
quatch a word; a sound
gilderoy proud person
surnominal of, like or pertaining to surnames
antapology response to an apology
swag looping hanging down bit of fabric over a window or door
ferriferous bearing iron
pulvilliform shaped like a cushion
typothetae master printers collectively
rhabdology knowledge or learning concerning divining rods
jactancy boastfulness, vainglory
talpa mole or similar mark on the body
trigonal having three angles
pediculophobia fear of lice
foison plenty; plentiful yield
orad toward the mouth
dudgeon resentment; offended resignation
drap de
kebbie a shepherd’s crook
avicular of, like or pertaining to birds
falciform shaped like a sickle
tempore in the time of
zariba square fence of thorn
gimbals arrangement of rings allowing free motion of supported object
scissure a cleft; a splitting; fissure; rupture
stuprate to ravish; to violate; to rape
protoplast original ancestor; first
holt woody hill or grove—
arefy to dry up; to wither
psychalgia mental pain or distress
abigail a lady’s maid
brassard badge worn on the arm; piece of armour for the arm
fossulate grooved; pitted
pervious permeable; penetrable
ordonnance proper coordination of figures in a picture
microclimatology study of local climates
lacunar sunken panel or coffer in a ceiling
calotte Roman Catholic skullcap
lustrum period of five years; periodic purification of Roman empire
supererogation doing more than needed to complete a task
delectus anthology of useful passages or quotations
prepotent potent in a very high degree
bollard short post on a wharf or ship to which ropes are tied
colleger mortar
cibophobia fear of or distaste for food
loricate armoured with plates or scales; to coat or armour protectively
procidence prolapse; falling forward or downward
hagiology study of saints—
ocarina egg
multicipital many
mesochroic having skin colour intermediate between light and dark
zapateado Latin
starveling starving, weak, hungry or pining person
knitch bundle of wood tied together
quadroon old term for a person of one
hepatoscopy divination by examining animal livers—
strigilation scraping
branchiferous having or bearing gills
poise unit of viscosity of liquids
multilocation appearance in many places simultaneously
incunabulum early printed book; early version of a thing—
caman shinty stick
stigmatic giving infamy, stigma or reproach, marked or branded
afebrile not suffering from fever
jugulate to cut the throat of
platilla fine white linen
tabellion scrivener
pulvillar cushion
hymnal collection of church hymns—
dysbulia loss of willpower
pluriliteral of more than three letters
woundy excessively; extremely
phlogiston nonexistent principle of flammability inherent in matter
fuscous brown; tawny; dingy
primogenous of, like or pertaining to the earliest or first developmental stage
kex dry hollow plant stalk
threnodic mournful
forinsecal foreign; alien; extrinsic
dégringolade rapid decline or decay; downfall
cameralism mercantilism designed to increase a ruler’s power
farouche wild; unpolished
sere threadbare; withered
blauwbok extinct bluish
aphrasia inability to speak
hwyl emotional state capable of arousing intense eloquence—
basilica Roman Catholic church given special privileges
pauldron shoulder
abacinate to blind by putting red
slate dull dark blue
skiascope instrument for measuring eye’s refraction from movement of shadows
chambray lightweight fabric with coloured warp and white filling
sigillography study of seals
pavis shield for the entire body
tombola lottery in which each entrant must win a prize
balneary bath
oncostman mine worker paid by the day
chryselephantine inlaid with gold and ivory
catadioptric employing both reflection and refraction of light
acidulous sharp or bitter
syndactylic with digits joined together
tuberiform shaped like a lump or protuberance
almagest textbook or handbook, especially dealing with astronomy
gegenschein glow of zodiacal light seen opposite the sun
zounds mild oath
agapet lover of women
oratory small chapel for private prayer; lectern for prayer
cyrenaic adherent of doctrine that pleasure is ultimate goal
saurophagous eating lizards
satyromania abnormally great male sexual desire; satyriasis
necropsy post
saponaceous soapy; soaplike
herpetoid of, like or pertaining to snakes—
aleuromancy divination using flour or meal
praxinoscope early cinematograph using series of moving drawings
trifarious facing three ways
quadratrix a curve by which a circle may be squared
kyle narrow strait
sarcotic promoting growth of flesh
multarticulate many
corposant St. Elmo’s fire or similar electrical discharge
tulle sheer and delicate thin silk
provand allowance of food; provisions
timocracy government by the propertied class
kente hand
heeler a worker for a local politician or political party—
lappaceous prickly
somatogenic caused from within the body or by the cells of the body
magniloquent speaking in a grand or pompous style
pentapolis alliance of five cities
floriscope instrument for inspecting flowers
pelisse fur
friable easily crumbled or pulverized
densimeter instrument for measuring closeness of grain of a substance
piciform of the form or shape of a woodpecker
araneous transparent; delicate; like a spider’s web
hydriotaphia burial in an urn—
philocaly love of beauty
mooncalf false conception or fleshy mass in the womb
antipudic concealing private parts of the body
parallelism belief that matter and mind don’t interact but relate
oxytocic drug that hastens the process of childbirth
transom transverse timbers attached to ship’s sternpost
prasinous leek
swansdown heavy napped cotton flannel
bridoon light military bridle
cambric fine thin white cotton or linen fabric
sine without
isacoustic line connecting points of equal acoustic quality—
punctate dotted; pitted
kinkle a slight kink
factious turbulent; given to faction; seditious
antidisestablishmentarianism doctrine opposed to removing Church of England’s official religion status
theologaster petty or shallow theologian
pseudomorph false or abnormal physical form
hydrodynamics study of movement in liquids—
multifid having many divisions
qualimeter apparatus for measuring penetrating power of X
acosmism disbelief in existence of eternal universe distinct from God
radiogenic produced by radioactive disintegration
wimple cloth covering for head and neck worn by nuns
pavonian of, like or pertaining to peacocks
bacciferous bearing berries
catholicon cure
spagyrist alchemist
appurtenance a subordinate or adjunct part of
acharné furious or desperate (of a battle)
ablepsia blindness
chaptalize to add extra sugar to wine to raise alcohol content
infarction tissue dying due to lack of blood flow—
lutrine of, like or pertaining to otters
zootechnics science of breeding animals
bulliform shaped like a blister or boil
hackney four
retrogress backward movement; degeneration
planography cartography
myology study of muscles
dissilient springing apart; bursting open with force
quilling strip or ribbon gathered into flutings
yarborough hand of cards containing no card above nine
stummel bowl and adjacent part of a pipe
clinometer instrument used to measure slopes and elevations
zendalet large black woollen shawl worn over the head or shoulders
burke to suppress quietly; to bypass or avoid
trochilidine of, like or pertaining to hummingbirds
asthenopia muscular weakening of the eyes
nomology the science of the laws; especially of the mind
anguine of, like or pertaining to snakes
quab something unfinished or immature; unfledged bird
opiniaster one who obstinately holds to an opinion
succinic of, pertaining to or derived from amber
rindle small watercourse
interferometer instrument for analysing spectra of light—
stereopsis stereoscopic or three
camarilla secret society of favourites of the king
ludic spontaneously and aimlessly playful
prorogue to discontinue meetings of a group without dissolving it
rhathymia personality factor leading to optimism and cheerfulness
lasting sturdy cotton or worsted cloth
halitosis bad breath—
strophosis twist; turn
paravane device used to cut underwater cables
hoggin sifted gravel—
brio enthusiastic vigour
albescent becoming white; whiteness
aptotic uninflected; indeclinable
morel dark
leptometer instrument for measuring oil viscosity
luctation struggle
schoenabatic of, like or pertaining to rope walking
ponceau poppy red
ostent appearance; manifestation
terracotta reddish
neophile one who loves novelty and trends
paracentral situated near the centre
heroarchy government by heroes—
miniaceous colour of reddish lead
campanile freestanding bell tower on church property
cerebration unconscious action of the brain
pismirism hoarding of small or insignificant things
collimation making parallel; adjusting to put into line
quantile any of a set of equal fractions of a given population
stern back part of a ship
substratose imperfectly stratified
wontless unaccustomed
cedrate citron
tiromancy divination using cheese
horrescent expressing or showing horror—
buccal of, like or pertaining to the mouth or cheek
zanella mixed twilled umbrella fabric
gules heraldic name for the colour red
roentgen unit of x
dégagé at rest; untroubled; at ease
chevalet bridge of a stringed instrument
reddendum reserving clause in a lease
ragmatical wild; ill
herpetology study of reptiles and amphibians—
segregant having a genotype derived from segregation
culverin lightweight, portal, long
phanopoeia visual imagery in poetry
sphygmodic pulsating
mésalliance unsuitable marriage
sematography writing in signs rather than letters
faience glazed coloured earthware
hypogeusia diminished sense of taste—
metastasis removal from one place to another
cispontine on this or the near side of a bridge
cashmere soft twilled fabric made of fine goat’s wool
modiste a maker or seller of fashionable dresses and hats
barm yeast; froth on fermenting liquor
iterum again; afresh; anew—
trema an orifice; a dieresis
footle to waste time; to act foolishly
dextroduction shifting the eyes from left to right
aneabil single; unmarried
puisne inferior in rank; later; junior
panoptic all
alannah term of endearment used with one’s child
bordure border surrounding a heraldic shield
herdic low
palaeosophy ancient learning or thought
hyperbaton rhetorical device in which word order is reversed—
isohalsine line connecting points of equal ocean salinity—
longiniquity remoteness
burrel coarse russet cloth
pansophy universal knowledge
anglomania craze or obsession with England and the English
agriology the comparative study of primitive peoples
phthirophagous lice
sententia opinion; aphorism
lunarist one who believes that the moon affects the weather
bibliogenesis production of books
relative indicating relation or a prepositional object
xyston short pike used by Greek heavy cavalry
orthobiosis correct or moral living
dentiloquy speaking with clenched teeth
assecuration marine insurance
calver to prepare fish while alive or freshly caught
rident laughing or smiling radiantly; beaming
transhumant passing from winter to summer pastures
devoir what is due; duty
mysteriosophy system of knowledge concerning secrets and mysteries
comburivorous consuming by fire
annihilationism doctrine that the wicked are utterly destroyed after death
abecedism word created from the initials of words in a phrase
farrago confused mass of objects or people; disordered mixture
macadamize to cover a road with small broken stones
pratal growing in meadows
pyrolatry fire
optimate of the nobility or aristocracy
anagalactic coming from or existing beyond our own galaxy
arctoid bear
gemma bud from which a new plant can grow
furacious thievish
marah bitterness; something bitter
pignorate to give or take in pledge or pawn
forthwith immediately
samara propeller
quondam former; sometime; formerly
hiemal of, like or pertaining to winter—
whereon on what
mouillé sounded in a liquid manner; palatized
mythography descriptive study or representation of myths
parure a set of ornaments or jewels
bursary treasury of a monastery or college
ripieno supplementary or reinforcing music
asteism refined irony
myriorama picture consisting of many interchangeable parts
quercetum plantation of oak trees
agynary lacking female genitals
averruncate to ward off; to uproot
sarangousty waterproof stucco
thermaesthesia sensitivity to heat or cold
parlous full of danger or risk
farandole lively Provençal dance in which men and women hold hands
pile upside
geromorphism appearing to be older than one’s actual age
thermantidote apparatus for cooling air
anthorism counter
leister three
nugatory inconsequential; inoperative; futile; trifling
kohlrabi variety of cabbage
tranship to transfer from one ship to another
chaomancy divination by examining phenomena of the air
pyromancy divination using fire
andragogy science of teaching adults
odeum a usually small theatre or concert hall
microphyllous having small leaves
chilopod multi
strigiform shaped like an owl
twinter two
ozoniferous bearing ozone
punctule minute dot, pit or aperture
tuism apostrophe; reference to or regard to a second person
agrize to horrify; to disfigure
leno open
zoarium supporting structure for a polyp colony
plagiary one who plagiarises
malapropism misapplication of words without mispronunciation
milleflori glassware made of coloured rods embedded in clear glass
fulgid flashing
pronation turning hand and forearm so that palm faces downward
synthronus joint throne for an Orthodox bishop and his presbyters
bufoniform shaped like a toad
thermoplagia sunstroke
calathiform cup
septemfid split into seven
cento patchwork composition; collection of short quotations
additament thing added or appended; heraldic ornament
procatalectic lacking the unaccented part of first foot of a line of verse
hansom light two
irrecusable that cannot be rejected—
matinal of, like or pertaining to the morning
adaxial next to or towards the axis
sponsal spousal
supeter armour for the feet
fluminous having many rivers or streams
pactolian like or having golden
metensomatosis movement of soul into new body before or after death
araba wheeled Middle Eastern carriage
pygmachy boxing; fighting with clubs
ceraceous resembling wax
monoecious having both male and female reproductive organs
