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lost words random

incabinate to enclose in a cabin; to confine The solution to her writer’s block was to incabinate herself at her country villa.
excutient adj shaking off The excutient dog showered the topless sunbathers, causing them to rise in alarm.
gardeviance chest for valuables; a travelling trunk She kept her linens in that old gardeviance for over sixty years.
commendaces npl funeral orations; prayers for the dead At his funeral, his brother delivered a set of exquisite commendaces.
vocitate to name or call I can understand giving a name to a dog, but who vocitates their houseplants?
ruricolous living in the country or in fields Though the city has its attractions, I much prefer the quiet ruricolous life.
phalerate ornamented; decorated The phalerate umbrella
jungible that may be joined The trailers are jungible by means of a complex hitching system.
uviferous adj bearing grapes or vines The uviferous hills of Champagne are still renowned for their quality produce.
bumposopher n one learned in bumps; a phrenologist Craniology has progressed greatly since the days of bumposophers.
adnascentia npl rootEvery winter, the adnascentia would shift around, destroying the lawn’s even texture.
tornatil adj made with a wheel; turned on a wheel The potter was a master of his tornatil work, but many of his pots broke during firing.
odynometer n instrument for measuring pain Suspecting his patient’s illness to be feigned, he pulled out his trusty odynometer.
pecuarious serving or belonging to beasts or cattle The children tossed the pecuarious leavings at one another, to their parents’ dismay.
ficulnean of fig
roomthily spatially; with respect to space His bachelor apartment is roomthily challenged, to say nothing of the smell.
latibule hiding place The girl emerged triumphantly from her latibule, only to find her friends had already left.
fallaciloquence deceitful speech Your fallaciloquence, though charming, will not convince the jury to acquit.
privign n stepson Though he was only her privign, she always treated him as if he were her own child.
cloakatively ad superficially These reforms have only cloakatively made the situation better for the poor.
stigmatypy n printing portraits using dots of different sizes The use of stigmatypy takes enormous effort, but provides little artistic benefit.
welmish adj of a pale or sickly colour Her welmish complexion was the first clue that she had become a fullblown addict.
cecograph n writing device for the blind The development of computers has made the cecograph entirely obsolete.
ejurate to renounce; to abjure I ejurate this entire organization and its principles, which I now see to be corrupt.
penarious of or pertaining to victuals or provisions
jobler one who does small jobs We’ve found a great jobler who takes care of our repairs quickly and cheaply.
circumbilivagination n going around in a circular motion; circumambulation
dicaearchy n just government While we dream of living in a dicaearchy, in truth, we’re governed by dicks.
stagma n any distilled liquor I will touch neither wine nor stagma, though I do occasionally partake of ale.
utible adj serviceable; useful While the new system is much more expensive, at least it is utible.
soleated adj shod like a horse Because his steed was poorly soleated, he was unable to make good time on the trip.
irredivivous unable to be revived Despite Dr. House’s best effort, the patient remained irredivivous.
pamphagous eating everything; all
montivagant wandering over hills and mountains The montivagant hiker crossed the Alps with ease but was stymied by the Andes.
tollation n act of lifting The tollation of the child from the well required special equipment to be imported.
prebition n act of offering, showing or setting before The prebition of his treasure
desarcinate to unload; to unburden She haughtily ordered her butler to desarcinate her baggage from the car.
tudiculate to bruise or pound; to work as with a hammer He was brutally tudiculated by the bullies, so he started to work out.
patration n perfection or completion of something The patration of my dissertation will be an occasion for great merriment.
portmantologist n one who studies or coins portmanteau words Rather than being a portmantologist, why not use perfectly good existing words
ecstasiate to go into an ecstasy; to cause to become ecstatic The arrival of the boy
apanthropinization n withdrawal from human concerns or the human world
albedineity n whiteness The monotonous albedineity of the snow
crocitation n croaking; cawing The crocitation of the gulls meant that I got no sleep last night.
gaudiloquent speaking joyfully or on joyful matters Her gaudiloquent tone was thought excessively perky by the stodgy faculty.
avunculize to act as an uncle; to behave like an uncle I often avunculize to my younger friends, which no doubt annoys them.
bromography n a treatise on food It’s not enough to write a bromography
lampistry art of decorating lamps The church bazaar is always full of skilled needlework, lampistry and other crafts.
quercivorous feeding on oak trees The proliferation of quercivorous insects is a boon rather than a bane to the ecosystem.
rupography n art of taking impressions of coins or medals in sealing wax
canitude n greyness; hoariness; whiteness The first snowfall of the year gave the field a pleasant canitude.
yelve n dungfork; gardenfork; to use such a fork With her yelve and hoe never far from hand, she grew her crops the oldfashioned way.
deartuate to dismember He cunningly hoped that if he deartuated the body, he could hide it in the hole.
