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Essentials of Life Span Development 1-4

What does the second stage of childbirth begin with and end with? What does it end with? emergence of the child's head;ends with delivery of the child out of the mother
A new born baby widens her eyes after her mother widens her eyes and mouth and smiles at the baby. Meltzoff would say that this baby is? engaging in true imitation
Gisela is having her first baby and has received a drug that will numb the entire lower area of her body during the labor. Gisela has been given a(an) epidural
Jason is tall and has undeveloped testes and developed a large breasts. What sex linked disorder does he have? Kinefelter syndrone
Jasmine and her fetus are Rh incompatiable. This means that Jasmine may produce antibodies that may attack the fetus
Baby Jane,3 days old, is shown four drawings. One is a bright blue square,one is a white oval, one is a drawing of a face,and the last is a bull's eye. In view of Frantz's work, which will she probably prefer to look at most? the face
Javier and his father are at the circus. A clown jumps in front of them,and Javier looks at his father to see if he is afraid or laughing. Javier is using? social referencing
Janine impatiently grabs the door handle from her toddler daughter,quickly opens the door,and hurries the little girl through. Erik Erikson would say that Janine's daughter ? Will develop a sense of shame and doubt if this type of interaction occurs consistently
Maria had a new baby last month. Mariah cries and worries alot,is depressed,and has trouble coping with her daily activities. Given what reserchers know about the post partum period,Mariah should? Should seek professional counseling or assistance
Shelley's parents are worried because their daughter is 5 months old and can sit but not on her own. A psychologist friend tells them that this is normal,because most children cannot sit on their own untill around 6 or 7 months
Jeff has beautiful blue eyes but both his mother and father have brown eyes. Because of this we know that his mother and father carry the recessive blue gene? His mother and father both carry the recessive blue gene
After the fireworks show,Michael is afraid and thinks his new born sister is sick when she suddenly flings her arms and legs out from her body,then pulls them in tightly. Michael's mom is not concerned because she knows that this is just the baby's Moro reflex
A mother hands her baby a rattle, saying, "Here you are." She then gently takes the rattle away, smiling and saying, "Thank you." She does this repeatedly, letting the baby keep the rattle for several seconds each time and encouraging the baby to offer th
Sidney is expecting her first child. She has just recently begun to feel kicking movements. Sidney is most likely in the ________ month of her pregnancy. fourth
15. Two-year-old Anita has learned the word "dog" to identify the family pet Rover. Now Anita says the word "dog" when she sees any animal. Anita has __________ these animals into her existing scheme. assimilated
the Professor Red-Elk claims that for too long we have focused on the development of only young children. She argues that the development of adults and elderly people is just as important. This professor is articulating a __________ view. life-span
Beth, who is 6 months old, has a 17-year-old mother. Beth's mother is inconsistent, sometimes responding to Beth's needs and sometimes not responding to her needs. Beth most likely will be a(n) _______ infant. insecure resistant
Your infant daughter requires surgery to correct a foot abnormality. Should she receive anesthesia? Yes; recent work indicates that infants can feel pain.
During which period of development is the unborn baby MOST AT RISK of developing a structural defect because of the effects of a teratogen? during the embryonic period
Monsena is an independent and adventurous child who likes to explore new places in her environment. However, her mother is overly controlling and rigid. Developmental psychologists would say that a discussion of this discrepancy concerns goodness of fit.
In the Strange Situation, Latoya basically ignored her mother, was not upset when she left the room, and did not seek her out when she returned. Mary Ainsworth would most likely classify Latoya as insecure avoidant.
22. Pat's 23rd chromosome pair contains an X chromosome and a Y chromosome. This indicates that Pat is male.
Koko has decided to continue smoking while pregnant. She is placing her baby at risk for all of the following, EXCEPT mild mental retardation
24. Kevin loves to say, "Da, da, da, da" over and over again. This is an example of what type of communication? babbling
25. Studies show that there is a positive correlation between the number of cute names (e.g., "Snookums" and "Pookie") couples have for each other and their self-reported feelings of love. This research tells me that if my sweetheart has a lot of cute names for me, my sweetheart also tells researchers that he/she loves me a lot.
