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24 Sp4 Honors FINAL

2024 SP4 Honors FINAL Exam

La gente the people
Taíno Caribbean indigenous people
Pertenecían al belonged to
Esclavos slaves
Sin embargo however
Guerreros warriors
Luchar to fight
Retirarse to retire /// to retreat
Condenar to condemn
El siglo XX the 20th Century
Los años cincuenta the 50s
El campo the countryside, the field
Campesino farmer
Cortar to cut
Igual the same
La tierra the land
Duro hard
La zafra the harvest
La cosecha the harvest 2
Me caí I fell
Perezoso lazy
Exitoso successful
Llorar to cry
Llevar to take, to carry
Joven young person
Enojarse to get angry
Enfadarse to get angry
Empujar to push
Esposa wife, spouse
Esposo husband, spouse
El sol the sun
Orgulloso proud
País country
Multa fine
Cuerpo the body
La cárcel the prison
La prisión the prison 2
Rebelde rebel
Enemigo enemy
Fuerte strong
Unirse to unite
Guerrillero guerrilla fighter
La guerrilla the guerrilla
Derrotar to defeat
Se dio cuenta de que s/he realized that
Dar la vuelta to turn around
Lejos far
Cerca close
Sucio dirty
Mandar to order, to request
Peligroso dangerous
Parientes relatives
Familiares relatives /// familiar
Tratar de + inf to try to + verb
Sobrevivir to survive
La esperanza hope
Manejar to manage /// to drive
Según according to
Impuestos taxes
Disparar to shoot
Acercarse to approach
Rodeado surrounded
Destrozar to destroy
Gobernar to govern
El poder the power
El analfabetismo illiteracy
Llegar a ser to become
El derecho the (legal) right
El hogar the home
Huésped guest
Se vistió dressed themselves
Toqué en la puerta knocked on the door
Lo había visto had seen him
Tú me caes bien I like you
Amenazante threatening
Meta goal
Lujoso luxurious
Habían establecido had established
Parecía que it seemed like
Vender to sell
Aunque even though
Peor worse
Hubo there was/were
Infierno hell
Sangrienta bloody
Inseguro uncertain
Lugar place
Marcar to mark
Altura height
Había crecido had grown
Querida dear
Ojalá I wish
Perdido lost
Arreglar to mend, to make up, to tie up
Extraño strange
Estufa stove
Burlar to make fun of
Vino y se fue came and went
Se encontró s/he found himself/herself
Madurar to mature
Hogar home
Alguien someone
Corredor hallway
Noticias news
Como si alguien le hubiese golpeado as if someone had hit him/her
Seguro safe /// insurance
Colgar to hang
Cantante singer
Testigo witness
Libre free (with liberty)
Oprimido oppressed
Rueda wheel
Traidor traitor
Sofocar to suffocate
Una promesa cumplida a promised kept
El ejército the army
Tantos so many
Contra against
Muñeca doll /// wrist
Herido injured
Venda bandage
Agarrar to grab
Quemar to burn
La sangre the blood
La herida the wound
La oscuridad the dark
Sino que but rather
El alma the soul
Abrazarse to embrace, to hug
La maestría the master's degree
Conseguir to get
Huir to flee
Escapar to escape
Día de Acción de Gracias Thanksgiving
Pascua Easter
Cita a ciegas blind date
Sureño southern
El avión the airplane
Volar to fly
Enamorado in love
Dejar to leave behind
Casarse to marry
Luna de miel honeymoon
Confesar to confess
Tonto silly
Contigo with you
El apoyo the support
Desaparecer to disappear
Hacer falta to be lacking
Peso convertible a strong Cuban currency available only to those working in tourism or receiving money from relatives abroad
Peso nacional a weak Cuban currency paid to all Cuban professionals
Valer to be worth
Resolver to solve, to resolve
Porter porter, doormen
El Granma the official state newspaper in Cuba
El corazón the heart
El bloqueo the blockade, Cuban term for the US embargo
Deber to owe /// should
Digna dignified
La queja the complaint
Aislado isolated
La pintura the paint
Asegurar to ensure, to make sure /// to insure
Las Damas de Blanco The Ladies in White, a group of Cubans who protest for democratic reforms and freedom for political prisoners
Policía Política Cuban police that monitors political dissent
Preso político political prisoner
De hecho in fact
Crecer to grow up
Buena suerte good luck
Calidad quality
La escalera the staircase
Afuera outside
El deshielo the thaw
Así que so
Estrellas stars
Mejorar to improve, to get better
Irías would you go
Una cuadra a city block
Quedarse to stay
Fábrica factory
Lograr to achieve
Gratis free of charge
Riesgo risk
Realizar mi sueño to realize my dream
Cancelar to cancel
Cualquier cosa anything
a pesar de (que) despite, in spite of, despite the fact (that)
por lo tanto therefore
en cuanto as soon as
tan pronto como as soon as
así que therefore, so
por eso for that reason, that's why, therefore
Al principio at the beginning, at first, initially
Inicialmente initially
Para empezar to begin
primero first
segundo second
tercero third
cuarto fourth
a mi parecer in my opinion
en mi opinión in my opinion
ahora mismo right now
en cuanto a with regard to
hasta el momento until now, so far, thus far
lo esencial es que what is essential is that, the crux of the matter is that
lo importante es que the important thing is that
además besides, furthermore, moreover
en otras palabras in other words, that is to say
esto es i.e. (that is)
para elaborar in order to elaborate
para ilustrar in order to illustrate
a diferencia de unlike, contrary to
al contrario on the contrary
así como just like, as well as
con todo nevertheless, still
de la misma manera in the same way
en contraste con in contrast with
en vez de instead of
igualmente Likewise
no obstante however, nonetheless
pero but
sino but (rather)
por otra parte on the other hand
por otro lado on the other hand
tanto como as much/many as
como like, as
debido a due to
debido a que due to the fact that
porque because
ya que since, seeing that
finalmente finally
para concluir to conclude
por último finally, lastly
mientras while, meanwhile
de todos modos anyway
ni siquiera not even
cada vez every time, each time
gracias al apoyo de mi familia, ... Because of / Thanks to my family's support, ...