cesious bluish
allemande courtly baroque dance in which the arms are interlaced
illeist one who refers to oneself in the third person—
conspurcation defilement
crwth Welsh six
rach dog that hunts by scent
affronté of two heraldic animals, facing one another
surculigerous producing suckers
rep plain
certes in truth; certainly
trice to haul in and lash secure a sail with a small rope
siffilate to whistle
charmeuse soft and satiny silk fabric
rifacimento recasting of a literary or musical work
saprodontia tooth decay
ballottement diagnosis of pregnancy by applying sharp force to abdomen
gybe to swing a sail from one side to another
craquelure fine cracking that appears in old paintings
xenogeneic of a disease, derived from an individual of a different species
candent heated to whiteness
oligogenics birth control
mascon concentration of dense mass beneath the moon’s surface
invidious likely to excite indignation against the performer—
decalescence point in heating metal where it appears to cool
affine a relation by marriage
billon base metal, alloy of copper, tin or silver
parine of, like or pertaining to titmouses
notonectal swimming on the back
oinomancy divination using wine
supercalender to give a high polish to
fluviology study of watercourses
preceptive concerning rules of conduct, laws or precepts
firkin old unit of capacity equal to one quarter of a barrel
palisade fence of stakes used for defensive purposes
obequitate to ride about
quacksalver one who falsely pretends to knowledge of medicine
thermotaxis movement influenced or controlled by heat
puerperal of, like or pertaining to childbirth
uakari short
ploce repetition of word in more expressive sense for emphasis
subito at once; immediately
provection transfer of last letter of one word to first of next
disembogue to discharge or eject into the sea
spinulate furnished with small spines
hereditament property that may pass on to an heir—
almandine violet
mycology study of funguses
ateknia childlessness
padronism system of obtaining labour through employment agents
diriment condition of legal nullification
cymophanous opalescent; having a wavy or floating light
lavolta lively bouncy dance for two persons
misericord ledge in church to lean against while standing; forgiveness or mercy
iatrarchy government by physicians—
sphagnicolous living in peat moss
motte artificial mound upon which a castle is built
mythogenesis origin of myths
ailette plate of armour worn on shoulder
cabotage shipping and sailing between points in the same country
calumet ornamented ceremonial pipe
wye a Y
aeromancy divination by means of the weather
quatern arranged in fours
scripophily collection of bond and share certificates
athetesis rejection of a passage as spurious
hydropic dropsical; thirsty—
testaceous of or having a hard shell; brick
overhaile to overtake; to overpower
proleptics prognosis
recoct to cook again; to concoct; to improvise
motable constantly moving
nostrum secret or quack medicine
traduce to defame; to slander
stipe a stalk
mitrate shaped like a mitre or bonnet
dionym name containing two parts or terms
rotula kneecap
speed prosperity; success
diagometer instrument for measuring electrical conductivity
coercimeter instrument for measuring coercive force
tichorrhine woolly rhinoceros
alfet cauldron of boiling water used during trials by ordeal
zapata flowing, drooping moustache
mecometer instrument for measuring length
wheaten the golden colour of ripe wheat
gradualism belief that things proceed by degrees
immortelle everlasting dried flower—
sarcoid flesh
garçonniere bachelor apartment
numen presiding deity
pachydermia elephantiasis
caul net or similar covering for the head; afterbirth
locellate divided into small compartments
oenophobia fear or hatred of wine
bibitory of, like or pertaining or pertaining to drinking
turriferous bearing towers
fornicate vaulted or arched
agger artificial mound or elevation for military use
mithridatism immunity to poison by taking increasingly large doses
surrey light four
temenos place dedicated to a god; sacred precinct
forby past; near
sphingal of, like or pertaining to sphinxes
neap tidal period of least difference between high and low tides
iliac of, like or pertaining to the loins—
fumage hearth
gestatorial of, like or pertaining to carrying
recipiangle old instrument with two arms used for measuring angles
chiropractic treatment of disorders of the locomotor system and spinal column
apaesthesia numbness or loss of sensation in a limb
myrmicine of, like or pertaining to ants
rachitogenic causing rickets
sone unit of loudness on a scale based on subjective or perceived loudness
warden kind of pear used in cooking
quintal unit of weight equal to 100 kilograms
funicular of, like or pertaining to a string or cable
palliate to ease with out curing; to extenuate
textrine of, like or pertaining to weaving
regulus impure metal; intermediate product in ore smelting
miliary like or concerning millet seeds
mvule kind of African tree like a mulberry; hard wood of that tree
necyomancy divination by summoning Satan
adenia glandular swelling
causative indicating causation by
tribade female homosexual; lesbian
muscicide substance for killing flies
tatou armadillo
novendial festival lasting nine days
thalassophilous living in or fond of the sea
kasha porridge or gruel
meline canary
crash coarse drapery and towelling fabric
dentirostral with notched beak
jnana knowledge obtained through meditation
coprophagous eating feces
adharma unrighteousness
scission cutting; division; splitting
rhaebosis curvature; bandiness
polycracy government by many rulers; polyarchy
acutiator sharpener of weapons
morbidezza an extreme delicacy and softness
phenogenesis origin of racial groups
splenium surgical bandage
subintelligitur implication understood though not stated
pratincolous inhabiting meadows or fields
thionic of, like or pertaining to or containing sulphur
overmantel ornamental structure set on a mantel
maundy custom of sovereign washing feet of poor or giving alms
photophobia fear of light
syzygy alignment of three or more celestial bodies
mnemon unit of memory, largely hypothetical
snift to sniff; to blow out steam
flumen right to direct excess rain water to neighbour’s yard
jemmy burglar’s short crowbar
aeriform of the form or shape of gas; gaseous
parasuicide harmful act appearing to be an attempt at suicide
poiesis creation
capriform goatlike
upspeak to begin to speak
intrados undersurface of an arch or vault—
hellkite kite of infernal breed; extremely cruel person—
areometer instrument used for measuring specific gravity
dipsetic causing to be thirsty
adiaphoron tenet or belief on which a theological system is indifferent
whitlow abscess around a fingernail
niveous snowy; white
hawsehole hole for ship’s cable—
lignify to make woody; to turn into wood
dioecious having male and female sexual organs in different individuals
jink to move quickly with sudden turns and shifts
quietus discharge from life; extinction; death; silencing
nosocomium hospital
siccimeter instrument for measuring liquid evaporation
serriform saw
scalpeliform shaped like a scalpel
gimmal ring that can be divided into two or three rings
zoopraxiscope device for depicting the movement of animals through rotating images
phylline leaf
ziraleet expression of joy among Arab women
somedeal somewhat
glenoid slightly cupped; socket
yeasty full of restless energy or creativity; insubstantial
abaft toward or at the stern of a ship; further aft
cosmoplastic moulding or shaping the universe
badinage playful repartee or banter
underbridge bridge carrying a road or railway
theanthropic simultaneously human and divine
myelic of, like or pertaining to the spinal cord
polemology study of war
tympaniform drum
hinnable able to neigh or whinny—
gibbous hump
napper one who naps cloth after it is fulled
lighter large open boat used in loading and unloading ships
milliad millennium; period of a thousand years
coggage paper
aspergillum vessel for sprinkling holy water
narcohypnia numbness experienced upon awakening
rumbustious boisterous
delope to fire one’s gun into the air in a duel
anicular like an old woman
patte narrow band keeping a belt or sash in its place
mammiferous having breasts
syncretism combination of different religious beliefs
trebuchet medieval siege engine for launching stones
fetial heraldic; ambassadorial
martyrium shrine erected in memory of a martyr
trabeate built of horizontal beams rather than arches
heresiarch leader of a heretical movement—
moonraker topmost sail of a ship, above the skyscraper
Italomania obsession with Italy or Italians—
glomerate packed or bunched together
koto obnoxious
atokous lacking offspring
thaumatrope gadged showing persistence of visual impressions using spinning disk
drung narrow road or path to a pasture
coetaneous of the same age; coeval
cribble to decorate wood or metal with small dots or punctures
orichalc gold
nostology study of senility
tritavia four
sillograph one who writes satires
whemmle to overturn; to throw into a state of disorder
amain to a high degree; exceedingly; at full speed
punk decayed wood
lactiferous milk
skerry small rocky island
misbeseem to be unsuited or unsuitable to
divellent drawing apart; pulling apart in pieces
overslaugh exemption from duty in turn when otherwise employed
julep sweetened and often medicated drink
picksome particular; picky
furuncular of, like or pertaining to boils
meconomancy divination using sleep
audiometer instrument for measuring acuity of hearing
stalagmometer instrument for measuring surface tension by drops
albificative able to whiten or be whitened
prolocutor spokesman; speaker of the House of Lords
gelastic of, like or pertaining to or provoking laughter
omphalopsychite one who meditates by gazing at the navel
mucrone stiff sharp point forming an abrupt end
plenitude fullness; completeness; abundance; sufficiency
tribunitial of, like or pertaining to a tribune
meristic divided into parts or segments
reckling smallest or weakest of a litter
ballistocardiograph instrument for detecting body movements caused by heartbeat
tumultuary chaotic; haphazard
transire ship’s customs warrant for clearing goods
nomiatrist lawyer specializing in medical cases
anticryptic camouflaged; having protective resemblance to environment
geology study of earth’s crust
gaucherie awkward or socially unacceptable remark
spermatogenesis producing sperm
mockado inferior quality woollen fabric
gradatim step by step
xyloglyphy wood
widget any small manufactured object
oose furry dust that gathers under beds
galactophorous bearing or carrying milk
myosis excessive contraction of the pupil of the eye
gramercy expression of gratitude or surprise
theocrasy mixture of religions; fitting other religions into own
quintain post for tilting with turning cross
decorticate to remove the bark, husk or peel of
kirpan small sword or dagger worn by Sikhs
baldric shoulder strap for holding sword
antigropelos waterproof leggings
triduan lasting three days
contorniate having a groove around the edge
zoanthropy delusion that one is an animal
kolo Central European folk dance having a ring of dancers
rillet small brook or stream
wherry light shallow boat; barge
tiqueur one who suffers from tics
palette small plate covering the armpit joint in a suit of armour
secreta products of secretion
advertorial advertisement presented as if it were editorial material
diaglyph figure etched or engraved in surface of gem or stone; intaglio
lapidate to pelt with stones; to kill by stoning
mycetism fungus poisoning
demiurge creative spirit or entity
ceromancy divination by means of wax drippings
spritsail sail extended by a sprit
heartsome exhilarating; merry—
conteck strife
acritochromacy colour
synsemantic of a word, having no meaning outside a specific context
skewbald bearing patches of white and some other colour
guttation release of drops of moisture
proscenium part of the stage in front of the curtain
tain tin foil used as backing for mirror; thin tin plate
prestriction blindness; blindfolding
mainpernor one who gives mainprise
agonistes someone in the grip of inner conflict
abrosia fasting
curricle two
magnetics study of magnetism
indulgence former Catholic pardon granted for remission of punishment for sins—
purblind nearly blind
nitency brightness; lustrousness
pulchritude beauty
overcrow to crow or triumph over
accloy to hobble with a horseshoe nail
lampion decorated oil lamp
hank series of rings or clips for attaching a jib or staysail to a stay—
confirmand candidate for religious confirmation
syllabatim syllable by syllable
zwitterion ion carrying both a positive and negative charge
tralatitious traditional; transmitted; handed on; metaphorical
unction anointing as right of consecration or healing; warmth of address
grapheme a letter of the alphabet
odograph odometer; instrument for measuring distance travelled
psalmody act of singing psalms in church services
whifflery levity; trifling
umbratilous shadowy; shaded; indoor; secluded
surplice loose
tantième share of profits or royalties
tophaceous gritty
arrant downright; unmitigated
piqué stiff durable corded fabric of cotton, rayon or silk
troika carriage drawn by three horses
tiller handle or lever for turning a ship’s rudder
stereochromy colourful wall painting
megachiropteran of, like or pertaining to fruit bats
accensor acolyte
zootype animal serving as a type; figure of an animal used to represent a deity
profligate debauched; rashly extravagant
jack cross
lambitive taken by licking up with the tongue
détraqué a person who is deranged
parembole insertion of something related to the subject into a phrase
socage feudal land tenure by fixed service
brattice partition in mine shaft used to support walls and roof
refection refreshment or relief; a meal
utricle small cavity or sac
tandem two
sevum tallow
bubonalgia painful inflammation of the groin
scatomancy divination by studying excrement
petrichor pleasant smell accompanying the first rain after a dry spell
terraqueous amphibious; consisting of land and water
cephalopod creature with tentacles or limbs attached to head
chaussures general name for boots and shoes; footwear
