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study 2a353 volume 2

(201)on the f-15 aircraft, what is the useable pressure range for the LOX system? 55-90 psi
(201)on the f-15 aircraft, what can the maintainer or aircrew use to check the oxygen indication system? oxygen test switch
(201)on the f-15 aircraft, the product gas in the MSOGS that does not go to the console-mounted regulators is stores on the backup oxygen supply.
(202)how does the windshield anti-ice valve operate on the f-15? electrically
(203)on the f-15, what component contains the logic circuits for the fire/overheat detection system? the controllers.
(203)on the f-15, what senses the temperature of the left engine bay when the left engine fire/overheat A loop malfunctions? loop B of the left engine.
(203)on the f-15, what part of the AB-burn through system does the BIT control panel test? none.
(204)on the f-100 engine, what is the benefit of the modular construction concept? allows for removal and replacement of sections of the engine that are bad.
(204)on the f-15, aircraft intake air is prevented from getting into the engine bay area by a peripheral seal.
(204)the f-100 engine gearbox module attaches to the compressor intermediate case.
(205)on the f-100 engine, the tips of the FTIT sensors protrude into the 3rd stage nozzle guide vanes.
(205)the function of the f-100 electronic engine control is to supervised the trim of the UFC and CIVV
(205)if the outputs from the f-100 electronic engine control deenergize, the engine is trimmed by the UFC
(205)on the f-100, what reduces the fuel flow during engine start? fuel derichment valve.
(206)the f-100 engine exhaust nozzle position transmitter is driven by the convergent exhaust nozzle control.
(206)how many air/oil coolers are on the -229 engine? none
(207)wnen taking a JOAP sample how much oil should be drained into a container prior to filling the sample bottle? enough to wash out ann sediment trapped in the drain valve.
(208)on the f-15, whitch ramp is the last ramp in the air induction system? diffuser
(208)on the f-15, what does the air induction system use to get rid of the friction air riding on the surface of the ramps? bleed air holes.
(209)on the f-15, what is the air that retards along the surface of the aircraft while the aircraft is in flight called? boundary layer air.
(209)on the f-15, what type of shock wave begins to form at transonic airspeeds? normal.
(209)on the f-15, the mach blocking solenoid locks the diffuser ramp in the DOWN position by closing the rate limiter valve.
(210)on the f-15, whitch JFS fuel filter component acts like a jet pump? fluid flow restrictor.
(210)on the f-15, the purpose of the central gearbox right decoupler position switch is to prevent both decouplers from extending at the same time.
(210)on the f-15, that airframe-mounted accessory drive switch is commonly called the 50% switch? oil pump and start cutout.
(210)on the f-15, the airframe-mounted accessory drive component that takes the imput from the pawl carrier assembly and transmits the rotational force to the PTO drive shaft for engine starting is the layshaft.
(211)on the f-15, the JFS start handle input is transmitted to the JFS start control manifold by a cable assembly.
(212)on the f-15, the f-100 start cycle begins in the cockpit
(212)on the f-15, the engine start system permanent magnet generator sends its AC voltage to the generator control unit.
(213)on the f-15, what are the 2 types of borescopes? rigid and flexible
(213)the light for a borescope is transmitted by the fiber optic cables.
(214)what shuld you use periodically to clean the borescope lens? isopropyl alochol
(214)when may the brightness be turned to high? for long-distance viewing.
(214)on the f-15, what provides the limits for engine damage found during a borescope inspection? aircraft TO.
(215)on the ignition test set, what monitors the out put of energy? stored energy meter.
(215)what supplies power to the engine ignition during an ignition test? alternator simulator output
(216)on the f-15, the PC systemhydraulic pumps are located on the outboard side of each AMAD
(216)on the f-15'sPC system, what pravents complete fluid loss if one of the return lines develops a leak? return check valve.
(216)on the f-15, what causes a PC system pump pressure switch to open the system ground? system pressure below 1,600 psi
(216)on the f-15, what happnes when PC circuit B is mechanically shut off? circuit B isolates and circuit A opens.
(217)on the f-15, the AMAD drive pushes the utility hydraulic pumps at what speed to deliver 53.7gpm of flow? 4,210 RPM.
(217)on the f-15, what do the utility pump manifolds have in common with the power countrol pump manifolds? they are identical and interchangeable
(217)on the f-15, what is the cracking pressure of the right utility hydraulic pump pressure check valve? 210-240 psi
(217)on the f-15, what occurs if the right utility hydraulic pump fails? right utility pump, hydraulic and master caution lights illuminate.
(217)on the f-15, at what pressure differential does the utility thermal countrol valve alllow fluid to bypass the heat exchanger? 52.5 psid
(217)when a hydraulic leak occurs in the utility system on an f-15, how does circuit A shut off? mechanically
(217)on the f-15, what holds the aileron switching valve in the primary position? normal PC system pressure
(217)on the f-15, how long does utility system non-reservoir level-sensing mailtail pressire of the aircraft develops a leak in the utility hydraulic system? as long as there is hydraulic fluidleft in the utility reservoir.
(218)on the f-15, what hydraulic indication component uses a bourbon tube? pressure transmitter.
