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Chemistry 1405 Mid Term Vocabulary Review

How many protons are in an atom of sodium? eleven
What two types of matter are classified as pure substances? elements or compounds
How many atoms of carbon are in one molecule of sucrose (table sugar), C12H22O11? twelve
What is the atomic number of atoms of calcium? twenty
How many liters are in 250.0 mL? 0.250 Liters
How many grams are in 25.0 kg? 25,000 grams
What charge will an ion made from an alkali metal have? positive one
What group do sodium, potassium, and lithium belong to? alkali metals
What group do calcium, strontium, and barium belong to? alkaline earth metals
What group do fluorine, chlorine, and bromine belong to? halogens
What group do helium, neon, and argon belong to? noble gases
What charge will an ion made from a halogen have? negative one
What charge will an ion made from an alkaline earth metal have? postive two
What charge will the oxide ion have? negative two
What is the approximate room temperature in Celsius? around twenty degrees Celsius
How many valence electrons are in an atom of calcium? two
How many valence electrons are in an atom of bromine? seven
What is meant by the term polar molecule? This type of molecule has an unequal distribution of electrons.
What is the shape and polarity of the water molecule? bent and polar
What is the molar mass of water, H2O? 18 grams/mole
What happens in general when an atom is oxidized? The atom loses electrons.
What happens in general when an atom is reduced? The atom gains electrons.
Generally which elements are responsible for the colors in gemstones? transition elements
How many bonds does a carbon atom form? four bonds
How many valence electrons are in a carbon atom? four valence electrons
How many electrons are involved in a double bond between two carbon atoms? four electrons are shared in a double bond
How many dots would be drawn around the symbol for nitrogen to show its electron dot structure? five dots representing five valence electrons
How many total valence electrons are in one molecule of ethanol, C2H5OH twenty total valence electrons
What in general is the pH of an acidic solution? a pH less than seven
What in general is the pH of a basic solution? a pH greater than seven
What would a pH of 1 indicate? a strongly acidic solution
What would a pH of 8 indicate? a moderately basic solution
What are the names of three common strong acids? hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, and nitric acid
What does ppm stand for? parts per million
What are the two products when a hydrocarbon burns assuming no side reactions? carbon dioxide and water
What is the other necessary reactant when a hydrocarbon is burned? oxygen
What is the freezing point of water in degrees Celsius? zero degrees Celsius
What is a hypothesis in the scientific method? an educated guess or possible explanation
What are most elements on the periodic chart when classified as either metals or nonmetals? metals
How many double bonds between carbons are in a saturated carbon molecule? zero
Is a triple bond or a single bond between carbons harder to break? triple bond
What is present in solution if a substance is an electrolyte? positive and negative ions
Is the density of salt water greater or less than one gram per milliliter? greater than one gram per milliliter
What are some common pollutants in air? carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, ozone, and nitrogen dioxide
What are the elements contained in bleach, NaOCl? sodium, oxygen, and chlorine
What ions are the common hard ions in water? calcium ions, magnesium ions, and iron ions
What is the formula for table salt? NaCl
Created by: rshowe