soliloquacious prone to giving soliloquies
cirrate having tendrils
monochronic contemporaneous
toponym place name derived from geographical feature
aeviternity eternal existence
gamogenesis sexual reproduction
diacatholicon panacea
siderate to blast or strike
psychogram writing supposedly produced under influence of spirits
sebaceous of or like tallow
phaneromania habit of biting one’s nails
labiomancy lip reading
polysyllogism series of syllogisms where each is basis for next
mesial middle
quickset formed of living plants arranged in place
biramous forked; with two branches
dasypoedes types of birds having downy
accinge to gird
homeomerous composed of similar parts—
kickie wickie
oenomancy divination by studying appearance of wine
crassilingual having a thick tongue
growlery a retreat for times of ill humour
runnel little brook
shallot onion with garlic
omnicompetent legally competent in all matters
agraffe hooked clasp used by masons to hold blocks together
nostrification acceptance of foreign university degrees on par with native
familism the tendency of a family to cohere as a group
chain unit of length equal to 22 yards
poundage charge for keeping stray cattle
ostiary doorkeeper
reglementation regulation
querquedule pin
tutulus conical Roman headdress
typhlology study of blindness and the blind
halitous vaporous—
mehari camel used for racing
muscology the study of mosses
inappetent lacking desire or appetite—
jigamaree a thingamajig; a cunning manoeuvre
hieropathic pertaining to a strong love of the clergy—
telautograph telegraph that reproduces writing done with a pen or pencil
jampan an Indian sedan chair
cryptaesthetic of, like or pertaining to supranormal perception
militaster soldier without skill or ability
propolis resin of tree buds collected by bees
distaff of, like or pertaining to the female branch of a family or women’s work
quince orange
gardyloo warning cry
dyschromatopic colour
coralliferous bearing coral
arreptitious ecstatic; frantic; hasty or hurried
ontal of, like or pertaining to reality or existence
kyriolexy the use of literal expressions
qoph a Hebrew letter
lacuna a blank space or missing part
aegilops stye in inner corner of eye
synarchy joint sovereignty
abradant a substance that abrades
topology study of places and their natural features
mesquin mean; ungracious
dactyliology study of rings
pais people from whom a jury is drawn
philodemic fond of commoners or the lower classes
cnidarian of, like, or pertaining to invertebrates such as jellyfish and anemones
hypsography science of measuring heights—
conflate blend or fuse together
gig light two
querken to stifle; to suffocate
sheol hell; place where the dead live a shadowy existence
breviary book containing daily church service
stochastic of, like or pertaining to a sequence of random events
sphygmology study of the pulse
weighage fee paid for weighing goods
presbyophrenia female senility marked by loss of memory
promptuary repository; reference book of facts
ferial of, like or pertaining to holidays
unguligrade walking on hoofs
spuddle to work feebly or ineffectively; to perform shallow agricultural ploughing
palpebral of, like or pertaining to the eyelid
nosomania delusion of suffering from a disease
dentiologist one who speaks with closed teeth
fructuation coming to fruit or bearing of fruit
postconnubial after marriage
oleiferous producing oil
xenodochium building for the reception of strangers
corium skin layer
circinate ring
totipotent capable of differentiation
pareschatology doctrine dealing with matters after death but before the end of the world
hetaera paramour; prostitute; concubine—
papyraceous like paper; papery
descrive to describe
apocalypticism doctrine of the imminent end of the world
cathexis investment of emotional energy in a thought or idea
hypernym word representing a class of words or things—
subniveal under snow
ostraceous of, like or pertaining to oysters
chevrotain small deer
synorthographic spelled in the same way
requital act of payment in return; repayment; vengeance
passim everywhere; dispersedly
telestic of, like or pertaining to the mysteries
paraphonia alteration of the voice; as at puberty
telergy physical force at work in telepathy
palpebration winking
mainsail principal sail on a ship’s mainmast
respirometer instrument for measuring and studying respiration
jecoral of, like or pertaining to the liver
odontist dentist
credenda things to be believed
psychobiology study of biology of the mind
aggrandize increase power or rank of; make greater
necrology obituary list
sinistromanual left
cornuted cuckolded
conurbation city surrounded by many urban areas
sacerdotalism belief that priests are necessary mediators between God and mankind
xenocracy government by a body of foreigners
bitheism belief in two gods
panduriform fiddle
albolith white cement formed from magnesia and silica
assurgent ascending; rising; curving upward
oscitate to yawn
pismire an ant; something or someone insignificant
wassail toast to someone’s health; to go caroling or carousing; spiced ale
larrup to flog or thrash
quagga extinct African wild ass like the zebra
teramorphous of abnormal or monstrous form
telegnosis knowledge of events taking place far away; clairvoyance
bimetallism currency exchange on both the gold and silver standards
quiff tuft of hair brushed away from the forehead; oiled lock of hair
medicament externally applied curative treatment
damnification causation of injury or loss
opsomania abnormal love for one kind of food
millocracy government by mill owners
aroint begone
anaphora repetition of a word at beginning of successive phrases for emphasis
beblubbered disfigured from weeping
antrorse turned upward and forward
spectroheliograph instrument for taking pictures of the sun
blandiloquence complimentary speech; flattery
obstetrics study of midwifery
aclinic having no inclination or magnetic dip
fovea depression or pit
phrenic of or near the midriff
revalescent convalescent
jota fast Spanish folk dance in triple time
ophthalmoscope instrument for viewing the interior of the eye
methanometer instrument for detecting presence of methane
diasyrm rhetorical device of condemning through faint praise
phengophobia fear of daylight
acromegaly glandular disorder causing gigantism of extremities
siege seat or throne
glanduliferous bearing glands
parvenu one suddenly risen to wealth without great social rank
pornocracy government by harlots
quadragintesimal forty
gesso plaster of Paris used in painting
acetimeter instrument for measuring strength of vinegar
cancerophobia fear of cancer
nugacious unimportant; trifling; trivial
woolfell skin with the wool still on it
psammophile sand
acouasm ringing noise in head
formicide substance that kills ants
divulsion act of pulling or rendering apart or away
auxometer instrument for measuring magnifying power
fitch brush made from hair of polecat
panaceist believer in panaceas
preterist lover of the past
hobbledehoy awkward; gawky youth—
whitster bleacher of cloth and clothing
neatherd cowherd
scrow a scroll; writings
pelecoid shaped like a hatchet; a hatchet
limacology study of slugs
nidulation nest
panary of, like or pertaining to bread; bread store
nigrosine blackish coal
prate to talk foolishly or sententiously; to tattle
acatalepsy the unknowableness of all things to a certainty
siccative drying; a drying agent
tegular of, like or overlapping like tiles or slates
ligyrophobia fear of loud noises
xanthocyanopsy form of colour
sarmentum vine, long twig or runner
connate congenitally or firmly united
whiskerando a whiskered person
pyrexical feverish
guaniferous bearing dung
ossia alternatively; rather (in music)
scutiger squire
megalith large rough stone used as a monument
typtology theory concerning rappings by spirits or ghosts
carnification conversion into flesh
laterigrade running or moving sideways
repoussé raised in relief by hammering from behind or within
corf miner’s basket, trolley or wagon
limn to portray, paint or delineate
reduit inner fortified retreat for a garrison
deodate a gift to or from God
denary one of ten; tenfold; of, like or pertaining to group of ten
fuero code or body of laws; a constitution
countenance approve of; condone; encourage
frieze rough heavy woollen cloth
synectics study of processes of invention
ultimogeniture inheritance by the last son
lour to look sullen or threatening
monogoneutic having only a single brood or litter
floatant agent causing flotation
contect to cover or overlay
saffron orange
xesturgy process of polishing
predevote foreordained
haligraphy treatise on salt—
borasco violent wind squall
tabacosis tobacco poisoning
allative indicating movement towards
shantung plain rough silk or cotton
placentigerous bearing a placenta
procacity petulance; insolence
technography description of arts and crafts
quadrivium four branches of mathematics in medieval education
noctidiurnal comprising one day and one night
furfur dandruff or scurf
narial of, like or pertaining to the nostrils
triforium gallery or arcade over an aisle; gallery over nave and choir
dentagra toothache
playa basin which becomes a shallow lake after heavy rainfall
cadrans instrument by which a gem is adjusted while being cut
pedology study of soils
squinch arch across the corner of a room
gynotikolobomassophile one who nibbles on women’s earlobes
spodium bone charcoal; powder obtained from calcination of substances
declassé below one’s social class
jackstaff short staff at ship’s bow from which the jack is hoisted
whipstaff vertical lever controlling ship’s rudder
poliorcectic of, like or pertaining to siegecraft or besiegement
yakow animal crossbred from male yak and domestic cow
foliaceous bearing leaves; leaf
avinosis air sickness
littoral of, like or pertaining to the shore of a body of water
compellative indicating address or appellation; vocative
mulism obstinate quirk or habit
bort diamond fragments or dust
mondain worldly; fashionable; such a person
caritive indicating lack of something
amadelphous outgoing; gregarious
dapifer one who brings meat to the table
alcoholometer instrument for measuring proportion of alcohol in solutions
champerty illegal contract to finance a lawsuit for a percentage fee
weatherly able to sail close to the wind with little leeway
gangway either of the sides of the upper deck of a ship
lanyard rope or line for fastening something in a ship
aorist expressing simple past time with no continuance
hydrokinetics study of motion of fluids—
discomania obsession for disco music
spherometer instrument measuring curvature
arachnophobia fear of spiders
dragoman interpreter
siriasis sunstroke
aerostat any lighter
congee permission to depart; dismissal; discharge
synallagmatic mutually or reciprocally obligatory; bilateral
stratiform layered; forming a layer
geoid figure of the earth
porphyrogenitic of royal birth
toxicophobia fear of poisoning
stodge to cram, stuff or gorge with food
microcalorimeter instrument for measuring tiny quantities of heat
cymbiform shaped like a boat
zwieback sweet toasted biscuit
fub to put off; to fob
lateritious brick
bdellism use of leeches for blood
settee long seat with a back
punditocracy government by political pundits
tanquam a person fit for college education
ultrageous violently extreme
decuman principle; large; primary
diarchy government by two people
suede light beige
fane temple
interscribe to write between—
patibulate to execute by hanging
havier castrated deer—
facture workmanship; the products of making
ungual of a claw, hoof, or talon; clawed
oogenesis production of eggs or ova
neossology study of nestling birds
quinnat the king salmon
bibliomania craze for books or reading
xenium gift made to a guest or ambassador; any compulsory gift
uvelloid resembling a small cluster of grapes
pupillarity the state of being a pupil
macrography viewing an object with the naked eye
foudroyant thundering; dazzling
pomiform shaped like an apple
phrenology study of bumps on the head
aborticide killing of a fetus; abortion
lief soon; gladly
arrendator one who rents or farms at a yearly rent
myropologist one who sells perfume
inustion burning in; cauterization—
aggiornamento modernization of ideas of the Catholic church
antelucan before dawn or daylight
farris female blacksmith
poussin chicken raised for eating at around six weeks old
dilogy intentional ambiguousness
orpiment yellow arsenic compound used as pigment
silverskin fine skin of a coffee bean
patten wooden shoe; clog; base of a pillar
watchet pale blue
ivresse drunkenness—
oligopoly market situation of few sellers of a service
floromancy belief that flowers have feelings
ceramography historical description of types of pottery
melalgia pain in the limbs
ked wingless fly that feeds on livestock
abscission cutting off; cutting away
syncline downward fold in geology
phosphene light seen when the eyeball is pressed
parabolaster a parabola of a higher degree
gablock spur attached to the heel of a fighting cock
psychofugal proceeding outward from a mental state
phylogenesis origin and history of a species’ evolution
ped naturally formed mass or aggregate of soil
tholus round building; dome; cupola
ouzel blackbird; a dark
trommel revolving sieve for cleaning or sizing minerals
cachepot ornamental container used to conceal a flowerpot
lixiviation leaching
myrmecophilous having a symbiotic relationship with ants
melasma dark patch of skin
theism belief in the existence of God without special revelation
uraniscus roof of the mouth
seriatim in succession; one after another
roband piece of yarn used to fasten a sail to a spar
fumatorium a place for smoking
skean dagger
gat opening or strait between two sandbanks
hypnomancy divination using sleep—
truckle to submit; to cringe
scleroid hard; hardened
tanacles pincer
sealine the sea horizon
plenipotence absolute power
antinomy contradiction between two logical conclusions
lentiginose minutely dotted; freckled
pontage toll paid on bridges; tax for repairing bridges
orthian high
nanism the condition of being dwarfed or being a dwarf
osmol unit of osmotic pressure
bezique card game played with two decks of cards
oblation act of offering; a sacrifice; anything offered in worship
oncogenesis producing cancerous tumours
