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Dep20047074 - Essent

Which of the following is NOT a component of Sternberg's triarchic theory of love? consumption
Sternberg's triarchic theory of love commitment intimacy passion
Asia's parents are concerned about her. Asia constantly moves at a frantic pace. She eats very little, though she enjoys helping her parents cook.
She worries obsessively about her weight even though she has lost more than enough in the past year. Which of the following is the most accurate statement about this situation? Asia is showing signs of anorexia, and her parents are right to be concerned.
Piaget's claim that adults are fully formal operational thinkers seems to be:
Which of the following would wise parents do as their adolescent children push for control? Let their children control areas of their lives that they understand.
The only necessary criterion for sexual harassment is: a victim's sense of exploitation
Mollie is currently 15 and pregnant. Which of the following is MOST likely to be true about Mollie? She is less likely to finish high school if she has the baby.
Manny has contracted a virus that is destroying his body's immune system. Manny most likely has: AIDS
Jackie's doctor is concerned that Jackie is losing too much weight. However, Jackie, who is 16, thinks her legs are "too fat" and continues dieting. Jackie is at risk for developing which type of eating disorder? anorexia nervosa
"I'm not going to have an accident. I'm only drinking beer." This statement reflects: personal fable.
Kelli is thinking about marrying Ron. Kelli asked Ron about his attitude on extramarital sex, and Ron said he thought that it was wrong.
Kelli looked up the 1994 sexual survey conducted by Robert Michael and his colleagues and found that ___ of married men have been unfaithful. 25%
Patricia and Fernando are worried that their daughter's sex education program will encourage her to have sex because the class included information about contraceptive use. Research suggests that: their fears are unfounded.
Rob and Alise have just moved in together, so that they can spend more time with each other and get to know each other better. Research indicates that: within 1 year Rob and Alise will no longer be living together.
In general, being single offers the potential advantage of _________ but the potential disadvantage of _________. self-reliance; lack of intimacy.
Elizabeth has very positive relationships with her peers. She identifies strongly with them, is well liked, and confides closely in her best friends. Research shows that adolescents like Elizabeth tend to have: close and secure relationships with their parents as well.
Which of the following statements does the new model of parent-adolescent relationships emphasize? Parents serve as important attachment figures and support systems during adolescence.
Professor Lone Dove argues that homosexuality is biologically determined during the prenatal period. She believes in the: critical-period hypothesis.
Jerome is going through puberty quite early. Research indicates that Jerome is likely to: have a positive self-image
Maria, at age 16, sometimes has mixed-up feelings. Sometimes she gets angry with her parents because they will not let her stay out late and date whom she pleases
but at other times she is angry because they do not seem to nurture her the way they do her younger brother and sisters. Maria is experiencing what Erik Erikson called: psychosocial moratorium
College freshmen are MOST similar to high school freshmen in that both: are considered novices in their respective settings.
Suzie and Richard are cohabitating, whereas Becky and Bernard are married. It is likely that: compared to Becky and Bernard, Suzie and Richard have a more equal relationship.
What question can 12-year-old Jackson answer that he could not answer when he was younger? Does heaven exist?
Manfred is worried about his 16-year-old son hanging around much older people in the neighborhood. Research suggests that Manfred: has reason to worry, since his son is more likely to engage in delinquent behaviors.
Parents who are _______ active in their teen's life have _______ conflicts with them. more; fewer
Thirteen-year-old Grace's blood tests indicate that her levels of testosterone are about twice as high as they were a year ago, and that her estradiol levels are
about eight times higher than last year's. Grace is most likely experiencing normal changes as a result of having entered puberty.
Lauren was recently a victim of rape and is receiving counseling
Knowing the effects of rape, her counselor can predict that there is a 1 in _________ chance that Lauren will suffer some type of sexual dysfunction or reduced sexual desire if she does not receive effective counseling. 2
Aaron is a junior in high school. Some of Aaron's close friends have recently started engaging in vandalism and writing graffiti. What is Aaron likely to do? He is less likely to join in these behaviors than when he was 2 years younger.
