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Scanlan Phys Review1

What is kinetic energy? The energy of motion including particle motion
Velocity is considered to be speed with? Direction
Uniform circular motion is an acceleration not because of change in velocity but because of change in? Direction
Velocity is calculated by dividing distance by? Time
Acceleration is calculated by dividing velocity by? Time
The force that holds a spinning object from leaving its circular path is called? Centripetal force
Center seeking means? Centripetal
What force causes a person to slide or move toward the outer door when a car is turning Inertia
Work is force times (w=f*?)? Distance
A force exerted on an object that is moving perpendicualr to the force, does not do any ____ on that object. Work
Gravity acting on a satellite is an example of what kind of force? Centripetal force
The formula for kinetic energy is? KE= 1/2(m*V-squared)
A material in which a charge can flow freely? Conductor
A material that will inhibit (slow down) the flow of an electrical current? Resistor
A material that will not allow a charge to move through it is a? Insulator
The force of attraction or repulsion between object due to charge? Electric force
A region in space around a charged object that causes a stationar charged object to experience an electric force? Electric field
The rate that electric charges move through a conductor? Current
A set of electrical components connected together to complete the path for a current? Circuit
A graphical representation of a circuit is a? Schematic
The components of a circuit that form a single path for the current is called? Series
A circuit in which all of the components are connected to eachother side-by-side is called? Parallel
One of two points, such as the ends of a magnet, having opposing magnetic properties is a? Magnetic pole
A region where a magnetic force can be detected is a? Magnetic field
A coil of wire with a current in it, which is used to remotely activated various automotive moving parts is called a? Solenoid
A coil of wire with an iron core in it, when the wire has a current moving through it is called a(n)? Electromagnet
An electric current that changes direction at regular intervals is? Alternating current
The porcess of creating a current in a circuit by changing (or moving) a magnetic field is called? Electromagnetic induction
Created by: bscanlan