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nar009-1.jpg In the figure above, Reggae is an example of a ____. secondary folder
If you wanted to create, manipulate, and print graphics, which of the following would you use? photo editing software
In terms of an authentication protocol, the phrase 'something a person is' refers to ____. biometrics
Five people in Tom’s company use a web design software. You advise Tom to get a license for a specific number of users. He needs a ____license. multiple user
The most obvious responsibility of your computer’s operating system is to ____. provide an environment for running software
Activities associated with resource management include ____. all the above
Gaming computers typically include ____. all the above
____ is the ability of a device to "jump" directly to the requested data. random access
After you purchase software, it is illegal to do the following EXCEPT ____. copy and keep as backup
If Karen were looking for voice communications, full-qwerty keypad, text messaging, email, removable storage, camera, radio and a digital music player, she might consider a ____. smart phone
The main component of a typical desktop computer is the ____, which contains the processor, memory, some storage devices, and display and sound circuitry. system unit
To avoid security threats a user can ____. avoid opening suspicious email attachments
An operating system’s ____ capability supports a division of labor among all the processing units. multiprocessing
Sam is worried about something happening to his data. He owns a business and if something happens, he might not be able to survive. Where should he keep his back ups? in a location away from his business
ACME Widget Company is concerned it may have a ____ which is a self-replicating program designed to carry out some unauthorized activity on a victim’s computer. worm
If Paul wants to buy an inexpensive, compact monitor, he should buy a(n) ____ monitor. LCD
To delete data from a disk in such a way that no one can ever read it, you should ____. use special shredder software
The first digital computers were built during World War II for ____. code breaking
Solid state storage, also called flash memory storage, ____. provides faster access to data than optical storage technology
A(n) ____ disk is a bootable CD, DVD, or other media that contains a complete copy of your computer’s hard disk as it existed when shipped from the manufacturer. recovery
A ____ is any software that can automate a task or automatically execute a task BOT
The difference between the Save and the Save As command is that____. all the above
Power ____ can originate from a number of sources: downed power lines, power grid switching by the electric company, faulty wiring, and large appliances powering on and off. surges
All of the following are utility software EXCEPT ____ windows
In an advertisement, a speed specification, such as 2.66 GHz, indicates the speed of the microprocessor ____. clock
____is a type of application software designed to help several people collaborate. groupware
Cindy wants to know if she ever has to interact with the operating system. You tell her yes if she wants to ____. all the above
An end user license agreement is ____. displayed on-screen when you first install
An example of an old form of convergence is ____. clockradio
Tom sends Andy an e-mail attachment named OurProject.tif. Andy tries to open the attachment but can’t. His problem may be that ___. any of the above
Which of the following would NOT be true of computers priced higher than US$2,000? these computers have to be replaced frequently
A great example of convergence in modern technology is ____. cellphones
Karen needs an appointment book and is considering one that is digital. You suggest she consider a ____. PDA
RAM can be thought of as the ____ for the computer’s processor. waiting room
A hacker posing as a legitimate representative of an official organization such as your bank to acquire information from you is an example of ____. phishing
A service patch ____. fixes and updates the operating system
Software designed to generate unique musical compositions simply by selecting the musical style, instrument, key and temp is ____. computer-aided music
A problem(s) a hacker can cause after breaking into your computer include(s) ____. all the above
Which of the following system requirements are important in determining if a software program will work on a computer? all the above
What is the best portable storage medium for storing three databases, each of which is approximately 500 MB? USB FLASHDRIVE
____ is the process of converting text, numbers, sound, photos, and video into data that can be processed by digital devices. Digitalizing
A ____ displays the options associated with a command. dialog box
Using Microsoft Windows products, to select files and folders which are not listed consecutively, ____. click on each file while holding down the ctrl key
A _________ is the primary pointing device for a computer. mouse
A computation-intensive problem runs on a ____. super computer
Which of the following computer types CANNOT be configured to perform the work of a server? any of the above are possible
Laura wants to make sure her computer is fast enough for her everyday use. Which of the listed features is the most important? amount of RAM
Charlie wants to know what the term is for making a copy of all his files. Charlie has a Windows machine. You tell him the correct term is ____. full backup
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