jumperism principles of a jumping Methodist sect While snake
roblet v to lead astray He roblets his intended victims in the old part of the city before mugging them.
eveniency n coming to pass His mother thought that the eveniency of her son’s marriage was inevitable.
viliorate to make less good; to worsen The presence of gangs viliorates the quality of life for everyone in the neighbourhood.
miliaceous like millet or the millet
palmoscopy n observation of heartbeat or pulse as part of medical diagnosis
synallactic adj reconciliatory A synallactic dinner was a good idea, and helped them save their marriage.
famelicose often or very hungry The tribe’s crops frequently fail, and their children are famelicose.
prescited foreknown or predestined for damnation; condemned
pyroleter n double
bajulate to bear a heavy burden Their Sherpa aides were vexed by the demand that they bajulate as well as guide.
bimarian adj pertaining to two seas Some think that America needs to improve its bimarian naval defenses.
paterophobia n fear of the early Church fathers The Romans’ paterophobia mellowed over time, until Christianity was fully accepted.
molrowing caterwauling; cavorting with prostitutes Her son is a molrowing vagabond without any social graces, much to her shame.
agonarch n judge of a contest or activity Our competition will require six agonarchs to ensure fairness
vanmost ad in the front; foremost The vanmost brigade is expected to take very high casualties, unfortunately.
venalitious adj of the sale of humans as slaves Despite universal condemnation, venalitious practices abound in the Third World today.
brephophagist n one who eats babies The character Fat Bastard is a disgustingly obese Scottish brephophagist.
ipsographic self
sparsile adj of a star, not included in any constellation The prevalence of sparsile stars today reflects technical advances in telescopy.
amarulence n bitterness; spite After losing her job to a less qualified man, she was full of amarulence.
gnathonize to flatter I can tell that you’re just trying to gnathonize me, you sycophantic buffoon!
obstrigillate v to oppose; to resist I will not obstrigillate the efforts of my opponent to besmirch my good name.
palintocy n repayment of interest paid on a loan I understand you can’t pay me everything, but I demand a palintocy, at the very least.
papicolist n one who worships the pope; a papist Today, even papicolists grudgingly admit that papal infallibility cannot be literally true.
oncethmus n braying The oncethmus of most politicians is far worse than that given off by any beast.
sagittiferous adj bearing arrows The general ordered that some of his footsoldiers should thereafter be sagittiferous.
cameranious adj of or relating to a chamber The social gathering benefited from the cozy, cameranious setting.
scaevity n unluckiness; lefthandedness She attributed her failure to evil forces, but her family felt it was a matter of scaevity.
vappous adj flat; insipid This chili has a vappous and unpleasant taste, unlike the other offerings.
coquinate to behave as a cook Martha may seem to be able to coquinate, but her actions are highly scripted.
namelings n persons bearing the same name The namelings Martin Luther and Dr. King shared a concern with political reform.
cibosity n store of food; plenty of food supplies The cibosities of those paranoid about YK are still rotting in their cellars.
vellicle n something that pinches or holds fast You need some sort of vellicle to keep the papers from falling all over the place.
penintime second from inmost Venus, our solar system’s penintime planet, is Earth’s twin in many regards.
diloricate to rip open a sewn piece of clothing She deloricated his silk shirts so she could use them as dishrags.
cestuan adj of or pertaining to a boxer’s gloves or cesti No cestuan improvements can negate the damage of such blows to the head.
hypenemious full of wind; windy; of an egg, malformed Let us protect ourselves against the hyenemious assault of the hurricane.
utlegation n legal process by which someone is outlawed The gunslinger’s utlegation was no impediment to his efforts to find work.
citharize to play the harp If you plan to citharize, prepare to build up calluses on your fingers.
nidifice n a nest The lizard climbed into the nidifice, only to be eaten by the mother eagle.
aretaloger n braggart; one who boasts about his own accomplishments
summotion n removal The summotion of the unruly committee members was itself an unruly occasion.
scathefire n great destructive fire; conflagration Despite the scathefire that razed the town, its citizens were determined to rebuild.
sturionic adj of or pertaining to the sturgeon With its great sturionic strength, it leapt off the hook, never again to be seen.
quibbleism n practice of quibbling His carping and quibbleism earned him much scorn, a fact of which he was oblivious.
sodalitious adj of or belonging to society or to fellowship Sodalitious camaraderie is the basis for gentlemanly life in this civilized era.
adimpleate to fill up The new technique adimpleates the cans with milk through injection.
suffarcinate to load up; to stuff His daughter suffarcinated the moving van with a hoard of old clothing, to his chagrin.
mulomedic relating to the medical care of mules The doctor’s mulomedic abilities were of enormous importance to the trek’s success.