petricolous living in or near rocks
roussette fruit
fie expression of disgust or disapproval
candela unit of luminous intensity
tubifacient constructing a tube
atmatertera great
sociable four
prepone to reschedule for an earlier time
charmante silk fabric with a crepe back
griffade sudden seizure with the claws
aethrioscope instrument for measuring temperature variations due to sky conditions
placoid plate
ophiasis baldness in wavy bands
ostracean of, like or pertaining to oysters
purfle to ornament the edge of with embroidery
neophrastic of, like or pertaining to neologisms
gonfalonier standard
nembutsu Buddhist invocation chanted to achieve enlightenment
polystachious having many spikes
wippen part of piano hammer raised when note played
caesura natural breathing space in a line of verse
laticiferous containing or conveying latex
rackrent excessive rent
teinoscope prism telescope
plumeopicean of tar and feathers
donnybrook an uproarious brawl
intenerate to make tender; to soften—
ferrule band on the end of a stick for reinforcing it
cribrous perforated or punctured like a sieve
gault heavy clay used for bricks
teknonymy the naming of the parent from the child
champaign level countryside or plain
bullate having a blistered or puckered appearance
fulgour splendour
cryptadia things to be kept hidden
spadiceous shaped like a palm branch
syphilophobia fear of syphilis
corviform shaped like a crow
arachibutyrophobia fear of peanut butter sticking to roof of mouth
auriform shaped like an ear
crenate scalloped
nacket snack; light lunch
jocoserious half in jest; half serious
admaxillary connected to or near the jaw
cockamamie ridiculous; incredible
rhematic of words or verbs; forming a word or words
liturate spotted
unguinous oily; fatty
tremendum feeling of overwhelming awe associated with religious experience
modena crimson
xylogenous growing on wood
houndstooth fabric with an irregular checked pattern—
hippomobile horse
sufflate to inflate
taction contact; touch
bezoar stony material found in ruminants’ stomachs
typhonic having the character of a whirlwind or tornado
wheep sound made by a steel weapon when drawn from a sheath
textology study of the production of texts
colonnade row of evenly spaced column or trees
campaniform bell
urceiform shaped like a pitcher
chiffonier chest of drawers
objectivism doctrine that all reality is objective
obedible docile; capable of obedience
monophagous feeding on only one type of food
quisby an idler; suspicious or odd
quercine of, like or pertaining to oak trees
anopisthographic bearing writing or inscription only on one side
poivrade pepper sauce
monoousian having the same substance
knout to flog; to scourge
multipotent having the power to do many things
stygian having a gloomy or foreboding aspect; murky
catchpole constable; sheriff’s officer
crista ridge or fold resembling a crest
galatea striped cotton
keybugle bugle with keys
lineolate marked with fine lines
gynaecology study of women’s physiology
hypocorism pet
lygophobia fear of darkness
gradual part of mass between epistle and gospel
scallom rod with thin or spliced end used to form base or frame of baskets
imbroglio confusing or disturbing situation; confused mass or heap—
barrateen some kind of fabric
idiothermous warm
prill nodule of metal obtained after assaying
swale marshy hollow or depression; meadow
patrology study of early Christianity
arrhizal lacking roots
solmisate to sing; to set to musical notation
paraesthesia tingling sensation on the skin
désobligeante carriage for one passenger
geoselenic of, like or pertaining to both the Earth and the moon
aeolotropy variation in physical properties on basis of position
cerography writing or printing on plates spread with wax
tuant of writing, keen or trenchant
intinction administering communion by dipping bread into wine—
protistology study of protists
atavism reversion to early or ancestral type
aureole radiant light around head or body of holy personage
punctulate bearing small spots or dots
loess deposit of rich and fertile soil
biune combining two entities into one
terrene of the earth; earthly; worldly; mundane
sicarian murderer; assassin
ignipotent presiding over fire—
rhigosis sensation of cold; ability to feel cold
incrassate to thicken—
stentor loud
stramineous strawy; light; worthless; straw
adversaria miscellaneous notes; commonplace books
trental commemoratory service held thirty days after burial
baryecoia deafness; hardness of hearing
kylin Chinese mythical animal
lubricious slippery; lewd
disagio fee charged for exchanging foreign or depreciated currency
bombazine twilled silk and worsted fabric
cerumen ear wax
trichoid hair
quodlibet philosophical argument of disputation; humorous medley
xography photographic process for producing three
prelate bishop or abbot of superior rank
dinarchy government by two people; diarchy
rand border; edge; margin
camisole straitjacket used for unruly prisoners
asterism three asterisks used to direct attention to a passage
soutane priest’s cassock
longeron longitudinal membrane of an airplane
telesis making use of natural or social processes for a goal
camerlengo papal treasurer
upcast upward throw; material thrown up
simultanagnosia inability to experience perceptions as components of a whole
cibation taking food; feeding
fantod a state of irritability or tension; an emotional fit
ocreate wearing boots or leggings
phelloid cork
zelator sister in a convent in charge of checking on conduct of other nuns
funipendulous hanging by a rope or cord
gabardine closely woven cotton or wool twill
bifid divided in two by a deep split
allotropy of an element, having more than one form
paroxysm fit of passion; laughter; coughing; sudden violent action
acroamatic esoteric
columbaceous of, like or pertaining to doves or pigeons
cochlear anything spiral
nervure vein of a leaf
odorimetry measurement of strength and persistence of odours
monoblepsia colour
dromestoners persons who remove stones from temporary airfields
spiraliform shaped like a spiral
hist expression used to attract attention—
monomorphic having only one form
tabernacle ornamental container for storing Communion bread and wine
unition conjunction
cellarer monastery official in charge of provisions
soterial of, like or pertaining to salvation
acrography the art of making wood blocks in relief
arcuate arched; bow
chad bits of paper punched out of paper tape or cards
hednon wedding present—
belliferous bringing war
tufa rock made of fine volcanic detritus
lysis disintegration; destruction
rubefaction reddening
accite to cite; to summon
isallobar line connecting points of equal change in barometric pressure—
turriform shaped like a tower
ditheism belief in two equal gods, one good and one evil
pityroid bran
kickshaws a trinket; a cheap, worthless article
sedigitated six
noxal of, like or pertaining to wrongful injury by object or animal of another
hypotrichosis hairlessness—
hermeneutic of, like or pertaining to the interpretation of passages—
piliform shaped like hair
arbalest type of crossbow
isograph line connecting points of same linguistic usage in some respect—
introessive indicating motion into—
seriocomic partly serious and partly humorous
cordiform heart
wardmote meeting of a ward or a court of a ward
pyromachy use of fire in combat
glebe church land granted to clergyman
grum morose; surly
bibliognost well
innoxious harmless—
ophelimity ability to please sexually; ability to satisfy
donnism self
ceroscopy divination using wax
metapsychology study of nature of the mind
neoterism introduction of new things, especially words
shandry light cart on springs
monochroic of one colour
helminthoid worm
ordure loathsome dirt or refuse; something morally degrading
isohyet line connecting points of equal rainfall—
tigrine of, like or pertaining to tigers
phugoid of, like or pertaining to the longitudinal stability of aircraft
goniometer instrument for measuring angles between faces
photism illusory vision of light
actuate communicate motion to; cause
ramiferous bearing branches
culicino mark left on a tablecloth by a wet glass
juratory of, like or pertaining to an oath
noosphere sum of human intellectual activities
microbiology study of microscopic organisms
yardland unit of land area equal to 30 acres
univocal unmistakeable; unequivocal
megascope instrument for projecting an enlarged image
zuche tree stump
orarion deacon’s stole in Orthodox church
polyacoustic amplifying sounds
kakidrosis body odour
cavesson noseband for a horse
recherché carefully chosen, rare or exotic
cep brown edible mushroom
cnicnode point where tangents form a cone of the second order
paysage landscape
groyne wooden breakwater
olamic of or belonging to a vast period or eon
serpentcleide musical instrument like an ophicleide with a wooden body
teloteropathy telepathy between living persons
punk dry decayed wood used for tinder
poudrin small ice crystals
indicia indicating marks or symptoms—
chiliasm belief that Jesus will reign on Earth for a thousand years
suilline of, like or pertaining to hogs
acology study of medical remedies
discission open incision or cut
gravid pregnant
rencounter chance meeting; encounter; casual combat
cladogenesis origin and evolution as if branching from common ancestor
uranology study of the heavens; astronomy
autognosis knowledge of or about oneself
iatrogenic induced inadvertently by medical treatment—
platitude commonplace or trite remark made as if it were important
libanomancy divination by watching incense smoke
multiloquent talkative; garrulous
illinition act of rubbing against or on—
palanquin light litter for one passenger
logodaedaly verbal legerdemain
webster a female weaver
hylomorphism belief that matter is cause of the universe—
papaverous of, like or pertaining to poppies
sejant sitting (especially of a heraldic animal)
febricant causing fever
herisson swinging beam bearing iron spikes—
comose having tufts of hair; tufted; hairy
boopic ox
catalactics science of commercial exchange
mattoid person on borderline between sanity and insanity
hopsack rough
mitogenic causing cell division
poop enclosed structure at stern of ship above main deck
puteal wall round the top of a well
mollycoddle an effeminate man
buck and
obdormition numbness in a limb caused by pressure on a nerve
dealbation whitening; bleaching
forefoot foremost end of ship’s keel
abattoir public slaughterhouse
trutinate to weigh using a balance; to evaluate mentally
hygeian of, like or pertaining to health; healthy—
crin horsehair fabric
canterbury stand with divisions for holding books or music
niddering one who shows shameful fear or timidity
conchology study of shells
quadraphonic produced by a sound system that employs four signal sources
mortmain restrictive influence of the past on the present
phenology study of organisms as affected by climate
rotameter old instrument for measuring length of curved lines
prolate having flattened sides due to lengthwise elongation
thersitical scurrilous; violent in manner of speech
transom structure dividing a window horizontally; horizontal bar
benedict a newly married man who has long been a bachelor
clinquant tinselly; glittering
quinquennium period of five years
wirble to whirl; to turn round and round
rosmarine mythical walrus
carronade short and light maritime cannon
riant laughing; merry
abatjour skylight or device to direct light into a room
sticharion vestment like an alb worn by Orthodox priests
passivate to coat metal with oxides to protect from corrosion
rood cross or crucifix at entrance to church chancel
brigue to intrigue
subboreal very cold
lunisolar pertaining jointly to the moon and sun
binaural of, pertaining to or heard by both ears
ramate branched
janiform having two faces
matripotestal of, like or pertaining to the power of mothers
athanor alchemist’s self
quoin a wedge; salient angle of a building; cornerstone
gambrel roof having a pentagonal gable
quadrifoliate having four leaves
bahuvrihi compound word whose second part is a noun but that acts as an adjective
consuetude custom; familiarity
duncical stupid; dim
diaspora dispersion
beata beatified woman
annuent nodding or moving of the head
ochre yellowish or yellow
nunciative bearing messages
acolous limbless
osphresiology study of the sense of smell
noddypeak fool; imbecile
representationalism doctrine that ideas rather than external objects are basis of knowledge
lexigram sign which represents a word
cardinal deep scarlet red colour
celluliferous bearing little cells
isanemone line connecting points on map having same wind velocity—
phakic (of an eye) having a crystalline lens
remex quill feather of a bird’s wing
tegmen covering or shell
nomism view that moral conduct consists in observance of laws
regalism doctrine of the monarch’s supremacy in church affairs
octingentenary eight hundredth anniversary of an event
flacon scent
anopheline of, like or pertaining to malarial mosquitoes
digoneutic double brooded
cinerarium container for cremated ashes
setose bristly
belomancy divination by means of arrows
rhetoricaster petty rhetorician
belvedere raised covered terrace or pavilion
paduasoy corded silk
ornithology study of birds
heteropathy excessive sensitivity—
incivism neglect of duty as a citizen—
balanism use of suppositories
wilding that which grows without cultivation
concision schism; separation; division
calcariferous having or bearing spurs
hereticate to denounce as heretical—
disseize to seize or deprive of property wrongfully
guarish to heal
keffel a horse; a nag
occipital of, like or pertaining to the back of the head
dodger shield against rain or spray on a ship’s bridge
tombac cheap gold
tubulate to form into a tube; to provide with a tube
clinophilia passion for beds
tritavus four
filibeg kilt
salamandroid like a salamander; able to withstand fire
paideutic educational method or theory
mucago mucus; mucilage
libration apparent oscillation of moon’s visible surface
madid wet; dank
psychurgy mental function, operation or energy
notaphily collecting of bank
taffrail rail round the stern of a ship
obsequent flowing in opposite direction to original slope of land
curiology picture
syndyasmian marked by a loose temporary pair