(218)on the f-15, you determan the fluid level in the reservoir by the position of the pointer relative to the outer dial
(218)on the f-15, how many overtamperture indicators are there in the hydraulic system? one per reservoir
(219)on the f-15, the control stick consists of a stick grip and force transducer.
(219)on the f-15, what comprises the control stick boost-and-pitch compensator? PRCA, ARI and control systen damper
(219)on the f-15, what are the modes of operation for the roll ratio switch? AUTO and EMERG
(219)on the f-15, how does the lateral system utilize the horizontal stabilator hydraulic servo cylinders? differentaly for roll
(219)on the f-15, how does the PRCA control the ARI? hydraulically thurch the pitch ratio controller.
(219)on the f-15, what happens to the ailerion servo cylinders if they lose hydraulic pressure? act as a flutter dampners.
(220)on the f-15, through which part of the torque tube does longitucinal input from the control stick travel? outer casting
(220)on the f-15, what counters aft stick movement during rapid acceleration of the aircraft? mass weight
(220)on the f-15, what is the adjustment that results in collective output to the stabilators for altitude and speed called? pitch ratio
(221)on the f-15, what control system assists the aircraft around the vertical axis? directional
(221)on the f-15, the directional feel trim actuator connects to the troque tube assembly fwd of the rudder pedals.
(221)on the f-15, what type of system is the directional control system? hydromechanical
(221)on the f-15, what direction does the saftey spring cartridge move in when the rudder pedal movement rotates the torque tube fwd? foward
(222)on the f-15, how many seconds after he flap-up relay deenergizes do the control circuit and actuating cylinder solenoid valves deenergize? five seconds
(223)on the f-15, the speed brake selector valve is located behind panel 59
(223)on the f-15, at what pressure above the utility pressure does the blowback check valve automatically retract the speed brake? 2-8 psi
(223)on the f-15, what position does the speed brake actuator go by setting the speed brake swtich to aft? extend
(223)on the f-15, what happnes in the speed brake selector valve when the speed brake switch is set to HOLD? both extend and retract hydraulic ports bolck off fluid flow.
(224)on the f-15, what component prevents the landing gear from folding backwards on landing? drag-brace
(224)on the f-15, what allows hydraulic fluid to port to the retract and extend sides of the MLG uplatch and door cylinder? solenoids
(224)on the f-15, what locks the MLG strut in the up position? uplatch hooks
(224)on the f-15, which way does the NLG actuator piston travel to extend the NLG? outward
(224)on the f-15, where is the NLG down limit switch located? at the NLG jury link pivot point.
(224)on the f-15, how many seconds does the gear up pressure reman on to ensure the fwd doors close after gear retraction? five seconds
(225) on the f-15 how much pressure does the anti-spin system send to the brakes to stop wheel rotation? 200-475 psi
(225)on the f-15, where is the emergency brake/steering arming valve? in the left MLG wheel well
(226)on the f-15, the dreen landing gear position lights comeon in the cockpit when the landing gear are down and locked
(227)on the f-15, what causes the NWS to loose power during an extreme turn? steering range limit switch.
(228)on the f-15, what allows the uplatch actuator to recive power to lower the aresting hook? up-limit switches.
(229)on the f-15, what canopy component aligns the canopy to the winiscreen when the canopy closes? index pins
(229)on the one-seat model f-15's, how many rollers are on each side of the canopy frame? 1 roller
(230)on a single-seat f-15, how do the canopies actuate the canopy sequence valves? the canopy striker actuates the sequence bellcrank as the canopy closes.
(230)on the f-15, what prevents the canpoy control valve and canpoy actuator from failing under extreme loads relief valves in the actuator.
(231)on the f-15, an integral wing tank is a sealed-off area that is part of the wing.
(231)on the f-15, fuel in the surge box transfers into the wing tank
(232)on the f-15, what causes the engine fuel shutoff valve to open? electrical power and placing the engine master switch to ON
(233)on the f-15, how many compartments does each CFT have? 3 compartments
(233) on the f-15, what type of transfer pumps do the conformal fuel tanks use? electrally driven impeller-type.
(234)on the f-15, what hydraulic system does the AR system use to pressurize the AR actuators? utility A
(234)during f-15 aerial refueling, fuel system depressurization is caused by the door-closed limit switch
(234)on the f-15, the function of the auto reset timer in the AR system is to remove power from the nozzle locking switch for five seconds
(235)on the f-15, the fuel quantity indicators receive the fuel quantity signal from the signal conditioner
(235)when the selector knob to the FEED tank position on the f-15, the left and right counters, on the fuel quantity indicator represent the quantity of fuel remaining in tank 3A and 3B and tank 2 respectively
(235)on the f-15, an aircrew can ensure they dont dump to much fuel by using the bingo fuel indication system.
(236)on the f-15, what is the output rotation of the CSD unit of the intergrated drive generator? 12,000 RPM
(237)on the f-15 aircraft, the component in the external power system that protects against overvoltage power monitor
(237)on the f-15, the externat power system provides the aircrafts electrical power system with the power to directly operate the buses and components, exept for those on the GND PWR control panel
(238)on the f-15, what part on the generator control unit protects the emergency electrical system from undervoltage and underfrequency? logic circuitry.
(238)on the f-15, the emergency generator control unit controls the output of the emergency generator by varying the speed of the emergency generator hydraulic motor to compensate for voltage and frequency errors
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