si if
al día siguiente the next day, the following day
antes before
después after, afterwards, then, later
luego then
ahora now, nowadays
inicialmente initially
al inicio at the beginning
todavía still, yet
ya already
ya no no longer
para in order to
según according to
por ejemplo for example, for instance
en lugar de instead of
de hecho in fact, as a matter of fact
también also, too
tampoco neither, not either
con with
durante during
es por eso that's why, for that reason
a menos que unless
con tal de que provided (that)
en caso de que in case
hasta que until
aprendería I/he/she/it would learn
has tomado you have taken
sumas y restas addition and subtraction
estar enamorado to be in love
la respuesta the answer
obedecer to obey
maestro teacher
dirigir to direct, to manage
una cadena a chain /// a necklace
privado private
el peligro the danger
peligroso dangerous
la creencia the belief
en contra against
la regla the rule, the regulation /// the ruler, the measuring rule
aunque although, even though, even if, despite
eventualmente eventually
al final in the end
recuperarse to recover
supervivencia survival
el acontecimiento the event 2
mudarse to move (from one house or place to another)
mover to move something
tener miedo to fear
estar asustado to fear, to be afraid
promocionar to promote
la mesa the table
el escritorio the desk, the bureau
la institución the institution
la fundación the foundation
el pie the foot
descalzo barefoot
garantizar to guarantee, to ensure
el derecho the (legal) right
la derecha the right
la izquierda the left
a lo largo de throughout
incluso even
un milagro a miracle
triunfar to succeed, to triumph, to win
tener éxito to succeed
salir adelante to get ahead, to be successful
la igualdad the equality
la manera the way, the manner
el sueño the dream /// the sleep
realizar to carry out, to materialize
tomar en serio to take seriously
a pesar de despite
un nivel a level
el analfabetismo illiteracy
la población the population
faltar to lack
los países en desarrollo developing countries
los países desarrollados developed countries
la cruzada the crusade
la bandera the flag
el antídoto the antidote
un vaso a glass, a cup
el veneno the poison, the venom
el líquido the liquid
parecía it seemed, it looked like
el jugo the juice
temo I fear
poderoso powerful
el mago the wizard / the magician
el pantano the swamp, the marsh, the bog
me niego I refuse
huelo I smell
la sangre the blood
te cura it cures you
le falta una cosa one thing is missing
el casco the helmet
la espada the sword
no nos temas don't fear us
las mariposas the butterflies
una cueva a cave, a cavern
el volcán the volcano
dame give me
demasiado too much/many
no soy una víctima I am not a victim
no te la va a dar s/he isn't going to give it to you
bien hecho well done
mis poderes my powers
el conejo the rabbit, the bunny
la maldición the curse
el aumento the increase
el incremento the increase 2
el beneficio the benefit
las ganancias the earnings
el éxito the success
el logro the achievement
el préstamo the loan
la garantía the warranty /// the guarantee /// the collateral (in a loan)
el producto the product
el servicio the service
promover to promote, to foment, to support
distribuir to distribute
la responsabilidad the responsibility
la iniciativa the initiative
la subvención the grant
los recursos económicos the financial resources
la bolsa the bag /// the stock exchange
la deuda the debt
las finanzas the finances
el gasto the expense
el impuesto the tax
la tasa the tax 2
los ingresos the earnings
la inversión the investment /// the inversion
el presupuesto the budget
la renta the rent
la tasa de interés the interest rate
el capital the money
la flexibilidad the flexibility
estar al alcance de to be at the reach of
el soborno the bribe
autónomo autonomous
solidaridad solidarity
iniciativa initiative
el monto the total
el compromiso the obligation /// the compromise
pretender to pretend /// to have the intention of or commitment to
aportar to contribute
contribuir to contribute 2
recaudar to raise or collect money
acceder to access
sintetizar to synthesize, to summarize
resumir to summarize
el resumen the summary
equilibrado balanced
arrojar to throw away, to put out
obtener to obtain
