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What is a fuel cell? a device that converts a fuel into electricity directly
What kinds of fuel can a fuel cell convert into electricity hydrogen, alcohol, gasoline, or methane
Beside cars, where are hydrogen fuel cells use? in spacecraft and other high-tech applications.
Why would spacecrafts and other high-tech applications use fuel cell? because fuel cell can make clean, efficient power source.
What does the coil wire represent? electrodes
How do we operate a fuel cell? we need to cause bubbles of hydrogen to cling to one electrode, and bubbles of oxygen to cling to the other
What happens when battery is clip to the batter connector? causes the water at the electrodes to split into hydrogen and oxygen.
What is electrolysis a process that splits water into hydrogen and oxygen.
What happens when the battery is remove? instead of putting electricity into the cell to split water, hydrogen and oxygen combine to make water again, and produce electricity.
What 2 events are going on in the hydrogen fuel cell? the electrolysis of the water, and the recombining of the gasses to produce electricity.
What is happening to the electrons of the electrode connected to the negative side of the battey? electrons are being pushed by the battery. Four of the electrons in the electrode combine with four water molecules.
What happens when 4 of the electrons combine with 4 water molecules? the four water molecules each give up a hydrogen atom, to form 2 molecules of hydrogen (H2), leaving 4 negatively charged ions of OH-
What happens to the hydrogen gas? they bubble up from the electrodes and the negatively charged OH migrate away from the negatively charged electrode
What is happening to the electrode that is connected to the positive side of the battery? pulls electrons from the water molecules. The water molecules splits into positively charged hydrogen atoms (single protons), and oxygen molecules.
What happens to the oxygen molecules they bubble up, and the proton migrate away from the positively charged electrodes.
What happens to the protons? they combine with OH- ions from the negative electrode, and form water molecules again
Created by: Tiffastic