orthotonic taking an accent in some but not all positions
perliginous producing pearls
ptyalism excessive flow of saliva
paedophilia abnormal love or sexual attraction for children
abscissa horizontal distance from a fixed line to a point
woolpack cirrocumulus cloud; a bale or bundle of wool
sthenic strong; robust; morbidly active
triptote used in three cases only
canzone instrumental work that is melodious or song
polyopia multiple vision
potager garden laid out in a decorative way
obambulate to wander about
pochette pocket notecase or wallet
libeccio southwest wind
witticaster a petty or inferior wit
bathyorographical of, like or pertaining to depth underwater or elevation above sea level
winterkill to kill by exposure to cold
topiary clipping of trees into imitative or fantastic shapes
diremption separation into two; disjunction
xanthospermous having yellow seeds
anent about; concerning
tulipomania obsession with tulips
tow bundle of untwisted natural fibres
lecanomancy divination using water in a basin or pool
gnotobiology study of life in germ
conventicle secret or illegal church assembly
coscinomancy divination using a sieve and a pair of shears
fustian coarse twilled cotton
dimissory sending away or giving leave to depart; dismissing
tetrachotomous divided into fours
strepor noise; clamour
monachise to cause to become a monk
chyliferous bearing chyle
micrology study or discussion of trivialities
paranymph one who solicits for another; best man or bridesmaid
punctiform shaped like a point
bibacious overly fond of drinking
pannier provision
islesman inhabitant of a group of islands—
orthology correct use of words
syrtic of, like or pertaining to quicksand
ignicolist fire
sarcophagous feeding on flesh; carnivorous
hamiform shaped like a hook—
ignotism mistake due to ignorance—
zonary of or like a zone; arranged in zones
curvicaudate having a curvy tail
agoraphobia fear of open spaces
adduce cite as proof or instance
dormer gabled window
wether castrated ram
pancyclopaedic encyclopaedic
murally by means of walls; on or from a wall
mathemancy divination by counting
pistiology doctrine concerning faith
immure to imprison; to shut in—
flambeau flaming torch
rhyparography genre or still
quirister a chorister
lockstep method of marching in tight formation
theopantism belief that God is the only reality
featous shapely; well
discobolus discus thrower
karabiner steel link with clip on side used in mountaineering
squamate scaly
alar of, like or pertaining to the wing or shoulder
rutilant shining; glowing ruddily
panzoism belief that humans and animals share vital life energy
crapulent physically ill through overeating or overdrinking
rutherford unit of radioactive decay equal to 1 million disintegrations per second
moya volcanic mud
oeillade an ogle; a glance or wink
quetzal gold and green bird with long tail feathers
parquet floor
ferruginous of the colour of rust; impregnated with iron
deosculate to kiss affectionately
roundelay song with a refrain
ommateum compound eye
maledicent cursing
minim unit of liquid volume equal to 1/480 fluid ounces
queem protected from the wind
notabilia notable sayings; things worthy of notice
hypnagogic sleep
apay to satisfy
struthious of, like or pertaining to ostriches
halation blurring in a photograph due to light reflection—
brackish saltish; very salty
chirality chemical property of structural handedness
koan nonsensical question given to Buddhist students for contemplation
secund on one side only
acrolith wooden statue with stone extremities
pusillanimous lacking firmness; cowardly; having a weak character
rugous wrinkled; covered with sunken lines
ley mystical straight line between features of landscape
scop Anglo
androphagy cannibalism
deambulatory place for walking around or about in
iatromathematics archaic practice of medicine in conjunction with astrology—
iridic of, like or pertaining to the iris of the eye—
illutation mud bath—
gracility slenderness
ala membranous outgrowth on a plant or animal
cumuliform shaped like a heap
scapular badge of monastic order worn on the shoulders
neurogenesis production or generation of nerves
spadiceous chestnut
teen injury; grief
sard deep orange chalcedony
ai three
debridement the removal of foreign matter from a wound
phyle division of the people of a state into local clans
orchesography notation of dance movements by means of diagrams
diaphanous transparent; translucent
uncate hooked
capriole leap and kick performed by a trained horse
seta bristle or bristle
sclerodermous hard
nappe sheet of water flowing over a weir
tolypeutine of, like or pertaining to armadillos
wergild fine paid by family of murderer to family of murder victim
isonephelic line connecting points of equal cloud cover—
angelology study of angels
misacceptation misinterpretation
zucca gourd
absonant discordant; abhorrent
defluvium falling of hair
convenances what is suitable or proper; the required proprieties
macrocephalous having a large head
wagtail an obsequious person; a harlot
coparcenary joint heirship or ownership
desacralise to deprive or remove sacred qualities
ambages windings; roundabout ways; delays
triptych hinged painting with three panels
sudatory inducing sweat
angora silk
pillory wooden frame with holes for head and hands used as punishment
inkhorn portable case for ink—
outroop auction
sinistrad towards the left
surah soft twilled silk or rayon
oneirodynia nightmare
riem rawhide thong
favela slum area
ostler person who takes care of horses at an inn and/or sells oats
forfex a pair of scissors or pincers
malacissation act of making soft or supple
aporia professed but false doubt of what to say or choose
cubica fine unglazed fabric resembling shalloon
radicivorous eating roots
serpenticide killing or killer of a snake
tegmental of, like or pertaining to coverings or outer shells
kettlestitch stitch made at head and tail of section of book to connect sections
gynaecide killing of women
hindforemost with the back part in the front place—
dacnomania obsession with killing
necrologue obituary
cleidomancy divination using keys
demisang half
metaphysics study of principles of nature and thought
florilegium anthology of writings, especially of church fathers
tumefy to swell
floristry the art of cultivating and selling flowers
dentine ivory
ophiuran brittle star
crinoline stiff flax or cotton fabric
tabatière snuff
roundel anything circular; circle; disc; ring
hidrotic causing or exuding sweat—
winze small ventilating shaft between two levels of a mine
circumbendibus a roundabout way or expression
ooidal egg
choliamb verse with an iambus in the fifth place and a spondee in the sixth
paleobotany study of ancient plants
skyscraper triangular sail on a ship above the royal
trophotropism direction of growth by nutritional factors
rachiometer instrument for measuring the spine
squintifego squinting greatly
prelibation foretaste; offering of first fruits
bonasus bison
sleathy slovenly
agonism competition; effort; striving
rhombos bull
nummamorous money
delubrum a font, a temple or shrine having a font
smalt deep blue
macromancy divination using large objects
obsidional of, like or pertaining to a siege
bluestocking early feminist; educated or literary woman
laevoduction movement leftwards
nectopod limb used for swimming
ossuary a depository for the bones of the dead
jovialist a convivial person
weedicide something that kills weeds
sageship state or quality of being a sage
dolose having evil or malicious intent
gargarize to gargle
bracciale bracket or socket mounted on a wall
apocrisiary papal secretary
improvident lacking foresight; thoughtless—
ostensory container for holding consecrated Communion wafers
paronym word from same root or having same sound as another
haslot cooked animal entrails—
oscheal of, like or pertaining to the scrotum
gastrosopher a person skilled in matters of eating
copacetic very satisfactory; fine
hieromachy fight or quarrel between priests—
spicigerous bearing spikes
cartiliginous like or composed of cartilage
frottage rubbing, especially for sexual gratification
pestology science of pests
tormentum ancient siege engine
fatidical prophetic; having the power to foretell the future
inurbanity lack of manners or deportment; incivility—
raglan having sleeves going all the way to the neck
muciferous conveying or secreting mucus
syrt quicksand
palliament white robe or gown
advection horizontal movement of air
helminth worm—
distraint seizure of goods
glottogonic of, like or pertaining to the origins of language
marc refuse from winemaking
jebel hill or mountain
arenaceous like, growing in or consisting of sand
deckle ragged edge of paper
mnemotechny system for improving memory
mambo Cuban ballroom dance resembling the rumba or cha
bulla round seal attached to a papal bull
woodshedding spontaneous barbershop singing
rectigrade moving in a straight line
syncategorematic meaningless or unable to form a term without other words
rabanna raffia fabric of Madagascar
rigescent becoming numb or stiff
diaconal of, like or pertaining to a deacon
lactarium dairy farm or milking operation
grammatolatry worship of letters and words
grabble search with the hand; grope
glyptography the art of engraving on gems
billingsgate coarsely abusive language
womanthrope a hater of women
matrass long
tarantism irresistible urge to dance
ilke kind or nature—
pollex the thumb
acierate to turn into steel
cosmism belief that the cosmos is a self
detersion the act of cleaning
aretaics the science of virtue
scutage tax on a knight’s fee
stultiloquence foolish or senseless talk
qua in the capacity of
sorbefacient promoting absorption
zoysia perennial subtropical grass
compusion wrinkling one’s face
oleometer instrument for measuring amount of oil in a substance
soporose sleepy
floricomous crowned or topped with flowers
compital of, like or pertaining to crossroads
diallage device in which many arguments brought upon one point
derrick hoisting mechanism using a boom and a central post
icterical of, like or pertaining to or suffering from jaundice—
urethroscope instrument for viewing the interior of the urethra
splanchnic visceral; intestinal
bibliotics study of documents to determine authenticity
podiatry study and treatment of disorders of the foot; chiropody
physiognomancy divination by studying the face
zampogna Italian bagpipe
thermoscope instrument indicating change in temperature
comport a dish with a stemmed base for serving desserts
groupuscule small clique or faction
houghmagandy fornication—
methomania morbid craving for alcohol
sententious full of meaning; aphoristic; tending to moralize
hebamic of, like or pertaining to the socratic method—
raconteur teller of anecdotes
gammon to feign an action; perpetrate a hoax on
paragenesis formation of minerals as a joined mass
cumulose containing or consisting of small heaps
minnesinger medieval troubadour or poet
trave crossbeam or space between crossbeams
cardimelech supposed vital force causing heart to work
kiddle stake
needledom the world of sewing
oleic of, like or pertaining to or derived from oil
chatelaine female castle owner, manager or caretaker
lacuscular of, like or pertaining to pools
audiology study of hearing
mugwump one who is neutral politically
satisfice to aim for or achieve that which will suffice
maxixe Brazilian ballroom dance resembling the two
sequacious ready to follow a leader or authority; compliant
sublunary under the moon; of this world; earthly; terrestrial
hyalopterous having glassy or transparent wings—
tephrochronology dating of volcanic eruptions by studying layers of ash
fructiferous bearing fruit
lutescent yellowish
theophagy sacramental consumption of a god
carrack galleon
lamina thin plate or layer
strake continuous band of plates on side of a ship
asportation to carry property away wrongfully
pornotopia perfect setting for the antics of pornography
phaeton open four
tenne heraldic designation for orange
frit material from which glass is made
snaste burnt part of a candle wick
cinnabar red crystalline mercuric sulfide pigment; deep red or scarlet colour
antilapsarianism denial of doctrine of the fall of humanity
tactual of, like or pertaining to or derived from the sense of touch
pietism unquestioning or dogmatic religious devotion
adonise to adorn oneself
nubiferous cloud
garboard plank on a ship’s bottom next to the keel
fess broad horizontal bar across heraldic field
plebiscitarism principle or practice of using plebiscites
naturism communal nudism
alphenic sugary candy used in medicine
archelogy the study of first principles
zooculture domestication of animals
simony buying or selling of ecclesiastical offices
sprag bar inserted to stop a wheel
tuck part of ship where ends of lower planks meet under the stern
ixiodic of, like or pertaining to ticks—
surd irrational number
postexilic after exile
phonendoscope device which amplifies small sounds
potometer instrument measuring rate at which plants absorb water
diadermic of, like or pertaining to the puncturing of the skin
flinty unyielding; stern
protopathy first or direct experience
primigenial first or earliest formed or produced
tup ram; pile
borné limited; narrow
prelusive of the nature of a prelude; introductory
schediasm impromptu action; an extemporized work
maschalephidrosis massive sweating of the armpits
plateasm broad speech; talking with the mouth open too wide
saprogenous growing on decaying material; causing putrefaction
quadral in four parts
cementatory having the quality of binding or uniting firmly
salinometer instrument for measuring amount of salt in a solution
sicilienne ribbed silk
habilable capable of being clothed—
throat pit
gastriloquist ventriloquist
itai itai
monition caution; warning
floricide killing or killer of flowers
dasyure flesh
stibialism antimony poisoning
umbraculum umbrella or umbrella
allonge paper attached to commercial bill requiring signatures
historiography study of writing history—
heresiology study of heresies—
montgolfier balloon using fire for propulsion
carucate as much land as a team of oxen ploughs in a season
irradicate to fix firmly—
psychopannychism belief souls sleep from death to resurrection
shrive to hear a confession from and give absolution