anotar to annotate
el suceso the event
el evento the event 2
la entrada the entrance /// the entrance ticket
vulnerable vulnerable
mejorar to improve
empeorar to worsen
susceptible susceptible
lograr to achieve
la ampliación the development, the enlargement, the expansion
la expansión the expansion
el fenómeno the phenomenon
registrar to register, to record /// to be frisked or searched by police
la cantidad the quantity
encerrado locked in, locked up
cerrado closed
abierto open
darse cuenta to realize
la biblioteca the library
la librería the book store
explorar to explore
prohibir to prohibit, to forbid
estar prohibido to be forbidden, to be prohibited
de repente suddenly
cuidado care
ser cuidadoso to be careful
de veras really
el bebé the baby
el proyecto the project
la tumba the tomb
agotado exhausted, worn out, without energy
el armario the closet /// the locker
oscuro dark
el pasillo the hallway
el cuarto the room /// the quarter
la sala the room /// the living room /// the meeting room
la habitación the room /// the bedroom
raro rare, strange, odd
extraño strange, odd
incrédula incredulous
curioso curious
fascinante fascinating
fascinada fascinated
entonces then
un ruido a noise
con cuidado carefully
repetitivo repetitive
solo alone
sólo only
ni siquera not even
bailar to dance
buscar to look for, to seek
caminar to walk
cantar to sing
cenar to have dinner
comprar to buy
contestar to answer
conversar to converse, to chat
desayunar to have breakfast
descansar to rest
desear to desire, to wish
dibujar to draw
enseñar to teach /// to show
escuchar to listen to
esperar to wait for /// to hope for
estudiar to study
explicar to explain
hablar to talk, to speak
llegar to arrive
llevar to carry
mirar to look at, to watch
necesitar to need
practicar to practice
preguntar to ask a question
preparar to prepare
regresar to return
terminar to end, to finish, to terminate
tomar to take, to drink
trabajar to work
viajar to travel
empatar to tie a score
ir to go
empezar to begin
cerrar to close
comenzar to commence
entender to understand
pensar to think
perder to lose
preferir to prefer
almorzar to have lunch
contar to count /// to tell
dormir to sleep
encontrar to find
mostrar to show
recordar to remember
volver to go back, to return
suponer to suppose, to assume
salir to leave, to exit
ver to see
oír to hear
pedir to request /// to order (at a restaurant)
repetir to repeat
competir to compete
seguir to follow, to continue, to keep on doing sth'
conseguir to obtain
jugar to play
aprender to learn
beber to drink
comer to eat
comprender to understand
correr to run
creer to believe
deber should, must, ought to
leer to read
abrir to open
asistir to attend /// assist
compartir to share
decidir to decide
describir to describe
escribir to write
recibir to receive
vivir to live
tener ... años to be ... years old
tener calor to be hot
tener frío to be cold
tener cuidado to be careful
tener hambre to be hungry
tener sed to be thirsty
tener miedo de to be afraid of
tener prisa to be in a hurry
tener razón to be right
no tener razón to be wrong
tener sueño to be sleepy
tener suerte to be lucky
tener ganas de to feel like
tener que + inf. to have to do sth'
acordarse (de) (o>ue) to remember
acostar(se) (o>ue) to go to bed
afeitar(se) to shave
bañar(se) to bathe
cepillar(se) to brush
despedirse (de) (e>i) to say goodbye (to)
despertar(se) (e>ie) to wake up
dormir (o>ue) to sleep
dormirse (o>ue) to fall asleep
ducharse to shower
enojarse (con) to get angry (with)
enojar to anger
irse to leave
lavar(se) to wash
levantar to raise, to lift
levantarse to get up
llamar to call
llamarse to be named
maquillar(se) to put on makeup
peinar(se) to comb
ponerse to put on clothes
ponerse + adjective to become + adjective
preocuparse (por) to worry (about)
probarse to try on clothes
quitar(se) to take off
quedarse to stay
secar(se) to dry
sentarse to sit down
sentirse (e>ie) to feel
vestir (e>i) to dress
vestirse (e>i) to get dressed
tener to have
estar to be
andar to walk
poner to put
poder to be able to, can
saber to know
hacer to do, to make
querer to want
venir to come
decir to say
traer to bring
conducir to drive
ser to be
dar to give
conocer to know
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