hercotectonic of or pertaining to the construction of fortifications or walls The fort’s hercotectonic strength was insufficient to repel cannon
airgonaut n one who journeys through the air Balloonists, skydivers and other airgonauts are all a little mad, if you ask me.
vargeous adj resembling a rod; rodlike He twirled his vargeous billyclub menacingly at the peaceful protesters.
sinapistic adj consisting of mustard The chef’s sinapistic sauces delighted connoisseurs of French cuisine.
teterrimous adj most foul The fiend’s teterrimous visage alarmed the librarian, who quickly closed the dark tome.
rhodologist n one who studies and classifies roses Any rhodologist knows that a rose by any other name does not smell as sweet.
caprizant adj of the pulse, uneven or irregular While he hadn’t had a full
pregnatress n female power that generates or gives birth to something
vadiation n act of requiring a pledge The secret society insisted that he must attend the vadiation ceremony before entering.
antipelargy n reciprocal or mutual kindness; love and care of children for their parents
orgiophant n one who presides over orgies The orgiophant had dozens of hangers
homerkin old liquid measure for beer “I’m so thirsty I could drink a homerkin of beer,” Simpson lamented.
maleolent having an ill odour His maleolent recipe was avoided by all but the most courageous or polite guests.
cagastric adj of diseases, originating under an ill star We no longer believe in cagastric causes for illness and deformity.
tenellous adj somewhat tender Their tenellous relationship, which was never strong, came under great strain.
leporicide or rabbits Elmer Fudd’s futile attempts at leporicide were always foiled by his intended prey.
brabeum n reward or prize Without some brabeum, the students will have no incentive to work harder.
redamancy n act of loving in return Despite his lack of redamancy, her passion for him was unabated for several years.
coherentific adj causing to become coherent; causing cohesion
philargyrist n lover of money; covetous person I am no philargyrist, but I like to live well, so charity isn’t in my best interest.
morsicant producing the sensation of repeated biting or pricking After sitting for several hours, I had a terrible morsicant pain in my rear end.
hiulcity an opening or cleft They stepped into the hiulcity in the cliff face, unaware of the danger within.
ptochology n study of beggars and unemployment If we want to understand the roots of poverty, we must undertake work in ptochology.
boscaresque adj picturesque; scenically wooded Despite northern England’s industrial pollution, parts of it remain boscaresque.
sermonolatry n excessive devotion to sermons We moved to a church across town because of our pastor’s excessive sermonolatry.
sevous adj like tallow or suet The sevous mixture wouldn’t harden, and so the whole batch of candles was ruined.
mancation maiming; mutilation The general would suffer no mancation or execution of fallen enemy troops.
ovablastic making eggs burst open in the womb The doctor rejected the ovablastic technique, finding it to violate his moral principles.
rhedarious of or serving as a carriage or chariot His fancy for rhedarious transport was seen as old
tabernarious adj belonging to shops or taverns Our tabernarious citizens have put before us their preposterous demands.
halatinous saline; salty The halatinous mist brought back memories of his childhood at the seashore.
krioboly sacrifice of many rams; bath in blood of rams Contrary to rumour, pagan rituals do not involve krioboly or baby
improcerous low; short The coffee table was much too improcerous to be of any real use.
snobographer n one who describes or writes about snobs The editors scrapped the society page because it was full of pretentious snobographers.
mitescent growing mild You’re becoming mitescent in your old age, and can hardly stomach conflict any more.
historiaster petty or contemptible historian While Foucault is widely praised today, he was no more than a historiaster.
parepochism n error in dating or assigning time period The antique dealer was well known for his parepochisms, so we didn’t feel too bad.
agonyclite n member of a heretical sect that stood rather than kneeled while praying
devalgate adj bow
phasianic of or pertaining to pheasants Our phasianic hunting
gypsation action or process of plastering with gypsum The gypsation of the room took much too long and irritated his allergies.
diribitory n place where pay is distributed to soldiers Directly deposited salaries for soldiers obviate the need for diribitories.
stibogram n graphic record of footprints The detective took stibograms from the scene, hoping they would lead to the culprit.
lignatile living or growing on wood She collected lignatile mushrooms on her hike, confident in her identifications.
viduifical adj widowmaking It is often said that golf is just as viduifical as war, and twice as pointless.
sevidical adj speaking cruel and harsh words; threatening I will not tolerate your sevidical tone and manner, you filthy peasant!
pigritude n slothfulness Despite the college student’s pigritude, he continued to maintain a ‘B’ average.
gumfiate to cause to swell; to puff up He just had his wisdom teeth extracted, so his cheeks are gumfiated.
chermadic adj of a heavy weight used as a projectile Wile E. Coyote continues to be crushed by his own chermadic snares.
bubulcitate to act as a cowherd; to cry like a cowherd When their cat went missing, they were on the street bubulcitating for weeks.