trochiline of, like or pertaining to hummingbirds
subarrhation mode of betrothal where gift given by man to woman
tropometer instrument measuring rotation
haematogenesis production of blood—
gib wedge
fleer to mock; to jeer; to make faces in contempt
argil clay used in making pottery
hendecagon eleven
quatint engraving using nitric acid
autocephality ecclesiastical self
tactometer instrument measuring sense of touch
brilliantine light lustrous cotton and worsted fabric
paedology study of children
weber unit of magnetic flux equal to 100 million maxwells
tester canopy over a bed, pulpit or altar
demarchy government by the people; popular government
poliosis premature graying of the hair
acyrology incorrect diction or pronunciation
paradisiacal suggestive of a place or state of perfect bliss
doromania obsession with giving gifts
papillose having nipples or papillae
alalia loss of ability to speak
codswallop something utterly senseless; nonsense
tabefaction wasting away; emaciation
wist to know
grammatology study of systems of writing
disgregation separation; scattering
cithara ancient Greek musical instrument like a lyre
suint dried sheep perspiration
phototelegraph instrument for transmitting drawings telegraphically
musteline of, like or pertaining to weasels, martens and badgers
ptochogony production of beggars; pauperization
chaldron old unit of dry volume equal to between 32 and 72 bushels
aesopian conveying meaning only to those in a secret movement
kep to catch an approaching object or falling liquid
gyrostatics the study of rotating bodies
sportulary relying on charity or the generosity of patrons
idioglossia private language developed between children—
otiose superfluous; redundant; futile; useless; functionless; idle
dioptrics study of light refraction
holystone sandstone material used to scrape ships’ decks—
poundal unit of force that accelerates 1 pound to 1 foot / second / second
palmiped web
skeletogenous producing a skeleton
ditrichotomous divided into either two or three parts
procinct preparedness
matelassé having a quilted ornamentation; fabric with raised pattern as if quilted
mainprise surety for the appearance of a prisoner at trial
malinger to feign sickness in order to avoid duty or work
presbytery part of church reserved for officiating clergy
contorno contour or outline
coaptation joining or fitting together
coburg thin single
absorbefacient causing or promoting absorption
subjectivism doctrine that all knowledge is subjective
Germanophilia love or fondness for Germany or the Germans
cerulean sky
hyetometrograph instrument for recording rainfall—
fistula long narrow passage or duct
gunnage number of guns carried on a warship
ition the action of going—
illision the act of striking against something—
quisquilious made of rubbish
ophidian of or like a snake
addititious of, pertaining to or resulting from addition
remeant returning; coming back
tacent silent
whipsaw narrow saw for cutting timber lengthwise
xerotic dry
aerolithology study of aerolites; meteorites
scabious of, like or pertaining to scabies or scabs
outré beyond what is proper; extravagant
spavined lame; broken down; decrepit
mersion dipping; as in baptism
dammar hard resin used in making varnish
waterage fee paid for travelling on water
bengaline crosswise ribbed fabric
saltant leaping; dancing
imprest a loan or advance of money—
trichoschisis splitting of hair
plastron fencer’s padded breast
mentation thought; cogitation; cognition
taeniacide killing of tapeworms
atimy loss of honour; disgrace
crapehanger pessimist
nympholepsy emotional frenzy, as that inspired in men by nymphs
raad electric catfish
brindled marked with streaks or spots
goliardy riotous or lustful behaviour
drabble to besmear; bedraggle
derodidymus two
pokerish causing terror; uncanny
psychogony development of the mind or soul
cacodoxy bad doctrine or wrong opinion
geotaxis response of an organism to gravity
gabbart barge
leonine of or like a lion; rhyming last two or three syllables in a line
imbreviate to enroll—
succedaneous serving as a substitute
muchity great size or bulk
harmoniphone keyboard instrument with reeds—
sedent seated
tilbury light open two
parvis enclosed space at the front of a church
ovopyriform having a shape between a pear and an egg
duteous devoted to duty; obedient
quid a cut or wad or something chewable
stoichiometry measurement of proportions of chemical reactions
inumbrate to cast a shadow upon; to shade—
brank to prance; toss the head; to strut
trochoid curve traced by a fixed point in plane of a circle
crescograph instrument for measuring the growth of plants
caryatid column shaped like female figure
naiant swimming horizontally
agone ago
mor humus layer formed by slow decomposition in acidic soil
heterodymus conjoined twins with two heads and torsos but one pair of legs—
cachet a seal of approval; a mark of prestige
thaumatogeny doctrine of the miraculous origin of life
orchidology study of orchids
shalloon light twilled wool or worsted
coctile baked; hardened by fire
acoria pathologically great appetite
lippitude soreness of the eyes
tinnitus ringing sound in the head
plutomania mania for money
wafture act of waving or wafting
pardoner one who raises money for religious works by selling indulgences
anacrisis interrogation accompanied by torture
bolide large meteor that bursts; a fireball
hodometry measurement of distance of a sea voyage—
requiescat prayer for the dead
hyetal rainy; of, like or pertaining to rainfall—
novalia lands newly brought under cultivation
therology study of wild mammals
gauleiter overbearing wielder of petty authority
glossa the tongue
senescent growing old
somatology science of the properties of matter
jambiya curved dagger with two edges
decretal papal decree deciding a point of church law
metanomen metaphorical name
quinton five
cnemial of, like, or pertaining to the tibia (shin
illapse to glide in—
galliard sprightly Renaissance and Baroque dance
ashplant walking stick
chlorometer instrument for measuring amount of chlorine in a solution
allantoid shaped like a sausage
fasces bundle of rods with an axe used to symbolise authority
hypocaust space under floor for heating by hot air—
sprent sprinkled
heliotrope purplish hue; purplish
peotomy surgical removal of the penis
terzain stanza of three lines
spokeshave plane or knife used to round spokes
fungous of or like fungus; soft; spongy
nudation the act of making bare
bilbo iron bar used to shackle prisoners’ feet
claudication limpness; cramp
thyestean cannibalistic
nuncius messenger
autosoterism belief that one can obtain salvation through oneself
nullity the state of being null or void
irremeable which cannot be returned; irrevocable—
sidelight coloured lights on side of a ship under way at night
chlorochrous green
watching fully afloat
theriodic malignant
spermatic of, like or pertaining to sperm
smallage wild celery
pellucid completely clear; transparent
rimiform having a long furrow
foolocracy government by fools
onychoid like a fingernail
idolum mental image; logical fallacy—
nimonic of alloys used in high
holophrase single word expressing sentence or phrase—
flammiferous producing flame
flammulated ruddy
shetland lightweight loosely twisted wool fabric
selenoscope instrument for viewing the moon
geochronology study of measuring geological time
auto da
obsequies funeral
morphallaxis regeneration in a changed form
mendicant member of impoverished religious order
agrostography writing about grasses
algology study of algae
porphyrous purple
dipsomania abnormal craving for alcohol
transmissometer instrument for measuring transmission of light through a fluid
thermonous of, like or pertaining to stimulation by heat
toreumatography description of ancient metal sculpture
thanatography narrative of a death
astragal small semicircular moulding; dice
otoscope instrument for examining the ear
whiff to fish with hand line towed behind a boat
postcibal after a meal
cellaret case or drawer for holding wine bottles
adelphogamy sharing of a wife by two or more brothers
micropsia disease causing objects to appear smaller than actual size
chancery church office dealing with legal matters and archives
pogamoggan wooden club with iron or stone piece on end, used by Indians
spurrier one who makes spurs
sialoquent spitting greatly while speaking
trabeculated transversely barred
arciform shaped like a bow
merism rhetorical device of contrasting two parts of a whole
cyanometer instrument for measuring blueness of the sky or ocean
imbricate to lay overlapping one another—
agrypnia insomnia
latinitaster a petty scholar of Latin
cleromancy divination using dice
anagnorisis recognition leading to denouement of a play
sloyd Swedish system of teaching manual skills through woodcarving
menisciform shaped like a crescent
septenary in seven portions; grouped in seven; of base seven
subact to work up; to subdue
gormless dull or unintelligent
nephric of, like or pertaining to the kidneys
ordinate in rows or columns
bonzoline artificial ivory
woolsack large wool
harry to plunder; to ravage; to destroy—
hilasmic propitiatory—
metempsychosis passing of soul after death into another body
conclamation a shout of many voices together
genappe smooth worsted yarn
postcenal after dinner
iwis surely; certainly—
anaudia loss of voice
perdicine of, like or pertaining to partridges
factitive signifying making or causing something to be
phyllomania excessive or abnormal production of leaves
trochiform shaped like a spinning
zosteriform shaped like a girdle
morient dying
mesocracy government by the middle classes
dosimeter instrument for measuring dose of radiation
cathedra chair or throne of office for a bishop or other high official
nyctophobia fear of the night or darkness
polystichous arranged in many rows
apodictic necessarily true beyond contradiction
ombrophilous tolerant of large amounts of rainfall
misprise to scorn; to slight; to undervalue
compossible possible in coexistence with something else
clinology study of aging or individual decline after maturity
gasometer instrument for holding and measuring gases
bersatrix baby
colposcope instrument for viewing the neck of the uterus
yuke to itch
roscid dewy
tetchy irritable
acropathy disease or illness of the extremities
obedientiary someone subject to obedience
pollard tree having the whole crown cut off
taseometer instrument for measuring stress in a structure
wertfrei without value judgement; neutral
simpliciter simply; not relatively; unconditionally
withal besides; therewith; nevertheless; with
sudd mass of floating weed blocking the Nile River
percheron dappled cart horse
tranchet Neolithic flint chisel
jumbal thin crisp sweet cake
ising meat sausage—
hygrograph instrument for recording variations in atmospheric humidity—
recumbent reclining; lying comfortably
zenzizenzizenzic eighth power of a number
spar any ship’s mast, boom, yard, or gaff
meropia partial blindness
cuspidor a spittoon
smegmatic like soap; cleansing
cymaphen telephone receiver
xylotypographic printed from wooden blocks
sapor property of substance of taste; flavour
cheliferous bearing pincers or claws
gratis without charge; for free
bobstay rope used on ships to steady the bowsprit
cacidrosis smelly sweat
pultaceous macerated and softened; like porridge; pulpy
chololith gall stone
pharyngology study of the throat
jejunator one who fasts
gynocentric focused on or concerned with women
mackintosh lightweight rubberized waterproof cotton
serimeter instrument for testing quality of silk
imponent that which imposes an obligation—
tropophyte plant adapted to alterations of moisture and drought
charientism expression of an unpleasant thing in an agreeable manner; euphemism
superannuate to discharge as being too old
planomania abnormal desire to wander and disobey social norms
hierology science of sacred matters—
camorra group united for nefarious or traitorous ends
tholobate circular substructure on which a dome rests
tartarology beliefs about hell or the underworld
abraxas gem engraved with mystical word and bearing human
triatic rope joining adjacent mastheads
objicient objector
hercogamy prevention of self
rapprochement establishment of or state of cordial relations
tachygraphy shorthand
ablative indicating direction from or time when
axilla armpit
acetarious referring to plants that are used in salads
physiologus work containing descriptions of animals; a bestiary
uxoricide killing of one’s own wife
heliac solar; coincident with that of the sun—
androcracy government by men
detrude to thrust downward or outward
tephra ash and debris ejected by volcano
heliology science of the sun—
anastasic convalescent
cratometer instrument for measuring power of magnification
runagate fugitive; vagabond
isentropic line connecting points of equal entropy—
acarophobia fear of itching or of insects causing itching
benefactive indicating for whom or which
praedial of, like or pertaining to or connected with the land or farming
meromorphic fractional
donative benefice presented to church without reference to bishop
censer vessel for burning incense in religious rituals
nidatory of, like or pertaining to nests
brails ropes on edge of sail for hauling up
organicism conception of life or society as an organism
lethe oblivion; forgetfulness
cadge to beg or sponge from another
weedy dressed in widow’s mourning clothes
wheelhouse shelter where ship’s steering wheel kept
adoxography good writing on a trivial subject
piscifauna fish life of an area
socius member; associate; companion
peise weight; burden; load
hagiarchy government by saints or holy persons—
anemography treatise on the winds
aval of, like or pertaining to a grandparent
diplopia double vision
anthelion luminous ring seen on a cloud opposite the sun
subitaneous sudden; hasty; hastily made
iter circuit; path; road or line of travel—
puniceous bright or purplish red
stole narrow ecclesiastical vestment or scarf
glyptology study of gem engravings
gigantomachy war of giants against the gods
piscatorial of, like or pertaining to fishing or fishers
darcy unit of permeability of rock to various substances
subtrude to push in stealthily
quatrayle great
