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All the expresate phrases we studied from chapters 1 through 5.

Spanish PhraseEnglish Phrase
Que hiciste el verano pasado? What did you do last summer?
Que tal lo pasaste Did you have a good time?
Adonde fuiste? Where did you go?
Que te parecio...? How was...?
Viaje a... I traveled to...
Lo pase de pelicula/de maravilla. I had a great time.
Fui a... I wen't to,,,
Lo/La encontre muy interesante. I found it very interesting,
De nino(a), me gustaba... As a child, I liked to...
Cuandoera joven, solia... When I was young, I usually...
De puqueno, me lo pasaba bomba... When I was little, I had a great time...
Cuando tenia diez anos, me encantaba... When I was ten, I loved to...
Siempre disfrutaba de... I always enjoyed...
Lo encontraba genial... I thought...was great...
Que consejos tienes? What advice do you have?
Puedes darme algun consejo? Can you give me some advice?
Que debo hacer? What should I do?
Que me recomiendas? What do you recommend (to me)?
Hay que... One has to...
Te aconsejo que... I advise you to...
Debes... You should...
Te recomiendo que... I recommend that you...
Que vas a hacer...? What are you going to do?
Adonde piensas ir..? Where do you plan to go...?
Que cambios vas a hacer? What will you do differently?
Como vas a manternerte en forma? How will you stay in shape?
Voy a estudiar... I'm going to study...
Pienso ir... I plan to go...
De hoy en adelante participare en... From now on I'll participate in...
Voy a practivar... I will practice...
Soy un gran aficionado a... I'm a big...fan.
Que deporte te gusta a ti? What sport do you like?
Eres muy bueno para... You're really good at...
Los ... me dejan frio. The ... don't do anything for me.
Pues, la verdad es que... Well, the truth is that...
Si, me la paso... Yes, I'm always doing...
Estoy loco por... I'm crazy about...
Pues, yo creo que... Well, I think...
Te gustaria...? Would you like to...?
No vayamos a... Let's not go to...
No aguanto... I can't stand...
No, gracias. No, thanks.
Iba a... I was going to...
Como quieras. Whatever you want.
Me da lo mismo. It's all the same to me.
Como debe ser un buen amigo? What should a good friend by like?
Que buscas en un novio? What do you look for in a boyfriend?
Un buen amigo debe... A good friend should...
Un buen amigo no debe... A good friend shouldn't...
Que te pasa? What's the matter?
Estas dolido? Are you upset?
Te veo de buen humor. I see you're in a good mood.
Si, estoy decepcionado porque... Yes, I'm disappointed because...
Me dan ganas de llorar. It makes me feel like crying.
Si, estoy entusiasmado porque... Yes, I'm excited because...
Me choca la actitud de...hacia... I can't stand the attitude of ... towards...
No aguanto mas! I can't take it anymore!
El consejero insiste en que tome... The guidance counselor insists that I take...
No me gusta para nada! I don't like it at all!
Manana vamos a tener a otra prueba en...? We're going to have another test in ... tomorrow?
Esto es el colmo! This is the last straw!
A mi parecer, no hay igualdad entre... The way I see it, there's no equality between...
No me parece que sea justo. I don't think its fair.
Que va! nO WAY!
Eso no es cierto! That's not true!
Al contrario! On the contrary!
No estoy de acuerdo. I disagree.
No te olvides de... Don't forget to...
Has pensado en...? Have you thought about...?
Seria una buena/mala idea romper con... It would be a good/bad idea to break up with...
Sugiero que no hagas caso a los rumores. I suggest that you not pay attention to rumors.
No te conviene... Its not good for you...
Date tiemp para pensarlo. Give yourself time to think it over.
Te juro que no lo volvere a hacer. I swear I'll never do it again.
Perdoname. No se en que estaba pensando. Forgive me. I don't know what I was thinking.
Creeme que fue sin querer. Believe me, I didn't mean to do it.
No lo hice a proposito. I didn't do it on purpose.
No quise hacerte dano. I didn't mean to hurt you.
No quise ofenderte. I didn't mean to offend you.
Que sabes de...? What do you know about...?
Que me cuentas de...? What can you tell me about...?
Que anda haciendo...? What's... up to?
Pues, sigue trabajando... Well, he's still working...
Segun tengo entendido... From what I understand...
Fijate que se ha casado. Get this, he got married.
Que sorpresa que se hayan...! What a surprise that they have...!
Que pena se hayan... What a shame that they have...
No me lo puedo creer! I can't believe it!
No me digas! You don't say!
Me has dejado boquiabierto! You've left me speechless!
Esta para chuparse los dedos. It's good enough to lick your fingers!
Se me hace la boca agua1 It makes my mouth water!
Sabe delicioso. It tastes delicious.
Al ... le falta sabor, pero no se que le falta. The...lacks flavor, but I don't know what's missing.
Esta pasada la leche. The milk has gone bad.
Que asco! That's disgusting!
El/La... esta salado/picante. The... is salty/spicy.
El/La ... no sabe a nada. The... doesn't taste like anything.
El/La...esta seco/no esta my dulce. The ... is dry/ isn't very sweet.
Se me fue la mano con... I got carried away with...
Es que se me olvido ponerle... It's just that I forgot to add...
Es que se me acabo... It's just that I ran out of...
Este retrato fue pintado por... This portrait was painted by...
Que te parece? What do you think of it?
Cual de estas pinturas te gusta mas, la de ... o la de ...? Which of these paintings do you like better, the one of (by)... or the one of (by)...?
Que opinas de...? What do you think of...?
A decir verdad, me parece... To tell the truth, its strikes me as...
En realidad, admiro... Actually, I admire...
Lo/La encuentro my... I find it to be very...
Eso me hace pensar en... That makes me think about...
A prpposito, que has oido de el/la...? By the way, have you heard about the...?
Cambiando de tema, que me dices de...? Changing the subject, what do you have to say about...?
Hablando de arte, que me cuentas de...? Speaking of art, what can you tell me about...?
Te aconsejo que vayas a la presentacion de baile folclorico. I recommend that you go to the folk dance performance.
Es muy... It's very...
No te olvides de ir al ensayo de la banda. Don't forget to go to band practice.
Es mejor que veas la opera. It's better for you to see the opera.
Es formidable. It's great.
Seria buena idea ir al concierto de la sinfonica. It would be a good idea to go to the symphony.
Quieres ir a ver...? Do you want to go see...?
Te interesa ir a...? Are you interested in going to...?
Me acompanas a...? Do you want to come to...with me?
Por que no vamas a...? Why don't we go to...?
Gracias por invitarme, pero ya lo/la he visto. Thanks for inviting me, but I've already seen it.
Lo siento, pero ya tengo otros planes/ otro compromiso. I'm sorry, but I already have other plans/ another engagement.
Gracias, pero tengo mucho que hacer. Thanks, but I have alot to do.
La proxima vez ire. I'll go next time.
Hoy no gracias. Not today thanks.
Por que no lo dejamos para la proxima semana? Why don't we wait and do it next week?
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