Baby Dewayne moves his trunk and arms, but he is unable to control his hands and fingers. This is an example of the __________ pattern of development. proximodistal
In an attempt to stop the fighting and to save the family money, Mary decides that she will not ask for anything for her birthday or any holiday. Mary's actions are being expressed in which of Urie Bronfenbrenner's systems? microsystem
Three-month-old Zoey looks up at her mother and smiles. Researchers call this type of smiling social smiling.
Emanuel is a 25-year-old African American. He constantly feels tired because of an abnormality in his blood. Emanuel has sickle-cell anemia.
Sheila is pregnant and has a family history of spina bifida. Which test would be used to determine whether her fetus has this defect? maternal blood screening
Research suggests that mothers who drink small (under 150 milligrams) to moderate (around 300 milligrams) of caffeine a day increase their risk of having a spontaneous abortion.
Nine-month-old Tyler is placed in front of a mirror with a spot of rouge on his nose. Tyler will MOST likely touch his own nose to wipe off the spot.
Dakota was born after 40 weeks of gestation and weighed 4 pounds. Dakota would be considered: of low birth weight.
Melissa is 3 weeks old. She sleeps about 16 hours a day. She is typical of 3-week-old babies in her sleeping patterns.
When Josh was dropped off at preschool on the very first day of class, he was quite upset. He cried for a long time and would not play with the other children. What type of temperament does Josh have? difficult
Levi was in New York on the day that the World Trade Center was destroyed by terrorists. He is now afraid to fly. This is an example of how a __________ event can influence a person's development. normative history-graded
Shalena is 15 months old and just learning to talk. One of her first words was "car." Anytime Shalena sees any type of vehicle, she says "car." This is an example of overextension
Petria is trying to help her young infant regulate his emotions. She can best do this by providing a nurturing environment.
Little Nisha points to a ball and says, "Dat ball." Her father responds with, "What color is the ball?" This is an example of recasting.
Travis has designed a study to compare the muscle coordination of 60-year-olds, 70-year-olds, and 80-year-olds. What research design did he use? cross-sectional study
Dr. Borthwick-Duffy believes people are primarily influenced by the environment and learned experiences, so she believes __________ plays a more powerful role in human development. nurture
Juan-Carlos was born full term but was underweight for his gestational age. He would be considered small for date
The doctor has just told Luka and Steve that their baby scored below 3 on the _______ given within minutes of birth. As a result, the baby will be rushed to intensive care for treatment and observation. Apgar scale
Nellie bangs her head against the wall repeatedly throughout the day. B. F. Skinner would say that the BEST way to solve this problem is to reward Nellie when she does not bang her head, and punish the head-banging behavior.
Heather crawls from her room into the hallway to look for her mother after she leaves. According to Jean Piaget, this shows that she is capable of object permanence.
Baby Akel sees a piece of macaroni on the floor. He picks it up and looks at it carefully, then drops it. He picks it up again, holds it over his head, and drops it. tertiary circular reactions
He picks it up again, holds it over his head, and drops it. Then he picks it up and throws it. Akel continues playing with the piece of macaroni for several minutes. Which of Jean Piaget's substages is Akel probably in? tertiary circular reactions
A researcher is interested in the effect of exercise on stamina in elderly patients. The patients are randomly assigned to be in a high-exercise or low-exercise training program for 8 weeks. number of minutes on the treadmill.
At the end of the program, their stamina is measured by seeing how long they can walk comfortably on a treadmill. In this study, the dependent variable is number of minutes on the treadmill.
Marie-Ann is 6 months old. When her mother hears her cries of hunger, she comes and feeds her; and when Marie-Ann is uncomfortable, her mother comes and moves her around until she is comfortable. trust versus mistrust
Through these actions, Marie-Ann is learning that the world is a good place. What stage of psychosocial development is Marie-Ann currently in? trust versus mistrust
Roberta is 45 years old and has always had a hard time speaking her opinion. A psychoanalytic psychologist would explain that she has developed this way because her unmet need for belongingness and love is interfering with her ability to oppose others.
Dr. Baird collects data on approach behaviors between strangers at the mall on weekend afternoons. A strength of this naturalistic observational approach is that it occurs in a real-world setting.
A mother hands her baby a rattle, saying, "Here you are." She then gently takes the rattle away, smiling and saying, "Thank you." scaffolding
She does this repeatedly, letting the baby keep the rattle for several seconds each time and encouraging the baby to offer the rattle scaffolding
Eventually, the baby takes the rattle, holds it for a few seconds, and then holds it out to her mother and smiles. This is an example of scaffolding