Recent research emphasizes the significant role of _________ in weight loss and health. exercise
Troy wants to reduce his risk of heart attack. His doctor recommends that he: exercise several times a week.
James, an American, will most likely consider himself an adult when he ________, whereas Nelson, an African, will most likely consider himself an adult when he _______. obtains financial independence; gets married.
One of the benefits of marriage is: increased longevity
"What if the sun were to explode?" says Alene. "But it never has," replies Janis. "But what if it did?" insists Alene.
But it never has!" says Janis. In this example, Alene is exhibiting ________ thought, whereas Janis is showing ________ thought. abstract; concrete
Cassie waited until she was well established in her career before having children. Which of the following is likely to be true for Cassie? She will have more income for child-rearing expenses than a younger mother would have
Secure attachment to parents during childhood correlates with: more satisfaction with adult relationships
Ramon's parents have decided that he will enroll in the state college near their hometown.
Ramon has not really thought about the issue much himself, and he will probably do what they advise. According to the psychologist James Marcia, accepting his parents' advice will put Ramon into: identity foreclosure
Deanna, a depressed adolescent, is considering suicide. She is: likely to have a history of difficult relations with her family
Penelope is describing her marriage of 15 years: "My husband and I were eating breakfast the other day
Neither of us was talking, both of us just reading and thinking our own thoughts. But it was a very comfortable silence, and I love it!" What aspect of their relationship does this illustrate? affectionate love
Juanita, a 15-year-old high school student, is afraid to go to school because of a small pimple on her forehead. Which aspect of adolescent egocentrism is Juanita experiencing? imaginary audience
Ms. Borthwick-Duffy is teaching parents about the risk factors for depression in teens. She should discuss all of the following, EXCEPT: having a late onset of puberty
David notices he has sores and blisters around his genital area just days after having intercourse. David MOST likely has: genital herpes
Ms. Chang is trying to prepare her health-class students for the onset of puberty. What should she tell the boys that they are likely to experience FIRST? increased penis size
Shiloh is in her first year of middle school. Research shows that she probably: is less satisfied with middle school than with elementary school
42. Harrison has thought for a long time about his future plans. He considered going to a technical college, but he also considered the value of getting a liberal arts degree from a 4-year college identity moratorium
Alondra is "fashionably" thin. She does not have good eating habits, though, often eating large amounts at one time and then practically nothing for days.
Alondra often seems depressed and concerned over the lack of control she feels in her life. Alondra appears to be bulimic
Maggy is 16 and has not yet matured physically. According to recent research, which of the following will be MOST likely when Maggy does complete puberty? She will be more satisfied with her figure than early-maturing girls
Angelina is having some difficulty with her boyfriend. She wants to maintain a close and supportive relationship, but at times she feels smothered by the relationship. Angelina is: experiencing a conflict between intimacy and independence
Juanita engaged in sexual intercourse at the age of 13. Research indicates that Juanita is likely to: drink, use drugs, and be delinquent
D'Shawn and Mia believe that, to help reduce conflict at home, they should not interfere with their adolescent's choices. This pattern is likely to provide _______ in their adolescent. identity diffusion
Steve and Jen believe that they should make certain that their adolescent knows the right choices to make
and they use harsh punishment when their directives are not followed. This pattern is likely to promote _______ in their adolescent. identity foreclosure
Jordyn has a passion for food that leads her to gorge on entire half-gallons of ice cream, bags of potato chips, or boxes of cookies at a time
However, after she gorges, she "compensates" by running as many as 10 miles and sometimes even makes herself vomit. This scenario would probably lead a physician to classify Jordyn as having: bulimia nervosa
According to William Perry (1999), the development of cognitive processing during the early adult years involves an evolution from _________ to _________. absolutism; relativism