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German verbs

tragen (trug, getragen) to carry, bring, pack [carry], absorb, bear up, sustain [carry the weight], support [carry the weight], wear, bear, wear (cloth.)
verlieren (verlor, verloren) to lose, lose the day, leak [fuel], shed, alienate
etw. verlieren (verlor, verloren) to forfeit sth.
tanzen (tanzte, getanzt) to dance, foot it [dance], to bob, hop, spin
abfahren (fuhr ab/abfuhr, abgefahren) to sail, leave, depart, be off, move off, start off, take off [to depart], drive off [car etc.], to pull out [to depart], shut down [turbine], take out of service, coast down
etw. abfahren (fuhr ab/abfuhr, abgefahren) to take sth. away [to dispose of]
kaufen (kaufte, gekauft) to buy, cash, acquire, purchase, buy out [coll.: to blackmail]
einkaufen (kaufte ein/einkaufte, eingekauft) to buy, shop, buy in, purchase
sich einkaufen (kaufte ein/einkaufte, eingekauft) to buy into einkaufen gehen (ging, gegangen)
öffnen (öffnete | geöffnet) to open, undo, unbolt, unclose, open up, break open, uncap [bottle], unclench
antworten (antwortete, geantwortet) to reply, answer, respond [reply], return [to answer, respond]
leben (lebte, gelebt) to live, exist, subsist, be alive
fragen (fragte/frug, gefragt) to ask, query, request, question, interrogate
bringen (brachte | gebracht ) to take, bring, yield, convey, get [fetch], to feature [story, picture]
schließen (schloss/[alt] schloß, geschlossen) to lock, shut, close, clasp, infer, clause, closure, break up, close up, conclude, contract, shut down, to lock down, close down, conclude (with)
schreiben (schrieb, geschrieben) to pen, write, record, inscribe, ink [archaic]
arbeiten (arbeitete, gearbeitet) to work, operate, function, act [work], carry on a job, run [operate, function]
denken (dachte, gedacht) to think, guess, opine [hold as opinion]
anfangen (fing an/anfing, angefangen) to open, start, begin, become, commence, initiate, start off, introduce, strike up, get going, get started, tee off [fig.], take up [to begin], kick things off [coll.]
suchen (suchte, gesucht) to hunt, seek, search, search for, search after, find [search for], look for [search, seek], look up [in a book etc.]
studieren (studierte, studiert) to read, study, scrutinize
nehmen (nahm, genommen) to pick, take to block [view], use, to overcome [difficulties], negotiate, accept, be on [drugs etc.]
ask for um etwas bitten (bat, gebeten) to beg for, ask for
gehen (ging, gegangen) to go, walk, pace, ambulate
bestellen (bestellte, bestellt) to book, bespeak, appoint, commission, order (comm.)
rennen (rannte, gerannt) to run, dash, race, chase, sprint, career
singen (sang, gesungen) to sing (mus.), vocalize (mus.), sing out/about [sl.: betray to the police]
benötigen (benötigte, benötigt) to need, lack, require, want [need], warrant [require]
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