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random info

What is the more common word that is used to address both male and female servers? Bedienung (die) (en)
How do you ask for a check? -Bedienung, ich möchte Zahlen! -Die Rechnung, bitte! -Zahlen, bitte.
How do you address a female server? Fräulein
How do you address a male server? Herr Ober
What do you call a male/female proprietor? Herr Wirt / Frau Wirtin
How do you ask if you can sit with a stranger, and what is their typical response? -Ist hier noch frei? -Ja, bitte / Bitte sehr.
liebe Julia lieber Fritz Dear Julia Dear Fritz
Do you refer to family as 'du' or 'sie?' du
What is the name of the school all children start out at? die Grundschule (n)
die Hauptstadt (Hauptstädte) capital
Apprenticeship; combines work and classes die Berufsschule (n)
vocational training die Berufsfachschule (n)
Kindergarden der Kindergarten (Kindergärten)
usually graduate after 9 years (so go through middle school) die Hauptschule (n)
usually graduate after 10 years die Realschule (n)
go on to universities das Gymnasium (Gymnasien)
combines elements of other 3 schools (comprehensive school) die Gesamtschule (n)
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