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GCSE C21 P4 keyword

GCSE C21 P4 keywords - FC, Matching, Unscramble, Type In

speeding up (or slowing down) acceleration
how fast something is moving (distance / time) speed
mass x velocity momentum (formula)
the force of gravity on an object weight
speed and direction (at GCSE, backwards = negative) velocity
force that opposes motion between two surfaces friction
All forces come in equal and opposite pairs (Newton's third law) - each force has a interaction pair force
force that opposes the motion of an object - e.g Air Resistance or Drag, Rolling Friction Sliding Friction counter force
units of force newton
units for work or energy joule
when more than one force acts on one object, the overall force is called the resultant
A force that opposes motion such as Air (or water) Resistance drag
the energy an object has because it is high up (in a gravitational field) gravitational potential energy (GPE)
weight x height (raised up) GPE (formula)
speed at an instant (measured over a very short time period) instantaneous speed
speed measured over a whole journey (or over a longer time, where the speed might not stay constant) average speed
causes change in energy of an object work done
energy an object has because it is moving kinetic energy
1/2 mass x (speed squared) kinetic energy (formula)
frictional force from ground pushing object (foot, tyre etc) forwards - grip from the ground driving force
forwards force on a jet / rocket, from exhaust gases that are pushed backwards thrust force
the buoyancy force on an object that's in a fluid (e.g. water) upthrust
measured in kg, measures the amount of 'stuff' in an object mass
the force that exists between two objects because they are in contact with each other reaction force
force between two objects pushing them appart even when they are not in contact with each other repulsive force
an impact between two objects (could be an intended impact e.g. landing from a jump) collision
increase this to reduce the force in a collision impact time
forces on an object that produce zero resultant force balanced forces
a force used to slow an vehicle down braking force
negative acceleration, or slowing down deceleration
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