trabeal adj like a beam; of the nature of a horizontal beam This trabeal support for the roof won’t last more than a decade.
magophony massacre of magi or priests The acts of magophony that accompany religious intolerance are simply unacceptable.
findible able to be cleft or split This pie is perfectly findible, if we can agree to some simple rules for cutting it.
omniregency n universal rulership; state of complete authority The principle of omniregency is now seriously mistrusted, and not only by radicals.
brochity n projecting or crooked quality of teeth His parents later regretted that they did not correct his brochity in his youth.
prandicle n small meal In those years, she would take several prandicles during the course of each day.
nerterology n learning relating to the dead or the underworld Her inquiries into nerterology were inspired by a youthful visit to a medieval crypt.
riviation n fishing While anglers are the sort who enjoy quiet contemplation, I find riviation to be boring.
inveteratist opponent of reform; one who inveterately holds to tradition The golf course’s manager, being an inveteratist, continued to refuse women entry.
gardevisure visor of a helmet as shown on heraldic devices Since you’re so ugly, why not place a gardevisure on your coat of arms?
poliadic of the nature of a local or tutelary god Respect for poliadic spirits and deities continued long after the region converted.
plenisphere n a perfect sphere The iridescent plenispheres in the sky told him that someone was blowing bubbles.
keleusmatically adv imperatively; in an imperative mood “Sit down!” the teacher instructed his wife keleusmatically, to her chagrin.
alabandical adj barbarous; stupefied from drink His behaviour after the party was positively alabandical.
modernicide killing or killer of modern people While the Luddites were radical traditionalists, they never engaged in modernicide.
nequient not being able While the other students understand algebra, you are still nequient in this simple art.
ducenarious adj pertaining to two hundred The ducenarious diversion of the bicentennial brought the countrymen together.
embolimaeal adj intercalary; inserted into the calendar The addition of embolimaeal days caused calendrical confusion in the past.
pomarious of or belonging to an orchard or fruit
chronanagram n an anagram of a chronogram Jacobites used chronanagrams to cryptically express support for their cause.
gipseian belonging or pertaining to gypsies The gipseian rhythms made her feel as if she were in the Middle East.
ichorescent growing or becoming ichorous After several months, the carrots were disgustingly ichorescent.
siagonology n study of jawbones Reliance on siagonology alone led to the proliferation of the Piltdown Man hoax.
sputcheon n metal lining of the mouth of a scabbard The blade rang against the sputcheon as he drew it, eliminating the element of surprise.
phlyarologist n one who talks nonsense He was a petty phlyarologist who could rarely hold an intelligent conversation.
squiriferous adj having the character or qualities of a squire The squiriferous youth squandered his inheritance with astonishing rapidity.
phylactology n science of counter
exipotic purgative; cleansing the body of illness While the medicine was exipotic to his body, it made a mess of his bathroom.
eternitarian n one who believes in the eternity of the soul Though she held to no particular faith, she remained a hopeful eternitarian.
pedegorize v to construct a pedigree; to derive through a pedigree
pilimiction n
eicastic adj imitative The comedian’s wit is limited to his considerable eicastic abilities.
sceptriferous adj bearing a scepter The court’s sceptriferous seneschal had a primarily symbolic function.
veprecose adj full of brambles When they moved onto the estate, the grounds were veprecose and untended.
kalotypography beautiful printing Medieval manuscripts are attractive, but modern kalotypography surely surpasses them.
plebicolar courting or appealing to the common people
rendling n curdling or setting of cheese Seeing the realization slowly dawn upon her was like witnessing the rendling of cheese.
obarmate v to arm against Let us obarmate ourselves for the upcoming battle against the Mongols!
medioxumate of gods of intermediate rank between those of heaven and of hell Medioxumate deities such as those of the Greek pantheon are rarely worshipped today.
melanochalcographer engraver of copper printing plates No melanochalcographer can match a photographic print in quality of reproduction.
macellarious pertaining to butchers or meat markets Some practitioners of the macellarious arts are more humane to animals than vegans.
diffibulate to unbutton; to unbuckle He found it difficult to diffibulate her blouse using only one hand.
quotientive indicating how often She set up the schedule using a quotientive formula to ensure fairness.
mulcible able to be appeased Despite his promises of food, the crowd was not mulcible and began to riot.
ascoliasm n boys’ game of beating each other with gloves or leather while hopping
pseudisodomous style of wall construction using stones of different thickness
habroneme having the appearance of fine threads Her habroneme hair was admired by many hairstylists for its fine texture.
myriander consisting of ten thousand men Her myriander host of suitors never figured out that she was a lesbian.
stiricide n falling of icicles from a house The untended tenement was very dangerous in winter due to stiricide.
