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Evento especial 1.06

Prepare for an event vocabulary

rápidamente quickly;rapidly; fast
diariamente daily
todavia still; yet; even so
ya now; already
se divierten they have fun
se quitan they take off
normalmente normally
generalmente generally
mientras while; meanwhile; whereas; as long as
recientemente recently
el labiel lipstick
la plancha de pelo hair straightener iron
el rímel mascara
el esmalte nail polish
la sombra eye shadow
el arete earring
la pulsera bracelet
bastante quita a lot of; enough
brevemente briefly
actualmente currently
permanentemente permanently
frecuentemente frequently
evento especial special event
ocasionalmente occasionally
muy very
mucho a lot
menos less
tanto so much
demasiado too much
poco a little
más more
bastante quite; enough
bien well
mejor better
rápidamente faster; quickly; rapidly
completamente completely
mal badly
peor worse
fácilmente easily
inteligentemente intelligently
aquí here
allí there
cerca near
delante in front
encima on top
dentro inside
adelante ahead
acá here
alla there
lejos far
detras behind
debajo underneath
fuera outside
atrás behind
Created by: RositaG
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