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German Vocab Pack

Number 6

Garlic Knoblauch
Leeks Lauch
Sweetcorn Mais
Peppers Paprikas
Parsnips Pastinake
Brussel sprouts Rosenkohl
Beetroot Rote Beete
Turnip Turnip
Rash Ausschalg
Fracture Beinbruch
Diarrohea Durchfall
Cast Gips
Cancer Krebs
Lung infection Lungenentzu:ndung
Tonsilitis Mandelentsu:ndung
Measles Masern
Middle ear infection Mittelohrenzu:ndung
Sun stroke Sonnenstich
Infection Spritze
Chicken pox Windpocken
Mumps Ziegenpeter
Poitín Schnaps
Any drink that is fizzy/sparkling Sprudel
Triplet Drilling
Wife Ehefrau
Husband Ehemann
Granddaughter Enkelin
Quintuplet Fúnfling
Niece Nichte
Brother in law Schwager
Sister in law Schwa:gerin
Mother in law Schwiegermutter
Father in law Schwiegervater
Fiancé Verlobte
Relations Verwandte
Male cousin Vetter
Quadruplet Vierling
Widow Witwe
Widower Witwer
Related to us Verwandt mit uns
Engaged Verlobt
Related through marriage Verschwa:gert
My parents are divorced Mein Eltern sind geschieden
My parents are separated Meine Eltern leben getrennt
My sister is married Meine schwester is verheiratet
My brother is single Mein Bruder is ledig
Created by: RoryOC88
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