gutturniform shaped like a water pitcher She was never able to mould the clay into a proper gutturniform shape.
mingent discharging urine The mingent dog amused the children but not the owner of the flower garden.
filicology study of ferns Filicology is a discipline for which paleontological training is a great asset.
obrumpent breaking; bursting The guests were startled to attention by the sound of obrumpent balloons.
novaturient desiring changes or alterations The novel’s author rightly rejected the novaturient wishes of the screenwriters
mariturient eager to marry He was beset with offers from several distant cousins who were desperately mariturient.
schismarch n founder of a schism The schismarch of the People’s Front of Judea was hated by his former allies.
logarithmotechny the art of calculating logarithms But sir, without my calculator, I will be reduced to painful logarithmotechny!
xenization n fact of travelling as a stranger This period of youthful xenization was the source of his later cultural tolerance.
egrote to feign an illness He was a master of egroting in order to find more time to study for tests.
labascate v to begin to fall or slide He watched with helpless horror as the baby carriage labascated down the stairs.
slimikin adj small and slender She was a slimikin young woman who often flirted with the schoolboys at the academy.
epalpebrate adj lacking eyebrows If you don’t stop plucking, soon you’ll be epalpabrate!
tecnolatry n worship or idolization of children Despite her infertility, or perhaps because of it, she was known for her tecnolatry.
virtival n metal support for an axle Though he added virtivals to the cart, it fell to pieces at the first major jolt.
secability n capability of being cut The limited secability of Kevlar makes it an ideal material for modern armour.
quaeritate v to question; to inquire If I might quaeritate, why are we headed in the wrong direction on the trail?
casitive adj having grammatical cases The casitive nature of Finnish and Hungarian makes them difficult to learn.
celeberrimous adj very or most highly celebrated Her celeberrimous accomplishments were lauded by her colleagues.
hymnicide killing of hymns through alterations Many accused the revisionists in the Church of committing hymnicide.
frenigerent bearing a bridle The frenigerent filly flew fast from the fire.
boreism n behaviour of a boring person The professor, while brilliant, was afflicted by boreism when lecturing.
fabrefaction act of fashioning or making a work of art The sculptor felt that fabrefaction was more important than the end result.
vacivity n emptiness The vacivity of her mind can hardly be a consequence of her blonde hair.
radicarian pertaining to the roots of words A radicarian knowledge of Latin is of central importance for English etymology.
succisive adj of time, spare or in excess Because I worked so much harder than them, they envied my succisive rests.
woundikins int diminutive form of “wounds”; mild oath He shouted, “Great woundikins!” upon striking his toe, much to their amusement.
ichthyarchy the domain or rule of fishes Despite his ichthyarchy, Aquaman is really a very pitiful superhero.
hecatologue code consisting of 100 rules The teen whined that her parents’ list of rules was practically a hecatologue.
vampirarchy n set of rulers comparable to vampires Some believe that we are secretly ruled by the Illuminati or a similar vampirarchy.
celeripedean adj swift
noscible knowable; well
phoenigm n reddening of the skin; reddish medical application The phoenigm of his cheeks after the race testified both to his fatigue and his elation.
castaldy n stewardship His castaldy over the manor was dependent on his good relations with the lord’s sons.
binoternary adj combining binary and trinary aspects The dots on the “ face of a die are arranged in a binoternary fashion.
vultuous adj having a sad or solemn countenance The child’s vultuous visage was the key to the team’s successful con game.
autexousious adj exercising or possessing free will If we are truly autexousious, then why do we so often feel powerless?
archiloquy n first part of a speech We stopped paying attention during his talk due to his monotonous archiloquy.
aeipathy n continued passion; an unyielding disease Her aeipathy for stamp collecting bordered at times on the pathological
panchymagogue n medicine purging all the humours from the body
mecography measurement of the dimensions and weight of body parts The condom company used mecography to obtain necessary data about its clientele.
impigrity quickness; speed The impigrity of the contract’s signing led to vexing legal wranglings.
vinitorian adj of or pertaining to tending vines Though the orchard was more profitable, her vinitorian skills earned her respect.
lardlet small piece of bacon to put into meat to enrich with fat The secret to her pot roasts is the use of lardlets to enhance the flavour of the meat.
jussulent full of broth or soup The bubbling of the jussulent cauldron and the crackling of the campfire soothed her.
dipsopathy n medical treatment involving abstinence from liquids The new antibiotics he was taking required him to practice strict dipsopathy.
trajectitious adj characterized by oversea transport The trajectitious movement of sugar cane allowed the merchants to grow rich.
sireniform adj having the lower legs abnormally joined into a single limb
tremefy to cause to tremble His words tremefied the more gullible of onlookers, while others shook their heads.
hemerine daily; quotidian The hemerine ritual of walking her dog kept her in good physical shape.