apocatastasis final restitution of all things at the appearance of the Messiah
tamin thin glazed worsted
sacring hallowing; consecration
semioviparous bringing forth young in incomplete developmental state
largiloquent talkative; full of words
maudlin tearfully sentimental
montre visible pipes of an organ
induviae withered leaves which persist on plants—
laches negligence or undue delay in fulfilling legal duty
paleaceous chaffy; like or resembling chaff
wreakless unpunished
habiliment attire—
photophygous avoiding or disliking light
compline prayer service held just before bedtime
syngamy free interbreeding between organisms
ailurophobia fear of cats
trigraph combination of three letters for one sound
pneumograph instrument for measuring and recording respiration
hent to grasp; to seize—
pomiculture growing of fruit
ichthyopolist fish seller—
passimeter instrument for issuing automatic tickets
jurymast mast erected on ship in place of one lost
argentocracy government by money
aveniform shaped like oats
fortalice fortress; small outwork of a fortification
necrophagous feeding on the dead
insipience lack of wisdom; stupidity—
cuculine of, like or pertaining to cuckoos
psomophagy swallowing food without thorough chewing
immarcescible unfading; imperishable—
palaeogaea the Old World as a biological region
cyclometer instrument for measuring revolutions of a wheel
postscenium part of stage behind the scenery
tetanigenous causing tetanus
concetto ingenious expression; witticism
incorpse to incorporate—
sinciput the forehead
toze to tease out; card; comb; draw out; elicit
gadroon embossed decoration or fluting on silverware
charpie shredded lint used to dress wounds
protension duration
dentigerous toothed; bearing teeth
synaesthesis harmony of differing impulses from a work of art
pucelage virginity
tringoid of, like or pertaining to sandpipers
hospitium hospice—
accoucheur male midwife
multeity manifoldness; very great numerousness
silentiary any official who calls for silence
scientism belief that the methods of science are universally applicable
cucullate hooded; hood
zingiber ginger
suaveolent fragrant
milvine of, like or pertaining to kites and similar birds
chimere loose sleeveless robes worn by Anglican bishops
sugent designed for sucking
functionalism doctrine emphasising utility and function
abaculus small tile for mosaic
charnel room where corpses are placed
kalology study of beauty
lectern desk or stand from which church lessons are read
frondiferous bearing or producing fronds
labtebricole living in holes
pellicule thin diaphanous fabric
naos temple; inner cell of a temple
anhelation shortness of breath
mythopoeic giving rise to myths
tricotine double
floccose woolly
refocillate to refresh; to cherish
inlagation pardoning of an outlaw—
whift a slight puff or blast
aerolite meteorite
cunctation delay; procrastination
fundus the bottom of anything
gudgeon metal pin or bearing connecting rudder to a boat
renverse to reverse; to upset
torvous stern
burgensic of, like or pertaining to a borough or its citizens
xiphias swordfish
trepan obsolete instrument for cutting open the skull
chalcotriptics art of taking rubbings from ornamental brasses
pronaos vestibule in front of a temple
anatocism compound interest
culvertage degradation of a peasant to the position of serf
lyophilization freeze
radioscope instrument for viewing objects using X
trilith stone monument of two upright and one transverse slab
topophone instrument to determine direction and distance of a fog
narcomania uncontrollable craving for narcotics
jannock outspoken; honest; outgoing
quickstep fast march
matryoshka Russian hollow wooden doll
diadrom course or passing; vibration
somnifacient sleep
kinescope cathode ray tube for a television
geminate to double; to arrange in pairs
intergrade to merge or shade by means of intermediate steps—
woning state of dwelling; dwelling
coronoid shaped like a beak
raster pattern of parallel lines or grid used in certain scanning devices
interpunction insertion of punctuation marks in writing—
scaphion kind of sundial
sparge to sprinkle with moisture
ambry recess for church vessels; cupboard or niche
oppugn to attack by argument; to oppose; to call in question
obelus sign used to mark questionable or corrupt text passages
geothermometer instrument for measuring subterranean temperatures
odalisque female slave in a harem
ferule cane or rod used for punishment
caple a horse
bel unit of noise intensity equal to ten decibels
pampiniform like a tendril
micromancy divination using small objects
semiterete half
speleology study and exploration of caves
zodiographer one who writes about animals
balmorality superficial enthusiasm for Scottish culture
hauteur haughtiness; arrogance—
internuncio messenger between two parties; low
scree sloping mass of loose rock at base of a cliff
dysphagia pathological difficulty in swallowing
quitter pus; suppurating discharge
portfire prepared paper cylinder used to fire rockets and fireworks
strahl flow of beams of electrons from the sun to earth
decumbiture the time spent by an invalid in bed
glebous earthy; full of clods
contraplex having messages passing both ways simultaneously
workshy hating or avoiding work; lazy
phytogenesis origin and development of plants
chantage blackmail to prevent exposure of scandalous facts
mallophagous eating wool or fleece
patination formation of a film on copper from exposure
cippus the stocks
panivorous bread
metheglin mead; honey ale
pavane stately English Renaissance court dance
machicolation space between corbels in a parapet
pied variegated; of various colours
macrophobia fear of prolonged waiting
foursquare forthright
anatine of, like or pertaining to ducks
surexcitation excessive excitedness
aeropleustic of, like or pertaining to aerial navigation
pharisaic hypocritical
cybernate to control by means of a computer
theiform of the form of tea
oriflamme banner of red silk split into several points
proprioception sense of muscular position
oscitancy yawning; sleepiness; stupidity
idiochromatic having unique or distinctive coloration—
camaïeu monotonous or uninteresting play or literary work
wanze to decrease; to waste away
heptarchy government by seven people—
bottony having three buds like a trefoil
nevus birthmark
cretaceous of or resembling chalk; of a whitish colour
tutiorism doctrine that one should take the safer moral course
hordeaceous of, like or pertaining to barley—
quicken mountain ash tree
religate to tie together; to restrain
psephitic of, like or pertaining to pebbles
groundprox altitude warning system in aircraft
nigroglobulate to blackball
charterhouse Carthusian monastic building
defilade to arrange fortifications against frontal attack
surculation pruning; cutting off shoots to propagate them
arris sharp edge on stone; meeting of two surfaces
yu precious jade
nuchal of, like or pertaining to the nape of the neck
halyard rope or tackle for hoisting and lowering sails—
cymometer instrument for measuring frequency of electrical waves
tarantas four
maniform having the shape of a hand
tragedian writer or actor of tragedy
xerasia abnormal dryness of the hair
premove to incite or prompt to action
illation the act of inferring from premises—
misandry hatred of men
balistraria cross
orthodromics great
rhinal of, like or pertaining to the nose
quangocracy rule of quasi
stillion cask stand
senicide killing of old men
pabouche a slipper
mascle diamond
unipotent powerful in one direction only
piciform of the nature of or resembling pitch
rogation asking or supplication, especially in an ecclesiastical sense
situative indicating comparison of two things
agistment land tax assessed for cattle pasturing
syntagm organized body, system or group
osteometry measurement of bones or skeleton
scaturient flowing out; gushing
interjaculate to ejaculate in interruption—
piacular expiatory; atrociously bad
deemster judge on the Isle of Man
wardcorn payment of corn in place of military service
pricket spike or antler used as a candlestick
lentor sluggishness; viscidity
sortilege divination by drawing lots
magneton unit of the quantized magnetic moment of a particle
triumphalism belief in the superiority of one particular religious creed
cloison partition; dividing band
leman a lover, sweetheart or paramour
saponifiable able to be converted into soap
lampadomancy divination by flame
hetaerocracy government by paramours—
micropalaeontology study of microscopic fossils
aludel pear
melisma tune; melodic embellishment; ornamentation
agathism belief in ultimate triumph of good despite evil means
geocentrism belief that Earth is the centre of the universe
bowery seedy or run
camlet strong waterproof silk or wool fabric
syphilology study of syphilis
monocracy government by one individual
spinuliferous bearing spinules
filature drawing out of threads
hirsuties hairiness—
wurley a nest; an aboriginal hut
mofussil provincial; rural
bullyrag to assault with abusive language; to badger
scopulate brush
bardel pack saddle
agelast one who never laughs
alpaca fine wool made from alpaca hair
psychometry measurement of intelligence and psychological attributes
mantic of, like or pertaining to divination; prophetic; divinely inspired
marquisette sheer meshed cloth
selenocentric relating to the moon as a centre; as seen from the centre of the moon
sanctanimity holiness of mind
macarize to declare to be happy or blessed
urinometer instrument for measuring specific gravity of urine
astatic in equilibrium
horology science of time measurement—
burdet cotton fabric
haustellum sucking proboscis or sucking end—
drepaniform shaped like a sickle
tromometer instrument for measuring slight earthquake shocks
acarine of, like or pertaining to ticks or mites
interlaminate to insert between layers—
ratiné rough bulky plain
maugre in spite of; notwithstanding
autocracy government by one individual
omniferous bearing everything
dicephalous two
symptosis emaciation
hendecarchy government by eleven people—
mellification honey
sphecoid wasp
unreeve to withdraw a rope from an opening
matricular of, like or pertaining to a register
scatophagous dung
cacuminal retroflex, pertaining to a point, crown, top or peak
introit psalm or hymn sung at beginning of church service—
obtundent dulling
illude to trick—
aerogenesis forming or generating gas or air
utriculiform shaped like a small cavity or sac
gregatim in flocks
tropic like a keel
biocentric having life as main principle
hygiastics science of health and hygiene—
psychognosy study of mentality, personality or character
depascent eating
inlapidate to petrify—
thalassiarchy sovereignty of the seas; thalassocracy
toreutics study of artistic work in metal
onomatomania irresistible desire to repeat certain words
quaestor ancient magistrate; a medieval pardoner
henism doctrine that there is only one kind of existence—
bogan quiet tributary or backwater
amrita Hindu ambrosia bestowing immortality
skiagram shadow picture or photograph
geomorphogeny study of the origins of land forms
mineralogy study of minerals
guttatim drop by drop
wight a supernatural man
maremma marsh; miasma
brocken two
creancer guardian or mentor
gaumless stupid; witless; vacant
motograph old telegraph or telephone receiver
swanskin soft napped fabric resembling flannel
avulse to pluck or tear away by force
bellcote ornamental structure to hold one or two large bells
fortuitism belief in evolution by chance variation
titanism spirit of revolt or defiance against social conventions
gorsedd assembly for granting awards to Welsh bards
sudiform shaped like a stake
commonition warning; cautioning
démarche decisive course of action taken in diplomacy
prosit toast to good health
larboard left side of a ship
pycnomorphous compact; dense
alterity state of being different
hornwork cuckoldry—
astrognosy knowledge of fixed stars
molariform shaped like a molar
circumjacent bordering on every side
parthenology study of virgins
magnicaudate having a long tail
bathysmal of, like or pertaining to the depths of the ocean
devall to sink; to decline
codicology study of manuscripts
morphew skin eruption
grimgribber learned gibberish; legal jargon
amyous lacking muscle
graphemics study of systems of representing speech in writing
peradventure perhaps; possibly; by adventure; by chance
recrement waste; dross; secretion that is reabsorbed; excess matter
coenaculous fond of dining; relishing food; especially suppers
therewith thereupon; forthwith
casemate bombproof chamber or armored compartment
raddle red ochre used to make marks
urdee of a heraldic device, pointed or broken into parallel pointed projections
pensile hanging; suspended; overhanging
guidon pennant with rounded outer edge
pottle small conical fruit basket
halcyonine of, like or pertaining to kingfishers—
torsiograph instrument for recording torsional vibrations on an object
dermatoid like or resembling skin
pomiferous bearing apples
decimestrial lasting ten months
centrobaric of, like or pertaining to the centre of gravity
gambado bound or spring of a horse; fantastic movement
zetetic proceeding by inquiry; a search or investigation
pachymeter instrument for measuring small thicknesses
brevicaudate short
wormcast spiral heap of earth left by burrowing worm
piscivorous fish
aboideau tide gate
frigiferous bearing or bringing cold
laroid of, like or pertaining to gulls
aquiform watery; liquid
attrite repentant through fear of punishment
clove old weight of seven to ten pounds for wool or cheese
chreotechnics useful or practical trades or arts
ophidiarium snake
thanatophobia fear of death
synastry comparison of horoscopes of two or more people
lagerphone percussion instrument with bottlecaps loosely nailed to pole
freeboard distance between waterline and main deck of a ship
rubiginous rusty
hyponym term which is a member of a larger class—
trews close
pyritiferous bearing pyrite
canaille riffraff; proletarian; the mob; rabble
glareous gravelly; growing on gravel
leveret a hare in its first year; a mistress
abasement action of humbling or degrading
homoplasty resemblance due to convergent evolution—
planigraph instrument for copying drawings at a different scale
affiance to trust; to betroth
spongology study of sponges
