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Chemistry intro

introduction, structure of matter, Atomic Theory

A scientific theory is a summary of ___________. explanations
A scientific law is a summary of _____________. observations
Scientific theories __________ when new evidence is found. change
All the isotopes have the same number of ____________. electrons
Atoms of the same element having the same atomic number, but different mass numbers are called? isotopes
The number of protons in the nucleus of an atom is called its? atomic number
For an atom, the number of protons and _______ are the same. electrons
Atoms that have the same number of protons, but different number of neutrons are called_______________. isotopes
What is matter? anything that has mass and volume and occupies space
Periods on the periodic table are arranged? horizontaly
Can atoms of two different elements have the same atomic number? why? No because they would be the same element
What are the postulates of the kinetic molecular theory? all matter consists of tiny particles in constant motion and is proportional to temperature
What are the the three common states of matter. solid liquid gas
Calcium Ca
Chromium Cr
Copper Cu
Cobalt Co
Gold Au
Silver Ag
Tin Sn
Iron Fe
Lead Pb
Magnesium Mg
Manganese Mn
Mercury Hg
Nickel Ni
Nitrogen N
Potassium K
Sulfur S
Sodium Na
Which subatomic particles contributes more to the atoms mass? protons and neutrons
Which subatomic particles determine the atoms chemical properties? elements
Which subatomic particles are the smallest? electrons
Which subatomic particles are almost the same weight? protons and neutrons
Which subatomic particles are almost the same size? protons and neutrons
Which subatomic particles determines the identity of an element? protons
Which subatomic particle determines the chemistry of an element? electrons
Carbon C
How do you determine the element by seeing only the electron configurations 1s2s22p3? adding up all little numbers equaling atomic number
Sub Level - S # of orbitals ? 1
Sub Level - P # of orbitals ? 3
Sub Level - D # of orbitals ? 5
Sub Level - F # of orbitals ? 7
What is ground level? S
Groups 1-3 ______ ions? Making them _____ charge? lose, positive
Groups 15-17 ______ ions? Making them _______ charge? gain, negative
If the outer most shell is full it is _________ ? noble
Difference between elements and compounds? elements can not be broken down compounds can
Physical States of SOLID? rigid, close packed
Physical States of LIQUID? rigid, close packed
Physical States of GAS? atoms are further apart
Temp low vibrations _____? low
Temp high vibration ______? high
Isotopes = different number of______? neutrons
Atom loses electrons making it a positive ion. Cation
Atom gains electron making it a negative ion. Anion
Light from sun is ____________, light from elements is ___________. continuous, quantrum
Created by: hmartelle451