ingordigious greedy; avaricious Your ingordigious ways are cruel and heartless; charity is the path to joy.
ingeniculation bending of the knee His ingeniculation was in vain, and she turned away in disgust, never to return.
weequashing n spearing of fish or eels by torchlight from canoes The Scouts went out weequashing, but they forgot to obtain the proper permit.
divinipotent adj having strong divinatory powers While the TV psychic claims to be divinipotent, he’s clearly a charlatan.
tristifical adj causing to be sad or mournful His tristifical wailing got the best of us, and we also were reduced to tears.
ephydriad n water
soloecal adj provincially incorrect His soloecal Southern dialect cost him more than one job.
dodrantal adj of nine inches in length The male stripper’s dodrantal instrument impressed the ladies greatly.
vicambulate to walk about in the streets Would you care to vicambulate with me on this fine evening, my dear?
scandiscope n machine for cleaning chimneys The scandiscope removed soot, but also what might have been reindeer droppings.
vadosity n fact of being fordable The limited vadosity of the river presented an enormous barrier to the pioneers.
archigrapher n principal or head secretary or clerk The archigrapher efficiently designated transcription duties to her underlings.
venundate to buy and sell The farmer went to town once a month to venundate, but was otherwise solitary.
auturgy n self
lubency willingness; pleasure My lubency to help you in this matter will not be increased by your paltry bribes.
tussicate to cough He tussicated throughout the opera, annoying nearby audience members.
magastromancy magical astrology Her reliance on magastromancy to decide the students’ grades got her in trouble.
tolfraedic adj of reckoning one hundred as ; duodecimal Unfortunately, our measures still have a strong component of tolfraedic reckoning.
bonifate adj lucky; fortunate The gambler was too bonifate, and attracted the casino manager’s attention.
thural adj of or pertaining to incense The mysteries of the ancient order involved the burning of thural herbs.
triclavianism n belief that only three nails were used at Christ’s crucifixion
hyometer rain gauge Her homemade hyometer was overwhelmed and destroyed by the deluge.
pugnastics n displays of pugilistic ability Ali’s pugnastics were much more impressive than his overly boastful showmanship.
cynicocratical adj pertaining to rule by cynics When people mistrust government, our leaders become cynicocratical.
occulcation n act of treading on or trampling Repeated occulcations of this field by soldiers have left it useless for agriculture.
cosmogyral adj whirling round the universe The great cosmogyral peregrinations of galaxies follow simple physical laws.
crebrity n frequency; period between two occurrences Old Faithful is a natural clock, and its invariant crebrity continues to amaze.
hirculation disease of vines where they grow no fruit Despite a fantastic growing season, the vineyard was crippled by hirculation.
venialia n minor sins or offences Though he had done nothing heinous, all of his friends had been victims of his venialia.
graocracy government by an old woman or women High voter turnout among elderly women may soon lead us into a graocracy.
tauroboly n slaughter of a bull or bulls; pagan bull sacrifice The cruelty of the matador led her to fight against tauroboly as an inhumane practice.
amandation n act of sending away or dismissing His rude amandation of his guests earned him a reputation for curtness.
isangelous equal to the angels I’ve had just about enough of her isangelous and self
blateration n chatter; babbling I’ve had just about enough of your garrulous blateration, you clod!
inocciduous of a star, never setting Polaris was his inocciduous guide as he trekked across the Great Plains.
lambition act of licking or lapping The child’s lambition of the ice cream was interrupted by gravity, the cruellest master.
foppotee simpleton What a pitiful foppotee he was, always oblivious to our jeers!
psephograph n machine for automatically recording votes These newfangled computers are no more reliable than an old
veteratorian adj crafty; subtle Your veteratorian villainy is no match for the might of my armies of men!
pudify v to cause to be ashamed Your remarks do not pudify me, for you are as guilty of such offenses as I am!
murklins in the dark She stumbled murklins about the house until she found the light switch.
embaphium n small vessel for measuring or serving medicine She employed an embaphium to ensure the correct dose was given.
resarciate v to mend; to make amends She wanted to resarciate their friendship before it was damaged irreparably.
drollic adj of or pertaining to puppet shows Computer graphics are rapidly replacing the drollic puppet
amorevolous adj affectionate; loving Our father, though amorevolous, could be a strict taskmaster at times.
pessundate v to cast down or ruin The Roman Empire was pessundated by its economic woes rather than moral decline.
sedecuple n quantity sixteen times another She enjoyed the Slinky, though her age was the sedecuple of her granddaughter’s.
aporrhoea n a bodily emanation; an effluvium The evening’s revelries were followed by an unfortunate episode of aporrhoea.
mochlic drastic purgative medicine This mochlic remedy is worse than the disease, but at least it will be over quickly.
speustic adj made or baked in haste At the last minute, he thought to throw together a speustic pie for the gathering.
decutient adj shaking down; beating down Their decutient technique for getting apples from trees annoyed the farmer.
flosculation an embellishment or ornament in speech The speaker’s lecture was rendered laughable by ridiculous flosculations.