taperer one who bears a taper during a religious procession
broadcloth dense twilled wool or worsted fabric
aitchbone rump bone of cattle; rump cut of beef
mutative indicating a change of place or state
saliferous salt
factitious produced by humans or artificial forces
astern at the stern of a ship
optometer instrument for testing vision
commove to excite; to put into motion; to disturb
satara ribbed lustred wool
homophobia fear of homosexuals—
mattery purulent
berline crude winter sled
gingham striped cotton cloth
surcease to stop or cease
overflush superfluity
stemma scroll; garland; pedigree; family tree
lemma preliminary proposition, theme, argument or headword
ana in equal quantities
pectinal of a comb; comb
clypeate shaped like a buckler
ichneutic of, like or pertaining to a tracker or tracking—
fulgural of, like or pertaining to lightning
abba Syriac or Coptic bishop
mantissa decimal part of logarithm
latration the act of yelping or barking
poromeric permeable to water vapour
needlecord thinly ribbed cotton
urticate to sting; to flog with nettles
aliphatic of, like or pertaining to fat or fats in general
thalweg middle of navigable waterway used as boundary line
lupanarian of, like or pertaining to a brothel
parasynthesis derivation of words using hyphenated compounds
pyknometer instrument for measuring specific gravities
paracrostic poem whose initial letters reproduce its first verse
palinode poem in which earlier thoughts or feelings are retracted
malaxage softening of clay by kneading it
storiated decorated with elaborate ornamental designs
stirious shaped like an icicle
oratiuncle short oration
chironomy gesticulation or mime
mordacious given to biting; biting in quality
pontifice bridge
lavabo ceremony in which priest washes his hands; basin for the ceremony
quiritian a Roman citizen
metallurgy study of alloying and treating metals
propitiate to render favourable; to appease
orthography correct spelling
alexipharmic antidote
tarriance act of tarrying or delaying; procrastination
stellion lizard with starry spots
zincography process of engraving or etching on zinc
mien air or look; manner
torsel plate in a brick wall to support the end of a beam
deontic of or relating to duty or obligation
oroide alloy used to imitate gold
zumbador South American hummingbird
cloque fabric with an embossed design
coacervate to heap; to cause to mass together
zoilism carping and unjust criticism
accentor songbird
brattice fixed tower of wood on a castle wall
oncometer instrument measuring change in size of internal organs
shuftiscope instrument used to explore interior of dysentery case
ochroleucous yellowish white
meet fitting; proper
amplivagant stretching far; having a great scope
oikonisus desire to start a family
galactometer instrument for measuring specific gravity of milk
cryptogenic of unknown origin
kalpis a water jar
cachaemic having diseased or poisoned blood
hecatontarchy government by one hundred people—
hypergamy marriage of a man to a woman of lower status—
selachian of, like or pertaining to sharks or rays
galloon lace trim or binding material
refugium area that has retained earlier geographic conditions
pinion small wheel with teeth
nomic customary; conventional
udal form of land tenure in Orkney and Shetland islands
footling inept; trivial
zaftig having a full; rounded figure
tapotement use of light taps in massage
calque word or expression introduced into a language by literally translating it
balefire bonfire or beacon
heteronomous subject to different or foreign laws—
fug hot; close; smoky state of atmosphere
hapax word which occurs only once—
pathognomic indicative of a specific disease
collectanea collection of passages; miscellany
fathometer instrument for measuring underwater depth using sound
diorism distinction; definition
torsive twisted spirally
woundy causing wounds; characterized by wounds
homograph words spelled the same but of different meaning—
bombous convex; rounded
gruine of, like or pertaining to cranes or similar birds
sanatory producing health
toadstone stone thought to grow inside a toad and have magic powers
ichnography art of drawing ground plans—
ogive graph representing cumulative frequency
idiorhythmic self
astrophile person interested in astronomy
balize pole mounted on seashore as beacon
solonist wise man
jockteleg large clasp knife
magnificat canticle in praise of the Virgin Mary
dichord musical instrument with two strings
aspersory vessel for holding holy water
accusative indicating direct object of a verb
ovicide sheep
retropulsion pushing backwards
mucroniform like, having or resembling a sharp point
cacodemomania pathological belief that one is inhabited by an evil spirit
oppignorate to pawn
tremolo vibrating effect of certain musical instruments or the singing voice
habanera slow and seductive Cuban dance—
halitus vapour; breath—
angiogenesis production of blood vessels
anacardic of, like or pertaining to cashews
amanous lacking hands
bellarmine large jug with rounded belly and narrow neck
parturition the act of giving birth
historicism belief that all phenomena are historically determined—
nootropics cognitive enhancers; mind drugs
monergism theory that the Holy Spirit alone can act
mastoid like a nipple or teat
seminivorous seed
zymology science of fermentation
millionocracy government by millionaires
genitive indicating possession, origin or relation
absterge wipe clean; expunge; purge; purify
trochlear like a pulley
patulous spreading; wide
rubefy to redden
aphnology science of wealth
introrse turned or facing inward— introspectionism
malgré in spite of
geminiform paired; double
sophism deceptive but plausible intellectualism
systyle having columns separated by a distance of twice their thickness
reticulate divide or be divided into a network
outrigger spar extended from side of ship to help secure mast
sucrier table vessel for sugar
diphyodont having second set of teeth that replaces the first
adoptionism belief that Christ was the adopted and not natural son of God
tirasse pedal
Mariolatry worship of the virgin mother
pyroballogy study of artillery
mythomania lying or exaggerating to an abnormal extent
frostwork delicate figures and patterns in which frost forms on surfaces
hierodule temple slave—
cervine of, pertaining to or resembling deer, elk or moose
gerontogenous of, like or pertaining to the Old World
corrigendum something which requires correction
toxophilite lover of archery; an archer; of, like or pertaining to archery
agrobiology study of plant nutrition; soil yields
fundiform shaped like a sling
muriatic briny
peltry skins of animals with the fur on them
lusory playful
scintillescent twinkling
jacobin extremist or radical in politics
acolouthic of, like or pertaining to an after
zolotnik old Russian unit of weight equal to 1/6 of an ounce
geogony theory of the formation of the earth
waterish resembling or filled with water; insipid or diluted
formicate resembling an ant
yomp to carry heavy equipment over difficult terrain
talionic retributive; like for like
quirt short
grisaille style of painting in grey tints
borato thin fabric
faburden harmony in thirds and sixths
hygrophilous preferring or living where there is an abundance of moisture—
tephromancy divination by ashes
implodent an implosive sound—
nosocomial of, like or pertaining to a hospital
thole pin in the side of a boat to keep oar in place
lucimeter instrument for measuring light intensity
guerdon reward; recompense
obvolute overlapping; twisted
hippodamist horse
anserine of, like or pertaining to geese
uranophobia fear of heaven
unberufen exclamation to avert ill luck following boasting
oniscoid like a woodlouse
megathermic surviving only in tropical climates
tucket flourish on a trumpet
deracinate to root up
discophile one who loves and studies sound recordings
whenas when
colorimeter instrument for measuring and determining color
zatch female genitalia
westing space or distance westward
beadle church caretaker or usher
ampliative supplemental; additional
galop lively double
benefice ecclesiastical office to which revenue is attached
patefaction disclosure; opening; manifestation
latrant barking
sendal thin silk or linen
trechometer instrument for determining distance travelled; odometer
insectivorous eating insects—
hydrophanous becoming transparent when placed in water—
impaste to lay paint or colours thickly on—
calix cup; chalice
affusion pouring on; as of baptismal water
clou main point of interest; dominant idea
zoogamy sexual reproduction of animals
conceptualism theory that universal truths exist as mental concepts
acarpous sterile; not bearing fruit
anagogy mystical interpretation
pathic passive; a passive subject
pycnometer instrument for measuring specific gravity or density
subsultus convulsive movement
latitudinarian one having tolerant or free religious views
psychomancy divination by means of spirits
morphonomy laws governing biological morphology
sateen glossy cotton or wool
usageaster self
grauncher clumsy and incompetent mechanic
ounce medium to large
soricine of, like or pertaining to shrews
tocophobia fear of pregnancy or childbirth
biotaxy classification of living organisms
hemiolic based on the ratio of 3 to 2
sephiroth ten essences of God emanated into the physical world
kinesics study of gestural communication
phenomenalism belief that phenomena are the only realities
liber phloem or fibre from tree
gyle fermenting vat for beer
montero huntsman
heteronym word having same spelling but different sound and meaning—
aulete flautist
sempect extremely elderly Benedictine monk
crambo game in which rhyme must be found for given word
physiosophy assumption of knowledge of nature
tenaille outwork in main ditch of a fortification
lutose covered with mud or clay; muddy
replevin repossession of stolen goods pending outcome of lawsuit
auriscope instrument for examining the ear
undate wavy
palimpsest manuscript or paper that is erased and then written over
aiué elderly; senior
thymiatechny use of perfumes for medicinal purposes
gressorial adapted for walking
nullifidian having no faith; one who is faithless
zoon organism regarded as a complete animal
syllepsis figure where word related to two others differently
pareunia coitus
qintar Albanian unit of currency
jaseran fine chain mail jacket
fenestella recess in church wall for storing communion vessels
somatotrophic promoting growth of the body
camelry troops mounted on camels
interciliary between the eyebrows—
papren stone passing through a wall from face to face
apocarteresis suicide by starvation
campestral of, like or pertaining to the country; pertaining to level ground
timbrophily love or fondness for stamps; stamp
supervenient extraneous, additional or unexpected
amplexus rutting of frogs and toads
torpescence becoming numb or torpid
pseudography unsatisfactory spelling
caesaropapism control of the church by a secular ruler
pagophagia eating trays of ice to help offset iron deficiency
stellify to set among the stars
unifarious arranged in a single row or series
woolage untidy hair
whelky knobby; rounded
cenophobia fear of empty spaces
whiffler official who clears way for a procession
inclinometer instrument for measuring inclination to the horizontal of an axis—
quinism pathological state resulting from excessive use of quinine
gantline rope used in single
carioca variation of the samba
stirpiculture selective breeding
medusiform resembling a jellyfish
alternatim alternately
alee on or toward the lee
somnorific causing sleep; soporific
hypothecate to mortgage; to place as security—
kinderspiel a children’s cantata or play
labefactation a weakening decay; overthrow
hypnomogia insomnia—
frontal cloth hanging over front of altar
acclivity upward slope
cabré flying upside down with tail down
salsitude saltiness; brackishness
battue indiscriminate slaughter; driving game towards slaughter
sisyphean laborious, endless and futile
fougade piece of improvised artillery
rinkomania obsession with skating
helictite twisted; branching stalactite—
wittol one who knows wife’s faithlessness and submits to it
tricorn three
graticulation division of design into squares when scaling
quintic of the fifth order or degree
hypsometer instrument for measuring height of trees through triangulation—
kinetoscope instrument for producing curves by combination of circular movements
chiropterophilous pollinated or frequented by bats
howdah seat with a canopy erected on an elephant’s back—
catholicos primate of Armenian or Nestorian church
digonal figure such that a half
apatetic of an animal’s coloration or markings
iamb poetic foot consisting of short then a long syllable—
delactation weaning
praxeology study of practical or efficient activity; science of efficient action
parvanimity smallness of mind
turdine of, like or pertaining to thrushes
scapiform shaped like a stalk
factive indicating causation
yarnwindle tool for winding yarn into a ball
argol crust formed on wine kept too long or improperly
zinciferous bearing zinc
opisthograph manuscript or slab inscribed on both back and front
anadem wreath, fillet or band
diabrotic corrosive
zedoary aromatic root resembling ginger
commorant resident of an institution
cevesaile ornamental corner of a coat
cladose branching; branched
porbeagle shark with a pointed snout
uranometry measurement of distances between heavenly bodies
spandrel design in corner of postage stamp
zoophagy eating animals
petulcous butting like a ram
zineb white powder used as fungicide
gaminesque playful; impish; boyish
decennoval of, like or pertaining to the number nineteen
coprology study of pornography
ondoyant wavy
psychrophobia fear of the cold
propugnation defence
swingometer instrument for measuring swing in votes during an election
pyrokinesis ability to start fires using mind alone
periphrasis circumlocution; round
bedswerver unfaithful spouse
scutigerous bearing a shield or scales
zibeline of, like or pertaining to the sable
turrical of, like or pertaining to a tower or turret; like a turret
spirulate spirally arranged
argute shrill; keen; shrewd
mortise hole or recess made in wood to receive a tenon
nutrication nourishment
hoyden tomboy—
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