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English Vocab 2nd

2nd semester vocab

emulate to match or surpass, typically through imitation
entail to involve as a necessary consequence
etymology the study of words and the way which their meanings have changed through history
exculpate to show or declare that someone is not guilty of wrongdoing
exhort to strongly encourage someone to do something
extraneous irrelevant
fabricate to invent or manufacture
feral in a wild state
figurative not using words literally
foster to encourage or promote the development or growth of
gratuitous uncalled for; unnecessary
haughty arrogantly superior and disdainful
hypocrisy claiming to hold a certain belief or principle but acting according to another
idiosyncratic Peculiar; individual
implicit implied though not plainly expressed
ingenious clever, original or inventive
insatiable unsatisfiable; unappeasable
irreverence lack of respect
juxtaposition placement for contrasting effect
laceration deep cut or wound
lethargic sluggish or apathetic
luminous giving off light; glowing
malevolent having a wish to do evil to others
morose sullen and ill-tempered
nebulous cloudy or hazy
notorious famous or well-known (usually for something bad)
ominous giving the impression that something bad is going to happen
ostentatious pretentious or vulgar display; designed to impress or attract notice
palatable pleasant tasting
pathology science of the causes and effects of diseases
penitent repentant or regretful for wrongdoing
petulance childlike sulkiness
precocious developing earlier than usual
propensity inclination to act a certain way
putrid decaying or rotting
quagmire complex or awkward situation
querulous complaining in a petulant manner
rectitude righteousness
rescind revoke or cancel
resilient able to recoil easily
ruminate think deeply about something
sanguine cheerful
scintillating sparkling
sovereign possessing extreme power
speculative based on observation rather than fact
tenuous very weak or slender
truculent eager to fight
turpitude wickedness
ubiquitous present or appearing everywhere
vacuous not able to think; unintelligent
vicarious experienced through another person's thoughts or feelings
whimsical playfully fanciful or quaint
zealous full of zeal
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