Lutherolatry worship of Martin Luther and his teachings The priest was poorly received for his denunciation of Lutherolatry and paganism.
theomeny n the wrath of God I may suffer theomeny for my beliefs, but at least I will have been consistent.
pannuscorium n soft leather cloth used on the tops of shoes and boots
interfation act of interrupting another while speaking His boorish interfations were ill
circuland n that which is to be circulated Here we have the circuland, as opposed to our internal earnings report.
leeftail in great demand; having a quick sale The new Corvettes are a leeftail product, no doubt because of the economic boom.
primifluous that which flows first The primifluous wines of the evening were excellent, unlike the plonk served later.
operiment n a covering If you don’t get an operiment for your classic car, it will rust away in a brief time.
sacricolist n devout worshipper She was a skeptic, but became a sacricolist after her father’s death.
rogitate v to ask frequently “Are we there yet?”, the kids rogitated, apparently unaware of their parents’ frustration.
cacatory adj accompanied by loose bowels For the diners, the effects of the chicken cacciatore, alas, were cacatory.
rogalian of or pertaining to a great fire The books’ authors were rightly incensed at their works’ rogalian fate under the censors.
ulvose adj full of reeds or weeds The ulvose marsh was drained, damaging the habitat of several species of waterfowl.
famigerate to carry news from abroad The bloggers famigerated about the conditions in the war
scelidate adj having legs; legged The legless dragon of Eastern myth contrasts with its scelidate Western counterpart.
psalloid resembling a harp or stringed instrument Her renown as a maker of psalloid instruments led to a position at the royal court.
lugent weeping; mourning After hearing of the attack, her brothers were lugent at first, then enraged.
pullarian of or pertaining to chicken or fowl Our pullarian mascot was trampled by the opposing team’s offensive line.
sophronize to imbue with sound moral principles or selfcontrol It is important that we sophronize children, not merely teach them facts.
plegnic acting by a blow; striking like a hammer; percussive
austerulous adj somewhat or slightly harsh The austerulous monks were rarely lenient with their pupils.
recineration n second reduction to ashes The recineration of his book manuscript in the second fire drove him over the edge.
fumificate to make or cause smoke or incense The only problem with the new grill is its tendency to fumificate.
perantique very antique or ancient She treasured the perantique mirror even though the glass was somewhat warped.
gleimous slimy; full of phlegm Its gleimous tongue slipped between its teeth and ensnared the moose.
defedate to defile; to pollute The toxic chemicals continue to defedate our town’s water supply.
nepheliad n cloudLike a nepheliad, the skydiver dove gracefully through the clouds.
vectarious adj belonging to a wagon or carriage At the end of their vectarious voyage, he pulled out the engagement ring.
urette n dried animal urine absorbed into calcareous soil The only sign it had ever been a pasture were the patches of urette and dried dung.
dromograph n instrument for measuring velocity of blood flow The dromograph readings from his elderly patient alarmed the doctor.
colaphize to beat or buffet His lawyer claimed that police had colaphized him, which confused the judge.
ectylotic adj removing warts or calluses Use this ectylotic bandage on your finger and you’ll be cured in a week or two.
starrify to decorate with stars; to make into a star She would often starrify her high school students’ work, thereby infantilizing them.
cacozealous adj imitating badly; poorly affected Her cacozealous attempt at mimicking her boss bordered on being offensive.
occaecation n the act of blinding After his occaecation, he was unable to enjoy simple pleasures such as reading.
helctic acting to drag or draw out; drawing While leechcraft is derided, it is medicinally useful from a helctic perspective.
gelicide a frost Unfortunately, the flowers were killed too soon by an early gelicide.
sigilism n act of revealing the secrets of the confessional After learning of such atrocities, it is only natural that he would consider sigilism.
tetanothrum n cosmetic for removing wrinkles The proliferation of tetanothrums reflects the concerns of aging baby boomers.
jecorary of or relating to the liver The alcoholic’s refusal to seek treatment caused him no end of jecorary trouble.
surgation n erection of the penis His surgation caused him embarassment when he had to speak in front of the class.
zygostatical adj pertaining to a market official in charge of weights His zygostatical training allowed him to cheat the scales undetected
magistricide the killing or killer of a teacher or master While many have considered magistricide, few are bold or wicked enough to do so.
inobligality quality of not being obligatory Granting the inobligality of bringing a gift to the party, it is still polite to do so.
quadragintireme n vessel with forty rows of oars
saburrate to put sand or gravel in a ship as ballast Fortunately, the ship was thoroughly saburrated, or else it would surely have capsized.
