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________ shifting is the practice of recording digital content for later playback. time
Alison has only taken 10 pictures with her digital camera, and she finds she has filled her memory card. Why might this have occurred? Her images were taken at a very high resolution
____ are intended to work on LANs to monitor and direct packets being transported from one device to another. routers
Which of the following is a disadvantage of using a wireless network when compared to a wired network? all the above
Most messaging is based on a ____ model. client/server
Which of the following is true about Bluetooth? It forms networks automatically when two or more devices are within range.
A Web site which collects personal information you type into a Web form and retains it for the next time you visit the site uses a ____ to store the information. cookie
One of her searches is for pages that include the term “railroad history,” but she is not interested in “cars”. What search operator should she use to precede the keyword “cars”? not
The process of covering a wireframe with surface color and texture is called ____. rendering
In order to ensure your ports are inactive you should ____. turn off your computer
Which of the following is a valid top-level domain? .mil
Some search engines use a program called a Web ____ that automatically searches the Web to gather Web page data. crawler
Most cameras store photographic images in ____ or TIFF formats JPEG
If your computer and your camera have ____ ports, you can connect a cable between these two ports to transfer the photo data. FireWire
A(n) ____ specifies a geographical area of legitimate use for DVD disks and players region code
After videotaping her sister’s wedding with an analog video camera, Nancy decided to edit out some of the extra footage using her computer. She finds that, although she has connected her camera, with the videotape, to her computer she cannot access the The analog video footage must first be converted into a digital form.
Before sending a large attachment in an e-mail, you can use a(n) ____ to shrink it. compression program
A(n) ____ is a device that contains a variety of input and output jacks, plus audio-processing circuitry. sound card
A(n) ____ is a software program that runs on your computer and helps you access Web pages. browser
Signal ____ is a term commonly used for obscuring cable or satellite television images until they are restored by a set-top box or other authorized mechanism. scrambling
To avoid becoming a spam victim you should ____. use a disposable e-mail address when you register for online sites
If you have dialed Directory Assistance lately to obtain a telephone number, you have probably encountered ____. speech recognition
A ____ is a generic term for any device or software code used to join two networks. gateway
Thomas is designing a wired home network with 6 nodes for a friend. His friend has asked that the network be configured such that, if one link fails, the rest of the network will still function. Which of the following topologies will Thomas most likely c star
Prefixes such as http://, www, and ftp: correspond to ____. protocols
A peer-to-peer network ____. allows workstations to share resources, like files and applications
____ temporarily stores new messages in your inbox on an e-mail server. When you request your mail it is downloaded and stored on your computer. POP(post office protocol)
A LAN would be used to ____. connect personal computers within a very limited geographical area--such as a single building
Broadband connections could include any of the following EXCEPT ________. dial-up
Melissa wants to save some time by e-mailing her resume to all of the human resources offices of her target employers at one time. She does not want the employers knowing that she is e-mailing multiple recipients the same e-mail message at the same time. BCC
____ software locates the edges of objects in a bitmap image and converts the resulting shapes into vector graphic objects. tracing
Voice over IP (VoIP) allows for calls over the Internet, evolving as competition to traditional phone companies. Which of the following is NOT an advantage of VoIP? quality is improved
You plan to create a cartoon-like image of a computer to be used in a flyer for your school’s computer lab. What type of graphic would you most likely use? vector graphic
Network problems can be a result of _________. all the above
____ provides tools specifically designed to enter and format Web page text, graphics, and links. Question 35 answers web authorizing software
Harry’s daughter uses a VPN. He has decided he wants to be current and wants one also. You say to him ____. it is used by corporations and he doesn't need one
LAN parties often connect all of the following EXCEPT ____. mainframes
In the figure above, the type of signal represented by A is a(n)____. digital signal
When you purchase a textbook online from a site like www.amazon.com, you are participating in ____ e-commerce B2C
Which of the following is NOT a type of network device? workstation
An ISP may provide ____ services. all the above
A(n) ____ is a collection of related information organized and formatted so it can be accessed using software called a browser. website
The first Internet was called ____. ARPANET
Which of the following is NOT true? Purchasing a single software copy for an entire LAN is always allowed under the terms of a single-user license agreement
confidentiality of customer transactions as well as electronic communications about new research and development projects. After researching this topic, you find that encryption can be used in all of the following ways EXCEPT ____. decrypting computer archives so that the data they contain is unusable if the archive is lost or compromised
Today’s ____ editing simply requires a computer hard disk and video editing software. nonlinear
Which of the following statements is NOT true? Web pages that provide a secure connection start with httpx: instead of http:
The rate of data that is transmitted from the Internet to your computer is ____. downstream speed
___________ refers to the amount of information transmitted through a communication channel in a given amount of time. bandwidth
The system that translates the URL you type in a browser's address box into an IP address is the _________. Question 50 answers domain name system
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