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Arabic Words 1

Phonetically Spelled Arabic Words and thier Meanings (Syrian)

finished khal-a-Sit
fast b-sir-3ah
time wa-'it
airport maTaar
rain maTr / shitti
green pepper flay-flee khadra
wet m-bell-lel
sweet helw
(my) neck bal-3ohm-(ee)
salty maa-leh
spicy haaD
bitter marr
sour hamiD
dry naa-shif
flavor Tamid
towel man-shaf-ee
battery charger sha-Hen al-baTariat
black pepper fill-fwl
clothing Tee-yaab
gift had-dee-yee
pot tan-jar-a
wrong gha-lat
plate SA-Hen
bowl zib-dee-yee
difficult Saab
discussion/talk haki
hard work (good job) sha-Tra
without bella
of course Tab-'3an
teacher mu-3a-lim(a)
ring kha-tim
money maa-Saari
my money maa-Saa-ree-yee
socks jra-bat
story uS-sa
bottle 'a-nee-nee
stuffed grape leaves yabra / wara dawali
Created by: kduschek