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Hydrogen Fuel Cell

fuel cell device in which the energy of a chemical reaction is converted directly into electricity.
Does a fuel cell run down like a battery? No
What does a fuel cell need to operate? it operates as long as fuel and an oxidant are supplied.
anode positive end of an electric circuit
cathode negative end of an electric circuit
What seperates the anode and the cathode? electrolytes
electrolytes are substances that allow ions to pass through them.
ions particles formed when a neutral atom or molecule gains or loses one or more electrons
what flows to the anode? fuel
what flows to the cathode? oxidant
what does the chemical reaction between the fuel and oxidant produce? electric current
What is supplied to the anode? hydrogen
What is supplied to the cathode? oxidant
what does the fuel cell do to the hydrogen atom? the fuel cell strip electrons from the hydrogen atom
Where does the electron go after it is stripped from the hydrogen atom? electrons move from the anode through the electric circuit to the cathode, creating an electric current that can be tapped to provide power.
where does the electron-deficient hydrogen atoms go? to the cathode
What happens after the electron difficient hydrogen atom go to the cathode? the electrons that was previously stripped from the hydrogen atom, recombine with the electron dificient hydrogen atom
What happens after the electron and the electron dificient hydrogen atom combine? the oxygen from the air reacts with the hydrogen to form water
what does the aerospace industry uses as fuel for their airplanes? uses liquid hydrogen as a fuel for rockets
What are the benefits of using liquid hydrogen as fuel for the planes? low density, which would decrease the amount of energy needed at takeoff increase the distance the plane can fly
Spacecraft use hydrogen as a primary rocket fuel that reacts with what? fluorine or oxygen to produce energy.
Created by: Tiffastic