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Spanish 4 Final

Present Tense -AR o, as, a, amos, an
Present Tense -ER/IR o, es, e, emos/imos, en
YO-GO Verbs poner, salir, hacer, tener, venir, traer
If It's Not In The Boot... don't change the root (present tense)
Present Tense E-IE Stem Changers preferir, querer, pensar, perder
Present Tense E-I Stem Changers pedir, servir
Present Tense O-UE Stem Changers volver, dormir, poder
Present Tense U-UE Stem Changers jugar
Preterite Tense -AR é, aste, ó, amos, aron
Preterite Tense -ER/IR í, iste, ió, imos, ieron
Preterite Tense CAR-GAR-ZAR car -> qué,, gar -> gué,, zar -> cé,
Preterite Tense E-I Stem Changers servir, pedir, divertirse
Preterite Tense O-U Stem Changers dormir, morir
"leer" Preterite Tense leí, leíste, leyó, leímos, leyeron
Preterite Tense Irregulars ir/ser, dar, ver, hacer
Preterite Tense Irregular Roots tener, estar, andar, poner, poder, saber, querer, decir, traer, venir,
Imperfect Tense -AR aba, abas, aba, abamos, aban
Imperfect Tense -IR ía, ías, ía, íamos, ían
Imperfect Tense Irregulars ir, ser, ver
When To Use Imperfect Tense habitual/repeated actions, ongoing actions in the past, WATERS
WATERS Acronym weather, age/characteristics, time, emotion/condition, repeated action, setting
Future Tense -AR/ER/IR é, ás, á, emos, án
Present Tense -DR Irregulars poner, tener, salir, venir, poder
Present Tense -BR Irregulars saber, haber
Present Tense -R Irregulars hacer, decir, querer
Conditional Tense -AR/ER/IR ía, ías, ía, íamos, ían
How To Form Present & Conditional Verb Conjugations infinitive + ending
Present Perfect Tense -AR Ending ado
Perfect Present Tense -ER/IR Ending ido
Perfect Present Tense "haber" forms he, has, ha, hemos, han
How To Form Present Perfect Verb Conjugations haber + ending
Present Perfect Tense Irregulars hacer, decir, romper, poner, escribir, ver, volver, morir, abrir, cubrir, freír
How To Form Subjuntive Verb Conjugations go to "yo", drop the "o", add the opposite ending
Subjunctive Tense Irregulars ir, ser, ver, dar, estar, saber, haber
Subjective Tense E-IE Stem Changers pensar, preferir, cerrar
Subjective Tense O-UE Stem Changers dormir, volver, recordar
Subjective Tense U-UE Stem Changer jugar
Subjective Tense E-I Stem Changers pedir, servir
YO-CZO Verbs conocer, traducir, conducir, ofrecer
When To Use The Subjunctive Tense want/wish, emotion, doubt
How To Form A Sentence With The Subjunctive Tense (subject 1) (verb in present) (que) (subject 2) (verb in subjunctive)
To Be Happy alegrarse
To Fear/ To Be Afraid temer
When There's No Second Subject In A Sentence... use the infinitive form in the second verb, not the subjunctive
If There Is No Doubt In A Sentence... use the present tense for the second verb, not the subjunctive
To Accept agradecer
To Enjoy disfrutar
Curfew el toque de queda
Glass el vaso
To Reject/Refuse rechazar/rehusar
Time Period la epoca
Sayings Of Accepting claro que si, con mucho gusto, por supuesto
Sayings Of Rejecting de ninguna manera, ya tengo planes, lo siento pero
To Increase aumentar
To Erase/Delete borrar
To Answer/Pick Up contenstar/descolgar
To Have The Wrong Number estar equivado de numero
To Send mandar
To Dial A Number marcar un numero
Hello In Mexico Bueno
Hello In Spain Digame
Storage el almacenamiento
To Toast A Person brindar
To Place colocar
To Leave Behind dejar
To Pour verter
Host/Hostess el anfitron/la anfitrona
Guest el convidado/la convidada
Head Of The Table la cabecera
Wine Glass la copa
Place Setting cubierto
Soup Spoon/Table Spoon la cuchara
Dinner Knife el cuchillo
Food el alimento
Appetizer el aperitivo
Created by: abievans
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