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step by step 5

The term that describes reduction: MANIPULATION
This treatment of a fracture requires the fractures to be exposed to view or open at a remote site nailing across the fracture: OPEN
Which of the following terms describes traction by use of strapping, etc. tapes: SKIN
Wound explostion codes have teh following services bundled into the codes: EXPLOSTION ENCLUDED IN LARGEMENT DEBUT REMOVAL OF FRACTURE IN BODY MANY MUSCLE LIGTION & REPAIR
The application of a cranial halo is a form of: EXTERNAL FIXATION
This step of graft is of often taking from the lower thigh area: FASCIA LATA GRAFT
Incision of a device into the muscle to measure the pressure within the muscle is monitoring of INTERSTITIAL FLUID PRESSURE
Fast becoming the treatment of choice for many of orthopedic surgical procedures: ENDOSCOPY & ARTHROSCOPY
Which of the following is NOT a fracture treatment: REPLANTATION
Which of the following flaps describes a bone graft that is taken along with the skin and tissue that oval test the bone: 3 ARTHRODESIS
The reconstruction of a fracture or dislocation to it's normal anatomic anligment by the application of manual force: MANIPULATION
A hip replacement is coded base on the: MEDICAL REASON OF SURGERY
Open treatment of a fracture is when the FRACTURE OPEN AND VIEWALIZE OR OPEN REMOTE
Where is the BINALLEO LaR bone located: ANKLE
Which of the following is not a treatment method for a dislocation: EXTERNAL FIXATION
What is the difference for a soft tissue abscess in the Musculoskeletal sub-section and the codes for abscess in the Integumentary system: THE CODE IN THE MUSCULOSKELETAL SUB-SECTION IS ASSOCIATED WHT THE DEEP TISSUE POSSIBLY DOWN TO THE BONE
Arthrocentesis is: ALL ABOVE
______________________ is the attachment of a fixative device at each end of the area being repaired and at least one other attachment in the spinal area being repair SEGMENTAL INSTRUMENTATION
Surgey and fracture repair codes in the Musculoskeletal section: (blank)
Electrical or ultrasound stimulation is use to: PROMOTE HEALING
Fracture codes are codes base on: TREATMENT TYPE
Arthroscopy is a desire treatment choice by physion and patient because the: ALL ABOVE
A ___________ arthroscopy is always included ina surgery arthroscopic. DIAGNOSTIC
The following is NOT a type of bunion ectomy: MODIFIER
27 thru 28 are: CPT codes
Bone grafts are always coded injuction w/ a surgery procedure what is the approve modifier to apply to the bone graft code: NO MODIFIER
30 THRU 35 ARE: CPT codes
Created by: bunnyfinley