sagittipotent adj having great ability in archery The sagittipotent hunter found himself unable to kill the beautiful white stag.
ponask v to cook game by splitting it and roasting it on a spit
venustation n act of causing to become beautiful or handsome The cream’s manufacturer fraudulently promised venustation to those who used it.
obacerate v to stop one’s mouth When he swore onstage, several audience members obacerated themselves.
dignorate to mark or brand an animal He was glad he had dignorated his horse, or else he couldn’t have claimed it.
alogotrophy n excessive nutrition of part of body resulting in deformity Was he born with that huge head, or is it the result of alogotrophy?
volgivagant adj pertaining to the common people; poor or base; inconstant Her political fortunes were tied to her ability to appeal to her volgivagant constituents.
rimestock n old almanac with runic writings He bought the old rimestock at auction, but was unaware of its calendric function.
misqueme to displease; to offend If my actions misqueme you or your friends, you need only leave me alone.
sospital adj keeping safe and healthy; preserving from danger The bodyguard’s sospital functions were compromised by his love for his charge.
affuage n right to cut wood in a forest for family firThe family’s right of affuage ensured they would have enough wood for winter.e
telligraph n charter outlining boundaries of landholdings Fortunately, he still possessed the telligraph given to his greatgrandfather.
lococession place for giving Deposit your alms in the lococession we have provided, and you will be rewarded.
piladex n game where an inflated bag is hit with hand to keep aloft across a table
pication n application of warm pitch to the skin as medical treatment
pocilliform shaped like a little cup The golf ball hardly budged from its pocilliform resting
ebaptization n declaring that someone has not been properly baptized They feared the priest’s heterodoxy would lead to charges of ebaptization.
kexy dry, brittle, withered The rustling of the kexy leaves alerted the campers to the bear’s presence.
addecimate to tithe They addecimated regularly but were not otherwise known for their charity.
buccellation n act of dividing into small morsels The buccellation and apportionment of their rations was the subject of heated
traboccant adj superabundant; excessive Your traboccant generosity will no doubt be repaid twice over by the award recipients.
visotactile adj involving both touch and vision The deaf man learned to make better use of visotactile input in his daily life.
essomenic adj showing things as they will be in the future The essomenic properties of crystal balls are very much in dispute.
supellectile adj of the nature of furniture Our apartment is full of knickknacks, but is lacking in supellectile necessities.
temerate to break a bond or promise; to profane She would not compromise, for doing so would force her to temerate her vows.
quadrimular lasting for four years The quadrimular interval between Olympiads is a long wait in terms of athletes’ careers.
oporopolist n fruit
lagenarious flagon
sarcinarious adj serving to carry a burden or load His sarcinarious draughthorse could take no more, and collapsed on the desert sands.
mowburnt of crops, spoiled by becoming overheated The heat wave last August left us with heaps of mowburnt and useless crops.
teliferous adj bearing darts or missiles The teliferous battalion of soldiers advanced, kowing that they had the upper hand.
icasm figurative expression He protested at his trial that the death threat he delivered was only an icasm.
seplasiary n seller or producer of perfumes and ointments She had an allergic reaction after the seplasiary sprayed her in the eyes.
aquabib n water
tortiloquy n crooked speech I will not tolerate such tortiloquy in my court!
crassulent adj very fat; grossly obese While some point to Brando’s crassulent state, others focus on his acting.
lignicide woodcutter We will not tolerate the lignicides who would despoil our old
ictuate v to emphasize; to put metrical stress on She preferred free verse over carefully
hirquitalliency strength of voice The wrestler’s hirquitalliency compensated for his lack of strength and talent.
solennial adj occurring once a year; annual Welcome to our solennial celebration of the birth of our illustrious institution.
artigrapher n writer or composer of a grammar; a grammarian
locupletative tending to enrich Your locupletative contributions have helped furnish the new stadium lavishly.
somandric adj pertaining to the human body Today’s athletes frequently exceed natural somandric limits with anabolic steroids.
spiscious adj of a thick consistency Her soups are both spiscious and delicious, though perhaps overladen with salt.
sementine adj pertaining to sowing; of the time of seeding fields This year’s drought means that our springtime sementine efforts were in vain.
legatarian of or pertaining to a deputy or legate The vice
trophaeal adj pertaining to or adorned with trophies Her trophaeal treasure trove was the only thing undamaged by the fire.
assectation n act of following after something else
nubivagant moving throughout or among clouds The glider flew like a nubivagant bird before emerging out of the clouds and into view.
affictitious adj feigned; counterfeit The forger was caught despite his masterfully
ossifragant bone
senticous adj prickly; thorny He pricked himself on a senticous bush as he searched about for his golf ball.
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