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Test 6


What is the name of the book used in the physician's office to code procedures? Current Procedural Terminology (CPT)
The CPT publication is updated and revised annually.
What is the "actual charge"? The amount the physician bills the patient for a service or procedure
What is the name of the book that contains a coded listing of procedures with unit values that indicate the relative value of various services? RVS
Resource Based Relative Value Scale(RBRVS) was developed by the Center for medicare and Medicaid Services
The CPT code for office services provided on an emergency basis is 99058
The surgical package inculdes the operation, local infiltration, digital block or topical anesthesia, and normal uncomplicated postoperative care.
Included in a global surgery policy and a surgical pachage is/are Both a and b
The two-digit modifier -57 means decision for surgery.
When multiple lacerations are repaired in the same body area add the lengths of all lacerations and report them with a single code.
The largest section in the CPT book is the surgery section.
When a service is rendered that is not listed in the CPT codebook use a code with a description stating "unlisted"
What does bundling meand? The grouping of codes together that are related to a procedure
When coding for x-ray films taken of both knees, list The proper x-ray code twice and use the modifiers RT (right) with the first code and LT (left) with the second code
What code is used for an intramuscular injection of prochlorperazine (Compazine)? 90782
CPT uses a basic ______________ -digit system for coding services rendered by physicians, plus ____________ -digit add-on modifiers. five, two
The charge that falls within the range of charges most frequently used in a locality for a particular medical service or procedure is called a/an _______________ charge. prevailing
When counseling and coordination of care dominate ________________ percent of face-to-face physician/patient encounters, then time is considered the key to qualify for a particular level of E/M service. 50
The E/M code 99203 is considered a level __________ code. three
Insurance companies go by the rule "If it is not documented, then it was not _______________." done
coding and billing numerous CPT codes to identify procedures that are usually described by a single code is called ______________. unbundling
Deliberate manipulation of CPT codes for increased payment is called ________________. upcoding
If you are billing services for the assistant surgeon, you use modifier ___________________ after the surgery procedure number. -80
If a procedure requires more than one modifier code, use the multiple two-digit code _______________ after the usual five-digit code number. -99
The key components that determine an evaluation and management code are provided by the physician
Created by: bunnyfinley